Escaping the limited hangout


Limited Hangout is a CIA information control tool, it involves the fake 'disclosure' of some secret, inside of a limited view; such that related things would not be questioned.  The Agency likes to create the 'opposition' which is in fact controlled opposition - an early lesson learned.  The easiest way to infiltrate a counter insurgency, is to start one from scratch (causality).  This has been patented, and the model leased out throughout the world.  Private intelligence agencies connected to big money, secret societies, and other groups have far more power than governments do, or individual corporations.  Perhaps some movements like the flat earth movement are created from nothing, spreading 90% truth.

FACT: The skies are being manipulated via digital photography applications like "Photoshop" - NWS, NASA, and friends, Google, and other companies that have such data, are manipulating it in ways that it hides anomalies and other things.  FALSE CONCLUSION: Based on the above, the Earth is Flat!

What they are hiding?  A massive global chemical spraying program, documented with independent lab tests here.

.. And what else?

In fact limited hangout is everywhere, in the fake news, planted news stories, and it is used to shape our culture.  It is a controllable domain - as long as people are arguing over basic math and physics to prove the Earth is flat, no one is going to be talking about pole shift, or Chemical spraying programs, weather modification, and/or contact with non Human civilizations.

Who really cares about Hunter Biden smoking crack?  Is that news?  How many times can you read the same story over and over about a crackhead.  How many millions of otherwise potentially productive man hours were wasted on a non-event fluffed up like 'breaking intelligence' did we really not already know that and more about Peter as well?  Come on guys..

Escaping the limited hangout means awakening, the opposite of WOKE.  Seeing how everything is contrived, as Noam Chomsky would say "Manufactured Consent" which means intellectual slavery, getting people do to as you want.  While he talked a great game on this subject, he was beholden to the Elite that paid his paycheck, both economically and politically.

Now, they have enslaved billions with an advanced remote control system that can control blood flow, bodily functions, personality, and has 2 way wireless connection, possibly managed by Big Data in the cloud - Homo Deus says the Architect.  580m unvaccinated, globally.

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