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Global Intel Hub -- 8.2.2023 - Knoxville, TN -- With all the talk about PsyOps we have found little public articles for consumers online, and wanted to share some important thoughts from technicians who have been on the other side.  We'll admit it - we have run bot farms, large group of fake Facebook accounts, in a pay-for-play scheme.  We have been 'bot for hire' whether to make a bad guy look good, or to promote the latest Shitcoin.  We have done ghostwriting for the wealthy and powerful, and for the desperate and eager alike.  We bid on a DOD contract in 2018 for "Information Awareness" i.e. running a bot farm PsyOps which we lost of course, but in the bid we got to learn the ropes and this was an 80m/year contract  - just wanted to establish a bit of credibility first, and the list goes on, as this is part of our active business.  Disruptive - information - science - intelligence - activism.

Let's start with some of the most extreme bots, take a look at this:

Forensically, this is amazing CGI.  All meta data is removed from video and images, so there's no way to be able to prove otherwise.  TikTok removes this by default.  Regardless of Forensics, the content is absurd.  There's no 'ice wall' in Antarctica and the world is not Flat.  Flat Earth refutes all science that makes TVs work and planes fly, and thousands of people rely on round spherical Earth calculations each day (meaning, engineers, scientists, etc.).

As we have explained in other articles, the CIA does have something to hide.  Where do we start, the truth about Hitler retiring in Bariloche, Argentina - Aliens, the fact that the US was funding the USSR to create an 'enemy' (see the "Best Enemy Money Can Buy, by Anthony Sutton"), the fact that the Elites run pedo/slave networks, how the central banking system benefits the haves disproportionately to the have nots, or the fact that the US government is sitting on a patent portfolio including free energy (meaning you get more output than input), cures for all diseases, life extent ion technology, just to name a few.  You can research all this we aren't getting into that here, we are merely pointing out that they do have something to hide.

So long as we are arguing about the earth being Round or Flat, no one is going to be asking about the Nordics, or the Ant People, or the Portals, or the Stargates, or the connection between Satanism and Reptilians who were by the way here on Earth way before humans.  Or if you'd like to use the more digestible COVID hoax, use that as an example.  Fake PCR tests created a pandemic of fear, based on fear, where people willingly wore masks, went bankrupt, and got vaxxed (which the insurance industry largely considers suicide).

Let's first discuss how obscenely absurd the content produced by the CIA trolls is.  If the Earth was flat, there would be no seasons, no aviation, no UFOs (because there are no other planets), no Solar System, no Lorenz Transformation.  Physics is all a lie, Aviation, Astronomy, all fake.  Billions of man hours all part of a conspiracy to hide the 'fact'.  Let's look at the following-

How many man hours have been spent proving the Earth is Flat-

How many man hours have been spent researching Quantum Physics-

These troll bots 'are' the source, they never cite any references, they ARE the source.  That's another proof they are trolls.  You don't see this information in other media, only on Twitter, only in images and videos which can easily be CGI fakes.  Ironically, many of the Flat Earthers are CGI experts like Ryan Zehm.

For political purposes, it's obvious why we should be looking at UFOs and not Hunter Biden's balance sheet.  But what about other topics? What if all these accounts are true, and the US Government is sitting on a Treasure Chest of technology only to be used by themselves and their own cronies?

There's no question there is something going on in Antarctica.  Raytheon whistleblower Eric Hecker says there are military bases in Antarctica developing advanced technologies, and that there are operations there hidden which are not even being discussed, with 'death ray' capabilities, weather control, and other operations.  He's not the only one.  They have something to hide.

So let's argue about the ice wall, is the Earth really round?  Really?  Do these people think we are retarded?

The argument is actually brilliant, it achieves multiple hits on the brain which people aren't aware.

  1. You fire from your reptilian brain, the subjective state you are in when you watch TV.
  2. It sucks your time.  You look into this absurd idiotic idea, instead of reading books or watching videos of people who actually worked in Antarctica, or other things.
  3. You don't pose a threat to the system, as long as you are fat and happy, keep popping your pills and drinking beer.
  4. It stops you from Reading.  Reading has multiple benefits, including increased IQ and increased lifespan - see here.

The content is always enticing, it's addictive, and you want more - it's like cocaine.  Cocaine never will cause you to overdose, but cocaine is so expensive that you will eventually  run out of money.  This is free.  Anyone can sit and rot their brain with this garbage.  This is a multi-billion dollar operation.

Let's look at another absurdity.

