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(Global Intel Hub) -- Charlotte, NC - 7/16/2021 -- In what may be one of the biggest testing frauds of the decade, LabCorp (LH) has been found to be offering fake paternity tests that will name any father written in the application form as the paternal father.  The first case has been filed in California, but will likely lead to many others.  In a world of fake news, where 99% of information proliferated in 'mass media' is disinformation, advertising, or psychological operations - it's not surprising that fake tests and not in the headlines.  However, when it breaks that LabCorp has been using fake / false paternity tests for family court cases (divorce, child custody and child support), families are going to be ripped apart.

Exposing a big lie is always painful, but there is no ethical argument that it's better to live in the lie than live with real truth & knowledge of who your real parents are.  The fathers who are not the biological fathers certainly have the right to retain their titles - being a father is not just about being the sperm donor.  As any dad can tell you, it's 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Cases against LabCorp have started mounting, such as this one filed in California [see excerpt below] -


A "Motherless Draw" means ONLY the father is tested for Paternity.  LabCorp claims their tests are 99% accurate - of course they are - because they only test one parent!  Think of the absurdity.  You don't need a degree in Genetic Science to see how this is a total fraud - and this has been the 'standard' used in paternity cases for at least 20 years, maybe more.

So what does this mean to me?  For one, this is a call to short LabCorp stock (LH) - as these cases work through the courts further pressure will build.  There is a $1 Million insurance policy on each test, with millions of tests done that's Trillions in potential liability.

At least there is one honest company selling fake results, called "" - 

The LabCorp process works basically the same way - you fill out a form and pay a very small fee, and you can literally prove that your neighbor is the father of your child.

The second takeaway from this information, if you want to do a paternity test, don't use LabCorp, and expect to pay up to $500 for a 'real' test.  Yes, there are real genetic paternity tests out there, but they are very expensive.  Actually that's the real cost of a genetic test.

Another takeaway is that if LabCorp is offering fake tests, and those are the government approved tests used in child custody cases by state agencies - what does that say about COVID tests ?  We're now living in (or almost living in) a dystopian science fiction film where you need to have a COVID test to travel, and in some places buy food, eat (cafes), or attend events.  Fortunately, LabCorp's role in COVID testing is quite limited.  However, the government's role in adopting an obviously fake standard is shocking.  A paternity test should never be 'motherless' - the idea of a 'motherless' test is when the mother is unavailable for testing (i.e. dead or gone).

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