3 – CIA production studios, advanced technology, and the control grid


Global Intel Hub -- This is part 3 in our series on the Social Control Paradigm, which is a semi-visible net hanging around planet Earth, which isn't a recent phenomenon by any means.  First, we want to take a look at some interesting historical evidence proving our thesis and analysis.  Researcher and Author Jacob Hornberger found evidence that the CIA manipulated the original Zapruder film which was the only film of the JFK assassination.  He details this in an article:

CIA did to produce a fraudulent, altered copy of the original Zapruder film in my book An Encounter with Evil: The Abraham Zapruder Story. Essentially, what the CIA did was secretly transport the original Zapruder film on November 23, 1963 (the day after the assassination) to the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) in Washington, D.C.  The next day, November 24, it then transported the original film to its top-secret photographic operation called Hawkeyeworks, which was secretly located within Kodak’s research and development section of its corporate headquarters in Rochester, where it was copied and altered.  The altered, fraudulent copy of the Zapruder film was then shipped back to NPIC in Washington, where it was presented as the original film. (Note: While Kodak had secretly partnered with the CIA to establish Hawkeyeworks within its Rochester facility, there is no evidence that Kodak was part of the CIA’s criminal activity with respect to the Zapruder film.) Among the things that the CIA did with its altered copy was to delete frames that tended to establish the criminal culpability of the national-security establishment, including elements of the Secret Service, in the assassination. 

Here's a more lengthy look into the once secret Hawkeye facility:

 people have begun to learn about Kodak’s long and extensive involvement in covert photographic operations centered at the plant. One program in particular has garnered national attention.  Project Bridgehead began in 1955, peaked with some 525 staffers and employed more than 1,400 in total. Perhaps my favorite quote which came out when this project was disclosed, was in the Democrat and Chronicle: “In the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, (the staff) all felt that they were part of (a project) that was extremely important to America

The relationship between Hollywood and the CIA (Which would include all of the dark intel services including the NRO) is well documented.  What we are looking at here is actual content production being managed by the CIA.  For example they setup Studio Six Productions which 'saved hostages in Iran.'  In the case of the previous referenced Hawkeyeworks productions, the studio was built by Kodak but they allowed the CIA access to a 'secret studio' to modify the Zapruder film, according to Jacob Hornberger.

In fact, Deepfakes are a cottage industry now.  South Park creators’ deepfake video startup Deep Voodoo conjures $20M in new funding:

“We stumbled upon this amazing technology and ended up recruiting the best deepfake artists in the world,” Stone said in an announcement on Deep Voodoo’s site. I’ve reached out for more info and will update this post if I hear back.

The Parker/Stone cachet showed when the company made its public debut alongside no lesser a personage than Kendrick Lamar. The video for “The Heart Part 5” has the musician delivering his lyrics in seemingly one take, but when he addresses the camera directly his face takes on the aspects of others: OJ Simpson, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant and Kanye West:

Of course it’s obvious that deepfake tech was used for this — just as it’s obvious that the dragons in Game of Thrones aren’t real. It is still effective dramatically, even if the substitution is by no means perfect. Since then, and with the help of the $20 million from Connect Ventures, Deep Voodoo “has begun offering” its tech to others in the business.  It’s not the only one doing so by a long shot, naturally. Digital de-aging and “re-facing” as it is sometimes called has become a staple of Disney media, though early attempts (a waxen Grand Moff Tarkin and unconvincing young Luke Skywalker) were poorly received by audiences.

So if you can hire Deep Voodoo to create this as a full motion film:

How difficult is it for digital production companies to make this:

Or this

For those who use games of any kind, even Roblox games, you'll understand that creating deepfakes is not hard.  For those who don't, take a look at these images:

Above (left) is from "Planet Coaster, by Epic Games" - the characters are cartoon like but hyper realistic.  We have seen the video with an actor becoming multiple people in real time.  Creating a video where Elvis is delivering a press conference and answering questions is very easy using commercially available CGI rendering.

Here are some of the best deepfake apps of 2023.  Here's a video on it, learn how in 2 minutes!  Imagine what the pros are using.

In 2015 the CIA publicly created the "Directorate of Digital Innovation" with an unclear mission, but obvious motive.  Even on their website, they admit to making digital technology including Google Earth.

Why is the CIA so interested in global imaging technologies, and in culture?  Shakespeare said "All the world is a stage" which can be translated from Olde English into American English as "All the world is a [Reality TV] show" and let's not forget to mention the current star of the show, Donald Trump, was in fact, the star of his own Reality Show "The Apprentice."

We can go on, you get the point..

