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Includes access to all areas on including:

  • Access to our 'short reports' on fraud before they are released by our news service
  • Global markets analysis & intelligence
  • Appraisal arbitrage intelligence
  • Trading products, information, and services
  • An intelligence library "I've seen the tapes"
  • Updates on the latest technology
  • Security information and tools to protect yourself from spies
  • Access to our proprietary research backing up our claims

More info about Second Sight - Market Analysis service...

The world is changing on a daily basis.  Members will receive our exclusive custom and personalized analysis service on an ongoing basis. agents will be available for consultation (and through our affiliated companies), and GIH will deliver research reports and analysis based on your specific needs.  This will also include implementation of recommendations.

Global Intel Hub is a secure, private, information brokerage network.  Upon joining, you will be emailed a username and password, and your account will be activated. Please note that for security concerns, this process is not automated.  Premium access gets our market intelligence reports, read more below.

Terms and Conditions is a private, secure website.  Members are allowed to communicate with other members inside the secure site, post comments, and if they choose they can post content.  Members MAY NOT copy, share, or reproduce ANY content found in the private area with non-members, no exceptions!

By signing on as a member you are entering into a binding mutual non-disclosure agreement.  As long as you are a paid member, you are free to view, read, download, and enjoy any content and information on private members area.

About Second Sight

An analysis service that provides actionable intelligence backed by extensive research and documentation.

Markets of interest include:

  • Fraud investigations of publicly traded stocks (Short ideas)
  • Private Equity - Pre IPO Unicorns
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Merger Arbitrage / Appraisal Arbitrage)
  • Crypto Arbitrage & Special situations
  • Global Macro Analysis



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