Domes are not presented as evidence, only a 'document' they found in Serbian.  Anyone can fake a document, where is the evidence of domes?  Why do they provide no chance to corroborate this evidence?  Here's another:

These are photos of utility poles before wires were strung.  Anyone who has been involved in industrial wiring or knows about the wiring of our cities, can easily identify this.  With wires, this is what it looks like:

You can find literally millions of these images, proving this is a utility pole, which can carry (at that time) telephone wires or electricity wires.  When the electric grid was first being built, this was the only way lines were connected, until later designs buried them, or consolidated them into the larger long distance wires that carry higher voltages from city to city, which didn't exist in that time - it would take decades to build the grid.  In fact, if you take any picture of electrified cities, this is what they looked like during that period.  Just  to give you an idea of how absurd and poorly planned this faked image is, just google "Power Lines in 19th Century New York" and you'll get thousands of images of the same, but with the lines installed.

It's offensive that "Ronin" believes that the consumers of his work-product (PsyOps) will be uneducated enough to believe electric wire poles without wires are "Free Energy" just as it's doubly offensive that he chose Nikola Tesla as his online avatar.  But he's clearly on the clock, and if it's the Globalists who are mostly Satanists paying him, they do like to humiliate their victims just as in the "Wear a Mask" policy during COVID that ended up proving totally useless and actually causing much harm.

We can back up our statements with thousands of citations of evidence - these trolls only have their own faked CGI images / videos / documents as evidence.  These trolls are anonymous, they have no links to source references.  It's piss poor research at best, it's not even entertaining - it's even offensive to people with above room temperature IQ.   It's not journalism and certainly not science - so who are these people?

They are paid to create false narratives called "Limited Hangout" to distract you from the truth.  Interestingly, this account uses the name "Ronin" which is intelligence operative code word for "Independent Agent, pay - for - hire" (See film Ronin, perhaps one of the only realistic spy flicks)

FACT: NASA is lying.

FACT: There's something huge hidden in Antarctica.

FALSE CONCLUSION: Earth is flat.

They use truths to warp the brains of the weak.

Just because NASA is lying, that doesn't mean Earth is Flat - maybe they are hiding something else?  Maybe these people actually work for NASA?  Did anyone who consumes this 'content' ever consider any alternatives?

Some immediate negative take aways to the online social media trolls, whoever controls them, whoever pays their salaries, are that it's bad for your health.  Your entire being is supported by your mind, it supports your flesh, your soul, and is not only a muscle - the mind is critical to your higher existence.  Healthy mind = healthy everything else.  It encourages your reptilian brain and discourages use of the Neocortex, or in other words - it limits you to worry about survival, sex, food, and shelter (also, bottom of Maslow's pyramid).

It discourages reading, which not only makes you smart, it can have many positive benefits:

Reading is very, very good for you. Research shows that regular reading:

  • improves brain connectivity
  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension
  • empowers you to empathize with other people
  • aids in sleep readiness
  • reduces stress
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • fights depression symptoms
  • prevents cognitive decline as you age
  • contributes to a longer life

The political PsyOps are obvious, Russia is a natural ally of the US (due to a commonality in Christian and genetic backgrounds) whereas China is a natural enemy of the US (needs to feed it's growing people and has an anti-business / Communist attitude which is exactly opposite of the US cultural norms.. )  The PsyOps that are NOT so obvious are those we are referring to here.  Let's discuss a few other 'obvious' ones - Oliver Stone's film JFK.

JFK The 1991 Classic by Oliver Stone.  PsyOp or Truth Exposing ?

The film is a great example of a limited hangout - it explores a 'conspiracy' to kill JFK, but if that's all it is, the research is poor at best - government propaganda at worst.  JFK had tons of enemies, even in his own party.  His own family disliked him, he was actually the dumbed down, injured, and lazy version of his older brother who died.  In the film, there's no mention of JFK's father and his ties to secret societies, to the mafia, to the globalists (Illuminati), and was a successful Ponzi Scammer, in a real Wall St. sense of the word:

In 1919, Kennedy joined the prominent stock brokerage firm of Hayden, Stone & Co. where he became an expert dealing in the unregulated stock market of the day, engaging in tactics that were later considered to be insider trading and market manipulation violations. He happened to be on the corner of Wall and Broad Streets at the moment of the Wall Street bombing on September 16, 1920, and was thrown to the ground by the force of the blast.[15] In 1923, he established his own investment company.[16] Kennedy subsequently became a multi-millionaire as a result of taking "short" positions following the 1929 stock market crash.[16]

Kennedy formed alliances with several Irish American catholic investors, including Charles E. MitchellMichael J. Meehan, and Bernard Smith. He helped establish a "stock pool" to control trading in the stock of glassmaker Libbey-Owens-Ford. The arrangement drove up the value of the pool operators' holdings in the stock by using insider information and the public's lack of knowledge. Pool operators would bribe journalists to present information in the most advantageous manner. Pool operators tried to corner a stock and drive the price up, or drive the price down with a "bear raid". Kennedy got into a bidding war for control of Yellow Cab Company, a taxi cab operator.[17] Kennedy later claimed he understood that the rampant stock speculation of the late 1920s would lead to a market crash. Supposedly, he said that he knew it was time to get out of the market when he received stock tips from a shoe-shine boy.[18] Kennedy survived the crash "because he possessed a passion for facts, a complete lack of sentiment and a marvelous sense of timing".[19]

He would later go on to lead the newly formed SEC, as Chairman.  You see, when Joseph P Kennedy was engaging in insider trading and market manipulation, there were no rules against it - even the term didn't exist.  None of this is relevant for the film?