How does Fake News and Deep Fakes control your brains

Controlling the narrative is a lot more than controlling the narrative.

Mind Scam.

They are controlling your consciousness.  Here's a bright example.  Their premise is correct, that the Establishment is lying about history.  The Smithsonian for example is involved in a massive conspiracy to conceal any archeological evidence that doesn't line up with their artificial narrative, whatever that may be.

We all agree the Elite are lying to us.  But here's the line in the sand.  That doesn't make anything true prima facie.  For example, just because NASA is lying about images from the Moon and Mars, that doesn't make the Earth Flat!  They could be lying to hide any number of truths.  The limited hangout confuses people to the logical premise.  What they are saying here is the implication that 18th century humans DID NOT build medieval Gothic buildings.  However, this is absurdly false, because there is a firehose of evidence of the design, construction, and documentation of these buildings, at least for the last 2,000 years.  They confuse Gothic buildings with mysterious sites like Stonehedge, Petra, Lonely Castle, Malta's Hypogeum, and thousands of other sites.  For those 'mystery' sites, there is no clear winning theory backed by evidence, as to how they were built, or using what technology.  For example, in Pumu Punku, there is evidence of advanced stone cutting and engineering that currently is beyond what modern industrial standards can do:

In assembling the walls of Puma punku, each stone was finely cut to interlock with the surrounding stones and the blocks fit together like a puzzle, forming load-bearing joints without the use of mortar. One common engineering technique involves cutting the top of the lower stone at a certain angle, and placing another stone on top of it which was cut at the same angle. The precision with which these angles have been utilized to create flush joints is indicative of a highly sophisticated knowledge of stone-cutting and a thorough understanding of descriptive geometry. Many of the joints are so precise that not even a razor blade will fit between the stones. Much of the masonry is characterized by accurately cut rectilinear blocks of such uniformity that they could be interchanged for one another while maintaining a level surface and even joints. The blocks were so precisely cut as to suggest the possibility of prefabrication and mass production, technologies far in advance of the Tiwanaku’s Inca successors hundreds of years later.  Some of the stones are in an unfinished state, showing some of the techniques used to shape them. They were initially pounded by stone hammers—which can still be found in numbers on local andesite quarries—, creating depressions, and then slowly ground and polished with flat stones and sand

There are thousands of these sites on the planet, and even more probably unexplored, such as this one in East Tennessee, near Knoxville.

In remote unexplored areas, there are probably thousands more.  Pumu Punku, and other famous sites, happen to be above ground and undisturbed.

To contrast this, when we are talking about Gothic Architecture and construction in Europe, from the period of 500 BC - until present, we have an overwhelming documentation of building design and construction.  We can replicate it, using tools available at the time - that's probably the most scientific refute of these absurd claims.  In fact, there's a project in France that's doing exactly that:

With a project timeline of 35 years, some 40 quarrypeople, stonemasons, woodcutters, carpenters, tilers, blacksmiths, rope makers and carters can expect another ten years on the job.  That’s longer than a medieval construction crew would have taken, but unlike their 21st-century counterparts, they didn’t have to take frequent breaks to explain their labors to the visiting public.  A team of archeologists, art historians and castellologists strive for authenticity, eschewing electricity and any vehicle that doesn’t have hooves.  Research materials include illuminated manuscripts, stained glass windows, financial records, and existing castles.  The 1425-year-old Canterbury Cathedral has a non-reproduction treadmill crane stored in its rafters, as well as a levers and pulleys activity sheet for young visitors that notes that operating a “human treadmill” was both grueling and dangerous: Philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote that they were “unequalled in the modern annals of legalized torture.” Good call, then, on the part of Guédelon’s leadership to allow a few anachronisms in the name of safety.  Guédelon’s treadmill cranes, including a double drum model that pivots 360º to deposit loads of up to 1000 lbs wherever the stonemasons have need of them, have been outfitted with brakes. The walkers inside the wooden wheels wear hard hats, as are the overseer and those monitoring the brakes and the cradle holding the stones.

