Weaponized weather secret power of the deep state and it’s combined effects with Bioterrorism


Since the internet has been widely proliferated, Global powers increasingly rely on stealth (undetectable) technologies because of plausible deniability.  The most prominent is of course information warfare, or as they say in the media business - 'fear porn.'  But information has it's limits.  For example there is a growing trend of TV watchers who are literally cutting the cord.  Psychological Operations have an easy way out - tune out.  So another more tangible method is needed for more direct control on risky populations, that is, to quell dissent.

Using the weather as a weapon is not anything new, since Project Popeye the military has conducted hundreds of studies and even published a document circa 2000 by the Air Force Academy that their goal, in partnership with NASA is 'controlling the planet's weather by 2020' or something to that effect.  It seemed like science fiction at the time.  Fast forward to 2021 and we are living in a yearly climate of '10,000 year storms' and 'one in a billion chance' - that is all based on the assumption that weather is natural, which it is not.  The best reference if you are new to this topic is a documentary entitled the Dimming, which interviews high level witnesses from US & Canada militaries, retired ranking officers, and other scientific experts.  It's an absolute must watch, as well on Dane's site he hosts hundreds of official documents on the topic, as evidence to the operations.  Perhaps the most compelling evidence however, is the NOAA Gag order referenced in the documentary.  Apparently, weathermen are allowed to TALK about the existence of the order, but they aren't allowed to say publicly what the gag order is about (spraying).  Here's more info on the NOAA Gag order:

The corporate government agency NOAA, which oversees the national weather service, is forcing its employees to sign a non-disclosure document which prevents weather service workers from talking about climate engineering programs such as stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, ice nucleation for weather modification, and solar radiation management. What do they have to hide? Geoengineering patents are on file at the patent office. Public statements have been made by CIA director John Brennan in his speech at the council on foreign relations and by presidential science advisor John Holdren.

Washington, DC — National Weather Service employees face growing restrictions on their ability to disclose information about the inner workings of their agency, according to a complaint filed today by the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). They contend these gag orders are illegal and are pressing U.S. Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner to lift these nondisclosure policies and take action against responsible officials.

A key provision of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 curbed the use of blanket nondisclosure policies or agreements, otherwise known as “gag orders,” implemented by federal agencies. The act lays out specific exceptions which must be included as a part of any such confidentiality directive.

Don't believe it?  Ask your local weatherman.  90% or more are part of a union where the NDA is regulated.  There have been incidents where the gag order was violated, as shown in the documentary - and those individuals were quickly terminated.  What is so important that they are hiding?

Sadly, the spraying operations are likely a part of a much larger program.  The spraying does have physical effects (test your water, you will find more aluminum than can possibly naturally occur) however the results are subtle, only a small amount of the population is actually noticeably allergic to the spraying.  But it's not likely the spraying is meant to kill anyone, although it does have very negative long term health consequences.  What it seems to be doing is creating a large cloud over populated areas which allow energy weapons to become more effective.  It also has side effects of increase of wireless reception (Alumina is an electric conductor), and it may have unknown military benefits.

In Alaska the Military built a 'HARP' based on Nikola Tesla's 'Death Ray' technology that can beam energy anywhere on the planet.  Recently, HAARP just got another 9mm + in funding.

Here's an image for imaginative reasons:

For a more detailed understanding of these programs, check this out Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030

See this nifty slide explaining where the technology is at:

Now enter COVID-19 which started in 2019, and fast forward to 2021 when the range of weird diseases and health issues people are experiencing has shifted from the bizarre to something from a science fiction novel or a zombie film.

Could all of these things be connected?

This article is partially inspired by a friend that asked me a great question - How does weather manipulation affect us, with the obvious exception of farming.

Let's start with a piece from the Horse's mouth, The Atlantic:

Summer Is Hot, but This Is Abnormal..
Scorching weather has far outstripped old expectations, but many Americans still have trouble seeing high temperatures as a distinct hazard.

Meanwhile, the economic ramifications of heat waves become clearer every year. In 2017, 120-degree heat grounded flights in Phoenix. In Washington, D.C., and London, train service abruptly halted when tracks melted. And during the pandemic, some New Jersey COVID-19 testing sites had to shut down because of high temperaturesAccording to the International Labour Organization, heat stress is also projected to reduce total working hours worldwide by 2.2 percent by 2030—“a productivity loss equivalent to 80 million full-time jobs.”

The Miami physician Cheryl Holder, an expert on the links among climate change, health, and poverty, has argued that heat disproportionately imperils older Americans, outdoor and manual workers, and Black, brown, and Indigenous communities.

The combined effects of UV radiation (which affects everyone who doesn't have a metal roof), extreme heat, and beam energy coming from HAARP-  can make you moody, sleepy, or even sick.  It wears down your immune system, opening up yourself to other possible infections you wouldn't otherwise have.  In the context of COVID/Bioterrorism - this would be as Sun Tzu said - the perfect preparation of the battlefield.  And the weather isn't something you can avoid, unless you have an underground bunker (many do, but it's only a fraction of the general population).

It can change your decision making.  It can affect your brain, which regulates your entire body.  It can have a subtle effect, so we aren't talking about cases of heat stroke which have simple solutions.  We're talking about the 90% of the population that doesn't realize the weather is affecting them, but it does.

Obviously, we are analyzing things from the outside, just looking at internal documents and the weather reality we are dealing in.  There are unknown factors that we can't calculate.  But the timing couldn't be any more coincidental.  Just as people started to realize COVID is not as deadly as they were saying on TV - we start getting bombarded with bad weather (specifically, heat).

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