What about the reports of up to 22 gunman?

What about JFK's trip to Germany and his involvement in Project Paperclip?   See our detailed article about that here @

None of that is brought up in the film.  It's a great film, we're not being critical of Oliver Stone who is a master filmmaker, journalist, and human.  The film is a masterpiece.  However, we weren't born yesterday - see the role that the DOD plays in Hollywood (especially in films ABOUT the government): 

Jon Voight in Transformers?—?in this scene, just after American troops have been attacked by a Decepticon robot, Pentagon Hollywood liaison Phil Strub inserted the line ‘Bring em home’, granting the military a protective, paternalistic quality, when in reality the DOD does quite the opposite. Alongside the massive scale of these operations, our new book National Security Cinema details how US government involvement also includes script rewrites on some of the biggest and most popular films, including James Bond, the Transformers franchise, and movies from the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. A similar influence is exerted over military-supported TV, which ranges from Hawaii Five-O to America’s Got Talent, Oprah and Jay Leno to Cupcake Wars, along with numerous documentaries by PBS, the History Channel and the BBC. National Security Cinema also reveals how dozens of films and TV shows have been supported and influenced by the CIA, including the James Bond adventure Thunderball, the Tom Clancy thriller Patriot Games and more recent films, including Meet the Parents and Salt.

These films were the PysOps of the 90s, before Twitter.  They allow you to 'connect the dots' but it's not about what they say, it's 99% true - it's about what they leave out.  JFK was deeply connected to the Nazi secret space program, and to the US secret space program.  When JFK said we will send men to the moon, he knew it had already been done.


This is known about a "Limited Hangout" where people will watch the film JFK, and then spend millions of man hours discussing the wrong things.  People will discuss bullet logistics, Clay Shaw, or about the fact that the Warren Commission is a white wash - yeah that's obvious, the "Magic Bullet" defies the laws of physics.  So what is the reality?

Why didn't the film mention the FBI investigation was stopped only after 2 weeks, by J Edgar Hoover personally?  Normally, an FBI murder investigation takes up to 6 weeks for a reasonably unimportant individual.  For a sitting President of the USA, a proper murder investigation could take months or years.  Why were none of those FBI investigators, who were still alive in 1991, interviewed for the film? They clearly had material knowledge that would have shed light to the events.  None of that happened, which indicates (but not 100% confirms) that JFK was a PsyOp.

This is our opening salvo to a long series on PsyOps, and we are going to dig our heels into these guys, because we feel it's for the benefit of humanity to do so.  Their ideas are toxic, and they are likely funded by the same people pushing censorship, the same people who are the owners of the big lie, who have the most to lose.  It's not random, there are no coincidences.

What is NOT a Psy Op?  Or what type of information do they want you to be distracted and not look at? Here's one example, he's an individual researcher Dane Wigington who was minding his own business living off grid near Shasta, CA in an ecological paradise, when he realized someone is spraying heavy chemicals (metals) into the air.  Dane has impeccable research, references, citations, and publications on his website, which are irrefutable.  This is an example of someone people should be listening to, not because of the topic or because of Dane, but the quality of his research.  See his recent interview on

Dane Wigington has been researching and exposing clandestine geo-engineering efforts since 2002. He first became interested in weather modification when he noticed the decline in the energy output of solar panels due to a strange increase in cloud cover and the impact of acidic rain on pristine forests in the Lake Shasta area. His website contains multiple documents and patents going back to the late 1800s showing how geo-engineering efforts have been pursued as a means of controlling the planet. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Wigington discusses the incontrovertible data that geo-engineering has been occurring and used to steer hurricanes, create droughts, earthquakes, and events that are part of a secret geopolitical agenda. He believes that the Georgia Guidestones revealed the true intent behind weather modification of reducing the planet’s population to 500 million. He also responds to questions about the dual use of weather modification technologies as energy weapons that can be used against satellites and UFOs, whether of human or non-human origin. Website:

Checkout our book  Investors Guide to LEGAL insider TradingInvest in Gab - Support FREE SPEECH

References and further reading

Click to access Pyschology-of-Intelligence-Analysis.pdf

U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops

Twitter Aided the Pentagon in Its Covert Online Propaganda Campaign

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