Real projects, such as St. Peters Basilica in Rome, took over 100 years to build, using an unknown number of slaves, craftsman, artisans, glass makers, painters, brick layers, masons, master masons, and other workers.  Projects took so long, the lead project manager would die and his assistants would take over.  Experts claim 3,000 men can build a castle, but this is for common castles - for large projects that number could be 10,000 or even 50,000.   We know how Westminster Abbey was built, we know who designed it, and you can read hundreds of books on the topic, all highly referenced:

Between 1042 and 1052, Edward the Confessor began rebuilding St. Peter's Abbey to provide himself with a royal burial church. It was built in the Romanesque style and was the first church in England built on a cruciform floorplan.[25] The master stonemason for the project was Leofsi Duddason,[26] with Godwin and Wendelburh Gretsyd (meaning "fat purse") as patrons, and Teinfrith as "churchwright", probably meaning someone who worked on the carpentry and roof.[27] Endowments supported a community that increased from a dozen monks, during Dunstan's time, up to as many as eighty.[28] The building was completed around 1060 and was consecrated on 28 December 1065, only a week before Edward's death on 5 January 1066.[10] A week later, he was buried in the church; nine years later, his wife Edith was buried alongside him.[29] His successor, Harold Godwinson, was probably crowned here, although the first documented coronation is that of William the Conqueror later that year.[30] The only extant depiction of Edward's abbey is in the Bayeux Tapestry.[31] The foundations still survive under the present church, and above ground, some of the lower parts of the monastic dormitory survive in the undercroft, including a door said to come from the previous Saxon abbey. It was a little smaller than the current church, with a central tower.[32]

  • Corrigan, Imogen (2018). Stone on Stone: The Men Who Built The Cathedrals. Ramsbury, Marlborough: Robert Hale. ISBN 978-0719827983.
Westminster Abbey Derinkuyu
Was it documented? Heavily No
Can we replicate? Yes No
Did humans have tools at the time to build it? Yes Unknown
Was labor available to build it? Yes Unknown
Do we know the culture around the time it was built? Yes, deeply No
Were there other buildings also well documented? Yes, many Not exactly

Only the uneducated, unintelligent, or uninformed users will believe in these crazy ideas, that are absurdly false.  Plus, they are offering no alternative theory as to who built Gothic Europe?  Was it Aliens?  What is their suggestion?

These ideas are created by highly trained and highly paid professionals, they are not idiots (Alternatively, one might suppose the creators of this content are people who don't read books with substandard 80 IQs, that's possible, but not likely because they have millions of followers, those are bought followers).  These are PsyOps or "Bots" that use Artificial Intelligence to craft outcomes based on the content they display.  For example, if you want people to NOT see certain information, a percent of the population will be susceptible to this type of mind-numbing idiocy.

Here are a few facts that the Establishment doesn't want you to know, which AI says the deepfake bots will distract you from:

  • CIA organized the JFK murder.  Link.
  • Geoengineering is causing Climate Collapse (not "Global Warming" caused by Industrial Production) Link.
  • The US Government has in it's possession thousands of "Free Energy" patents - that is, systems that produce more energy than put in.  Link.
  • The US Government has been operating Secret Space Programs (SSPs) and dealing with non-human civilizations at least since World War 2. Link.

Mysterious Sites

From an internet forum:

Lonely Castle, Petra, Derinkuyu, Hypogeum in Malta, and thousands of other sites, were probably made by previous civilizations with advanced technology - Sound Lasers - as described in Forgotten Genesis Book. With ET technology not necessarily built by ETs, however, credible intelligence including pictures carved in stone say that in previous times, circa 50k years ago up until about 8k years ago.. (and for millions of years prior) ETs walked the planet with humans. Or in other words, when these things were built, they used ET technology which was given to the humans of the time, such as Atlanteans, Lemurians, etc. Hyperborea. There is overwhelming evidence, a firehose of evidence, to support this thesis. For example a well funded engineering team tried to re-build the pyramids, they did it, but not with nearly the same precision (and it was obviously to scale, not the same size) We currently DO NOT have lasers capable to cut granite in the same precision as many of these sites have, such as Puma Punku, where you cannot fit a dollar bill or playing card through the cracks, the cuts are so precise. The construction of complex temples such as this are described in the Vedas, the Majabarata, including how to build "Vimana" or anti-gravity space ships. Beings who built them are described. There are likely many, as many as hundreds of different civilizations on Earth (humanoid).  I've studied alternative ancient history for 30 years. I've been to many ancient sites including Gigantia in Malta. It was clearly and obviously built by Giants or non-human people for some unknown purpose. I've discovered my own ancient site here in TN (please, name it.. it's unnamed) .. The Hypogeum in Malta is the entrance to inner earth civilizations the tunnels go for unknown [hundreds] of miles. There's many layers of caves in Earth. Ancient Jewish texts describe this, about powerful beings that 'came from below' etc. etc..

There is a clear agenda to control history, and he who controls history controls the present.  History includes our origins, the truth about other races and species (beings), and our collective interactions throughout the cosmos.

