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Summary of Coronavirus 2020

I cited the following evidence against general population masks:

1) Cases exploded even with mandates: Los Angeles County, Miami-Dade County, Hawaii, Alabama, the Philippines, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Israel.

2) Dr. Carl Heneghan, University of Oxford, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and editor in chief of British Medical Journal Evidence-Based Medicine: 'It would appear that despite two decades of pandemic preparedness, there is considerable uncertainty as to the value of wearing masks.'


3) The WHO: 'The widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and harms to consider' (

4) The CDC: 'Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.' (

I also cited an article giving a detailed explanation of the reasons why masks might not prevent spread:

Most important info - Whistleblower testimony from medical experts, scientists, doctors, nurses, and other professionals who are actually dealing with the China Flu

-- Summary Guide --

First of all, you must accept that the mainstream news is not going to provide you with news that can help you until it's too late.  The news is designed to report things 'as they happen' i.e. after the fact.  This virus is reported to have a 5 day incubation period which means you can be infected and not show symptoms for 5 days.  The bad news it has a high rate of transmission R0 2 to 4 depending who you ask.  Good news, it's easy to avoid and if you catch it, there is a 3% to 5% fatality rate.  Babies and the sick and elderly are at most risk.  Here's a simple list to help you stay safe and keep your family and those around you healthy:

  • Masks don't help.  If you need to travel or go to public places by emergency, wear respirators and gloves at a minimum, if possible mask and respirator with body suit.
  • Avoid travel.  Airports and airplanes are the vectors for transmission.
  • Learn and understand.  Organizations such as the WHO, CDC and others are not always ahead of the information curve.  If they were, there would be no Pandemics.  Governments also may disseminate information as it benefits them, especially those in countries like China where they explicitly control the media.  What's on the News is 'reporting' of what's happened but it's typically a slice of what's going on inside of a big information cake.
  • Develop alternative information sources.  Don't rely on TV and if you insist on watching TV, develop alternative information sources.
  • Stay healthy.  A virus is an attack on your immune system, the more healthy you are, the more likely you are to survive.  Eating as much organic foods as possible, taking vitamins like C, Zinc, D3, BComplex, and others cannot hurt.  Avoiding unhealthy junk foods, fried foods, potato chips, sodas, and other useless junk can only help.
  • Avoid public places.  The benefit of living in today's world is you can online deliver what you need, and go out only as needed.  If you work from an office, try going early to avoid crowds.  Leave late, and avoid contact with others.  Who knows who was just in London, who meet someone from China.

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Deep Research

A biolab in Wuhan published a study in 2007 on combining SARS + HIV to create Coronavirus, I posted this on the Coronavirus subreddit & they banned me, deleted the post, banned the link from being re-posted & muted me when I tried to ask why I had been banned; spread this link while it still exists.
by inconspiracy

COVID-19 Research Guide

If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics
  • Name. The names 2019-nCoV, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and novel coronavirus all basically refer to the same thing, either the new virus or the disease it causes. (Technically, the WHO calls the virus SARS-COV-2, and the illness COVID-19.)

  • Family. It is a type of SARS but is much worse than SARs; experts have also called it "worse than Ebola" in terms of how fast it is spreading.

  • Re-infection. Getting sick with it more than once is a possibility; "recovered" patients may even be contagious or test positive for the virus after so-called "recovery." r/CoronavirusFOS/comments/fhh531/why_recovered_statistics_dont_mean_anything_yet/?

  • Spreading without symptoms. People are able to be asymptomatic or presymptomatic, but still contagious, for weeks.

  • Ineffective quarantines. Quarantines are being done for 14 days in many countries, even though it has been documented that 28 days would be more effective. The word quarantine itself means a period of 40 days (from Italian quarantina giorni, space of forty days); maybe we need to get smarter about how long people should be quarantined. If it's not at least 40 days its not technically a quarantine.

  • Fast-spreading. In roughly the first 4 weeks since the outbreak was announced, the virus has spread to some 30 countries, infecting at least 1,100 confirmed and 8 deaths outside of mainland China, so far (as of Feb 19, 2020). Many countries do not have the capability to adequately test people. For instance it could become very widespread in parts of Africa without ever making the news. [UPDATE: As of Mar 3, 2020, it's now in over 80 countries, and there have been at least 221 confirmed deaths outside of China.]

  • Symptoms and Treatment. There is no cure; treatment focuses on the symptoms like the cough and fever. The symptom list is long and varies from patient to patient but the majority of them have cough and fever and the serious cases develop pneumonia, which is what kills them. Secondary infections are also common, and those patients get antibiotics, but, antibiotics don't do anything against a virus; they are used solely to treat additional complications. The symptom list seems to be ever-changing: a March 7 report showed that 22% of patients had diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and/or abdominal discomfort before respiratory symptoms.

