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Psychology of Intelligence Analysis – PDF Download (CIA)




IDC_Business_Value_of_Stripe_Platform_Full Study



dnc-266 DNC Denied on all counts lawsuit against Russia, et al


CIA – Weather – Warfare’s Next Weapon

CHRG-111hhrg53007 400 Page Congressional Report Weather Modification

Nassau Conference – Bahamas Financial Industry

Investor Sentiment Pre IPO Markets

Soar Primer



Search for Missing MH370 Debunked by Soar in 30 seconds




infinity Georg Cantor


bitcoin original whitepaper Satoshi Nakamoto



DeutcheBank-Cash Freedom and Crime

combinatorial miscellany


Dissecting Ponzi schemes on Ethereum: identification, analysis, and impact.

Singapore’s Exchange Rate Policy

Statistical Properties of Violent Conflict and Tail Risks (Taleb)

Criteria Effective July 1, 2016 web Accreditation Criteria

RLL_Alternatives_Fund_Presentation_April2016 Larch Lane Advisors Fund Presentation

Startinga a Credit Union Costs


The Threat of Algocracy: Reality, Resistance and Accommodation

Paying-Taxes-2016 World Bank report – 10 years analysis

NSA_ufo_ic_blind_spot Date Unknown, by [redacted] NSA

FedMeasuringNewsSentiment – A Fed Study “Measuring News Sentiment” and its impact on markets

Legacy Documents

GIH Surviving The Crisis An investors guide – exclusive report how investors can protect themselves from financial crisis

NSA-Black-Paper – Guide for common security practices

PsychofIntelNew – Psychology of Intelligence Analysis by CIA

The dark side of optimism – An article about the bias of optimism

pentagon climate change – Pentagon report on climate change and its impact on security

International Banking Research

Offshore Banking in Belize

Global markets research & articles

INET Council on the Euro Zone Crisis – 23-7-12 – Breaking the deadlock: A path out of the Eurozone crisis

VisibleHandofUncleSam – Report on influence of US government and market manipulation

America’s Black Budget and Manipulation of Markets – Interview with insider about US market manipulation

Confessions of an Economic Hitman Groundbreaking book by John Perkins explaining neo-colonialism practiced by banks in conjunction with the CIA

Foreign Exchange Market Microstructure – Analysis of inner workings of Forex market

EES Euro Trading Hedging 2012 Analysis – An analysis of Euro based multi-currency business for hedging options

T2W Trading Plan Template 2005 – Trading plan template for traders

The Nixon shock after forty years: the import surcharge  revisited – Details of events surrounding the Nixon Shock

Leo Wanta – Case of CIA agent with plan to bring down USSR economically

Documentwanta – Case files in the Leo Wanta case

EES Forex Investment of the Future – Forex as an asset class of the future

EES The New Dark Age – Is the world in a New Dark Age?

EES Robust Systems Engineering – About Robust Systems Engineering concept

EES High Frequency Trading and Market Stability – How does high frequency trading affect market stability

EES Wall St Decline – Article about demise of Wall St.

EES Russian Euro – Analysis how the Russian War (2008) would impact the Euro

EES The Forex Establishment – Article about the Forex Establishment

EES Investing Risks – The rethinking of Risk – Analysis of investing risks

EFT-FXTraderMagJuly-Sept2011_Retail_Forex – Evolution of Retail Forex

EFT-FXTraderMagApril-June2011_FX_TheNewAntiClass – Forex as a new anti-asset class

Coming_Financial_Crash – 2005 book about surviving coming financial collapse

irs_investigation-laundering – IRS investigations into money laundering

irs-issues-fatca-regulations – FATCA research

MACEDONIA BANKS – Research on Macedonia banking system

English Civil War History-Capitalism – History of Capitalism from English Civil War

forex-regulatory-guide NFA Forex Regulatory Guide (original)

Investor ‘s Guide to Avian Flu – Investors Guide to pandemic outbreak and how to manage your investments


banks buy weapons – Information how banks are the largest owners of companies that make weapons such as Depleted Uranium

All About…The Foreign Exchange Market in the United States – Fed book about Forex markets 1998

endofbw2 – Analysis of the potential end of the Bretton Woods treaty – Roubini 2008

history of money – History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II