The Control Grid & the WHY

In the book Gods of Eden, author William Bramley supposes that Earth has been part of a control mechanism going back farther than we think.  For example, the intelligence agencies we know today, the CIA, KGB, etc. were mostly setup by secret societies like the Freemasons.  Well, there's evidence that suggests that the Freemasons are just an evolution of a previous secret society called the Brotherhood of the Snake, which dates to Egyptian times.  Could the current Central Banking Cartel have links to our deep past?  If so, this indicates there is a group that wants to control human society, and part of that control is information control, lying to us about many things.

Why they want to do this is obvious by their motive.  If we had free energy devices, for example, we wouldn't need Oil.  If we had a Quantum Financial System (QFS) that would calculate value on the fly, secured by Blockchain (NOT Referring to CBDC which is the opposite).. We wouldn't need the banks.  If we had a stick that could heal any wounds, or a 'Med Bed' that can repair severed limbs, or a "Ren Gen Tank" that can grow back legs if you lost them - why would we need  Doctors, Hospitals, or the Pharmaceutical industry?  We wouldn't.  People would be free.

At the end of the day, it should be obvious to anyone with a pulse that the growth of AI troll bots on social media are paid for a purpose.  We don't know which ones are paid, or which accounts are bots - what we do know is that the Elite are  spending billions upon billions of dollars a year on AI bot development, on "Advertising" (Propaganda) and this includes COUNTER INTELLIGENCE-

How do you control society?  Fund both sides.  Control the Dems and the Reps.  How do you avoid being a "Monopoly" ?  Create the appearance of choice, i.e. Coke vs. Pepsi.

Most importantly, fund the revolution, such as the Bolshevik Revolution, and then you'll control the outcome.

Create AI bots, control the narrative, control the minds and comments that are the outcome of those operations.

By having people discuss absurd ideas, like Flat Earth or "Tartaria" - they develop an obvious allergy to facts.  Then, when any facts are presented to them, about election interference or anything else really, they will Pavlov reflex scream and run out of the room.  When presented with facts, people who are exposed to this type of Psychological torture, they will block any facts coming into their brain.  This is useful for ANY of the operations coming down the pike, this is useful as a brain manipulation tool, not to block necessarily a specific lie (but there's that, too).

For example, the elephant in the room is to hide political scandals, to hide the horrendous corruption regarding the Ukraine war and DC in general.  Clearly, Americans would rather fund Hawaii victims, or homelessness in Los Angeles, before Nazis in Ukraine.  What enables the outright theft of taxpayer funds, among other crimes, is the Establishment's ability to control the narrative:

  • Distract
  • Distort
  • Confuse
  • Deny
  • Obfuscate

or if you want to use the official Special Ops DOD motto about PsyOps:

  • Persuade
  • Change
  • Influence

Well that says it all - who are the top anonymous users (bots) on social media?  Perhaps users will see that major social media is infiltrated by bots, and move to more organic grassroots platforms like Gab.

New Alternatives

Venture Capital Cross is seeking organic advanced technologies, and organizations and individuals who are developing them.  Not AI.  We believe that real disruptive technologies comes from the ground up (Grassroots) not from the top down (Monopoly).  Here's 2 examples of disruptive technology companies that are going to change the world for  the better:

Gab.com - Gab is a social media platform with a custom vertical technology stack, including Gab Pay, Gab Marketplace, Gab TV, Gab AI, and many other features.  Most notably, Gab.com is a free speech platform, with a legal framework to protect 'offensive' but legal free speech.  Gab does NOT have a secret deal with the CIA to let PsyOps and Bots loose on the system, in fact, Gab has one of the highest real user / bot ratios in the market (probably, the highest however it's hard to track).  Gab is a platform of real users, not bots.  They are raising $5m @ 250m valuation @ VCCross.com. 

Composite Hybrid EVTOL from New Zealand - Founder and Helicopter Pilot Peter Maloney has created a prototype Helicopter which is 3d printed in several pieces (as opposed to thousands of pieces).  This composite material is strong and patented, combined with electric engine hybrid - this Helicopter is good for the environment and good for passengers - it's  nearly 'crash proof' - don't believe it?  Watch the video - he tested it accidentally.  Any Helicopter pilot can attest to the fact that a crash like that would normally be fatal.  Manufacturing and certification is a capital intensive process, he is seeking a total of $30 Million USD to take this to the consumer market.

Our research and journalism is free, please follow Global Intel Hub for more groundbreaking global analysis and visit our sponsors:

Articles and references

The Evidence that Convicts the CIA of the JFK Assassination






U.S. Special Forces Want to Use Deepfakes for Psy-Ops

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