  • No vaccine. Labs around the world are racing to develop a vaccine but that is, at best, months away. And keep in mind there was a SARS outbreak nearly 20 years ago and we still don't have a vaccine for that.

  • Lives on surfaces. Many redditors have asked about whether it is safe to accept packages from China. Studies have shown that the virus can survive on surfaces for at least nine days, at least under certain conditions, and up to 27 days in other conditions.

  • "Do I have it?" Many redditors have posted questions saying they feel ill and want to know if they have it. If you think you have it, contact a doctor or hospital; reddit is not the place for a diagnosis. If you believe you've been in close contact with a confirmed case or someone who recently traveled from China, the hospital will want you to wear a mask when you come in, and will want you to call ahead so they can prepare to isolate you from other patients.

  • "How do I avoid it?" Many redditors have asked what they can do to avoid catching or spreading the virus. Standard virus protocol applies: avoid close contact with people who are sick; stay home when you are sick; cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue then throw the tissue in the trash; frequently wash your hands (especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing) using soap and water as hot as you can stand it for at least 20 seconds (the scrubbing under running water is important; a 5-second fingertip wash is inadequate); carry hand sanitizer gel with you for times when you can't wash your hands; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth especially in public; disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a household cleaning spray; etc. The US has recommended against all travel to China. Some redditors started avoiding air travel, public transportation, and large crowds and gatherings at the end of January.

  • Virus is spreading in USA. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the US FDA, stated before a US Senate Committee on Feb 12, 2020: "The next month is critical. We must prepare for the prospect that the virus evaded our border protections and was already introduced into the U.S. in late December or early January....we could still be early in our own evolution toward broader outbreaks....So, we may know we’re experiencing outbreaks of this disease only when a cluster of cases of atypical pneumonia present to a hospital and trigger closer scrutiny by health officials. By that time, there could be dozens or even hundreds of cases in a local community."

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers
  • Information Warfare. In the earliest days of the revelations about the virus, a deliberate disinformation campaign was started, to get people to believe two major falsehoods: 1) “It’s not as bad as the flu,” and 2) “Everything is under control and will be back to normal soon.” You will see this repeated thousands of times around reddit, other social media, and in mainstream media in the US and elsewhere. Even US doctors are repeating this propaganda, almost verbatim, to any news reporter who asks.

  • Naysayers. Historically unprecedented efforts have been made to downplay the virus - often by focusing on the supposedly low fatality rate, or the supposedly high rate of recovery. It's far too early to know what "recovery" actually means. For instance, scientists from Nanjing Medical University and Suzhou Hospital have said males who "recover" may be infertile.

  • Pre-determined case rate. In early February 2020, someone demonstrated that the rise in cases was very predictable from day to day; the data curve was "beautiful" in that it was flawless and perfect, unlike the real world. He was able to predict, a day in advance, with astonishing accuracy, how many new cases would be announced the following day. The implication was that the data only moved like that because it was pre-determined before it happened; in other words the real numbers were (and possibly still are) being released in a slow trickle in order to manage the public's reaction.

  • Estimates. In mid-January 2020, some people were thinking the infected number was over 150,000 (back when China was saying it was under 10,000). It's hard to get a reliable number, but there are clues pointing to a worrisome amount of cases. Researcher models have shown estimates of a multiplier for a realistic number that range from x4 to x35. In other words if China is announcing 75,000 cases today, some people are concerned that the real number (including those who are undiagnosed) is 528,000 up to an almost inconceivable 4.6 million.

  • Suspected vs. Confirmed. China also has a data set for "suspected cases," which may include people who have presented to the hospital (or to several hospitals, seeking care) with the symptoms but who were unable to get diagnosed because the hospitals were overwhelmed. Some observers consider the numbers of "suspected" cases should be considered "confirmed" until there has been a negative diagnosis.

  • Crematorium Info. Investigative journalism in China has led to recordings of phone conversations with crematorium workers, who are desperately asking for help because they are going 24/7 and are still backed up in Hubei from the amount of dead to incinerate (imagine California and half of Texas not being able to keep up with the bodies). The employee states the number of bodies has been 4 to 5 times the usual, starting ever since December 29.

  • Portable Crematoriums? Lu Media reported that 40 units officially described as "cabins for the disposal of garbage and animal carcasses" have aided Wuhan in the epidemic area; their capacity is 5 tons per day. Ming Ju, an emeritus professor at the National Taiwan University Political Department, believes that these cabins are "mobile incinerators" used to process human corpses. (To expand on that speculation: 5 tons is 10,000 pounds or 4,536 kilos. The average adult Chinese male weights 66.2 kg, females 57.3 kg. Using a rough average weight of 62 kg per adult, that's 73 adults per day, per machine, so 40 machines are capable of handling 2,920 adults per day. That's in addition to the numerous regular crematoriums which can process a dozen or more people simultaneously.) Again, that is speculation; it is also likely that a city on lockdown would have an enormous problem getting rid of household refuse and medical waste, in which case those mobile incinerators would come in handy.

