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  • Global markets analysis & intelligence
  • International company formation and other expat services
  • Forex products, information, and services
  • An intelligence library
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  • Guides such as “Investors Guide to Survive the Crisis”
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  • Suggest research topics and the GIH team will develop a research area for your topic and post research on an ongoing basis
  • Analysis of your topic, using deep-analysis (Cybernetic approach, system as a whole)
  • Weekly Real Time Event  Driven Education
  • Discounted fees on Forex trading
  • Forex automated Expert Advisors for your use

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The world is changing on a daily basis.  Elite members will receive our exclusive custom and personalized analysis service on an ongoing basis. agents will be available for consultation (and through our affiliated companies), and GIH will deliver research reports and analysis based on your specific needs.  This will also include implementation of recommendations, which will likely include an I.T. renovation of your organization (such as processes and security).

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