Economic Indicators – Pocketbook guide to Economic Indicators

Blue Ocean Strategy – Business book about creating new markets

The world is flat – Thomas Freidman’s book on Globalization

Central Banks Sovereign Harvard Law Review Too sovereign to be sued: Harvard Law Review of Central Banks

Currency Hedging – List of options strategies

Exploitable Arbitrage Marshall Sept13 – Exploitable arbitrage opportunities in Forex

EcopyNo1of2007Edtionof The Single Global Currency Common Cents for The World – Book about One World Currency

BIS FX Growth_r_qt1012e – BIS Study what is the cause for FX Growth since 2007

BISmktc05 – BIS Study High Frequency Trading in the Forex market

Currency Wars For Dummies – Explanation of Currency Wars

TheLawOfLargeNumbers2007Q3 – The law of large numbers – Analysis of the Renaissance Fund 2007 (Markov)



FIXSession – Description of FIX Session

27811-w19253 Fed: OFF-BALANCE-SHEET FEDERAL LIABILITIES “Real Debt” report including unfunded liabilities


Technology Research

The Hunt for Zero Point – Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology Read review on Salon

Hardening Your Computing Assets – Article about hardening your IT assets

EES Project Management – Project Management design concept

Cat6wiring – How to wire Cat 5 & Cat 6 copper cables

CellExplained – Explanation of Cell Processor architecture

Kevin Mitnick – Art of Deception

Kevin Mitnick – The Art of Intrusion

Other Research

Towards-a-New-Blast-Zone – Washington D.C.’s Next-Generation Hunting Forest

Thinking-and-Writing-Feb2010-web – Cognitive Science in Intelligence Analysis (CIA library)

PopulationControl – History of population control

RoadtoRuin_Iserbyt AR2R May2011 1119 – Dumbing down of America through education policy

Influenza_Pandemic_Simulation – Simulation report Influenza Pandemic

nenjune262010truthconsequences – Truth and Consequences, analysis of BP Oil spill unconventional information

ThePowerofNightmares – BBC Report about Al-Quada

DeschoolingSociety – Ivan Illich exploration into our current educational system and alternative systems

PEAR proposition – Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

New Dark Age – Schiller institute article on society modern decline

free culture – A book about the free culture movement

CIAreject – Interesting account of CIA applicant

AIDSdepopulation – Theory of human created AIDS epidemic

AmericasDefenseMeltdownFullText – America’s Defense Meltdown report

CWII – Military analysis of Civil War 2 based on demographic and political changes

Zittrain The Future of the Internet – Book about potential future of the internet

RockefellerFoundation-Scenarios – Future global scenarios report by Rockefeller foundation

nuclear war survival skills – Technical manual how to survive nuclear war

VI Dealer SEO Guide 2.18.2010 – SEO guide

VI Search Engine Visibility 2013 – About getting exposure for your website

TNW_18_3_Web – 2010 NSA report on networking technologies and how to utilize them

future-strategic-issues-and-warfare – Nasa war document

dark_winter – Military excercise

ReturningToEden – How an ancient religious myth inspired a modern political movement

The Art of War, by Sun Zu – Classic Chinese war strategy book still used to this day by Military and business


Kosovo 2008 Research_sm – News articles from Kosovo 2008 situation

Psychology & Philosophy

groupthink presentation Groupthink explanation

erich-fromm-to-have-or-to-be-1976 – To Have or to Be? is a 1976 book by social psychologist Erich Fromm that differentiates between having and being.  See description at Wikipedia

Master Margarita The Master and Margarita  is a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, written between 1928 and 1940 but unpublished in book form until 1967. It is woven around a visit by the Devil to the fervently atheistic Soviet Union. Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, and the foremost of Soviet satires. In part, it is angled against a suffocatingly bureaucratic social order.

Alien Research

Disclosure Project Briefing Document – Disclosure Project documents

Executive Summary HRdocs – Disclosure Project document briefs

zetatalk booklet – Information from the Zeta’s

Hollow Earth book – Information about Hollow Earth Theory

Dulce Papers – Original documents describing underground installation at Dulce

TYPES OF ALIENS – Various types of ET

REPTILIAN CONNECTION – About the Reptilian aliens

safelocs – Safe locations according to the Zetas in case of planetary pole shift

CIA Documents from CREST Archive