  • "Not as bad as the flu" nonsense. Mainstream media (MSM) and even social media are chock full of people conducting information warfare; their goal is to perpetuate the “official” myth that coronavirus is not as serious as the flu, and that everything will be back to normal soon. There are several other virus-related subs on reddit which are moderated by people who do not allow any dissenting views, and who only permit people to post things that have already been announced by a government. In March 2020, the US CDC Tweeted that the fatality rate of this virus is at least three times that of the flu.

  • CNY. Chinese New Year is a major travel holiday when people go home to spend time with their families; it is often the only time of year when migrant workers get to see their loved ones. Millions and millions of Chinese people were on the move when this outbreak began.

  • Ineffective City Quarantines. China announced each city lockdown up to a day or two in advance, which gave infected people plenty of time to try to flee. After Wuhan was locked down, it was announced that some 5 million people had left Wuhan before the ring-around-the-city quarantine was put into place. Many of the people trapped in Wuhan are not from Wuhan, and were caught there during their New Year's travels.

  • Constant number manipulation. China has changed how they count cases, and has advised that if a person has tested positive for the virus but is asymptomatic (has no symptoms like fever or cough) then they should not be added to the list of confirmed cases.

  • Practically no testing in the US. In the US, the vast majority of citizens (99.99999+%) can't get tested. The CDC policy for now is that you can't get tested unless a) you have symptoms and b) you've also been to China or in very close contact with someone who has (such as a spouse), despite the fact that there is ample evidence of human-to-human transmission and asymptomatic transmission. The CDC is very slowly opening up additional testing to people with pneumonia or other symptoms, but so far this has only been announced for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York City, which all happen to be major US hubs for incoming international travel.

  • "Self-quarantines." The US is continuing to rely on self-quarantining. On Feb 19, 2020, the Wall Street Journal reported "Public health officials in the U.S. are striving to keep tabs on thousands of Americans who have quarantined themselves at home after returning from mainland China...More than 5,400 people had been asked to self-quarantine in California alone as of Feb. 14, according to the California Department of Public Health. Hundreds more are self-quarantining in Georgia, Washington state, Illinois, New York, and other states." Pay-wall link:

  • States hiding data Some states, notably Florida, are claiming that they can't legally disclose how many people have been tested. "According to the Tampa Bay Times, “state health officials say they can’t disclose how many people have been tested for the virus… state Surgeon General Scott Rivkees said the Florida Department of Health is not authorized to publish the number of people in the state being tested for the virus out of privacy concerns.”

  • Hacked Accounts Spread Reassuring Deception. Redditors are posting that they have been getting bizarre texts from close friends and family members in China saying "situation is under control" and "we're all fine" etc.; it's obviously not that person sending that message. Likewise, people have posted screenshots of messages from several business contacts in China who all repeat the same official message practically verbatim, "Impact limited to Wuhan...Everything is under control...will be back to normal soon...thank you for your concern."

  • Body bags. Rumors are circulating that China has ordered 1 million body bags, and shifted factories to body bag production; someone also posted an online industrial buyer order in which someone was looking to purchase 45 million virus masks.

  • Monitoring. China announced a few days ago that they are "monitoring" close to half a million people who have had "close contact" with infected people. Monitoring efforts involve self-reporting plus tracking of movements based on cell phone geolocation, A.I., facial recognition technology, and mandatory checkpoints.

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: r/CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

  • Dropping Dead. There are a handful of videos that show people seeming to suddenly collapse, notably a police officer walking down the street, in social media posts circulating on Feb 19, 2020. Videos show people dead and dying in hospital waiting rooms. Other videos show dead bodies laying on the sidewalk; a young woman collapsed in a vegetable market, etc. These spread in China in January; as of February we're seeing similar vids from Iran. In a social media post from Feb 20, 2020, Harry Chen PhD posted a man laying face-down in a shopping mall in Hong Kong as pop music plays in the background, the implication being that he collapsed from the virus or virus-related complications. No one goes over to check on him.

  • Unprecedented Censorship Efforts. Videos get deleted almost as fast as they get posted. One leaked video shows uniformed internet police pounding on someone's door, demanding that they delete their social media post, and also that they immediately must post a retraction to apologize for spreading "rumors" or otherwise they will face legal consequences for harming social order.

  • Voices from Inside Hospitals. Voicemails and texts from Chinese nurses and medical workers urging their loved ones, "Do not go outside" and saying that they are totally overwhelmed with infected patients. Numerous nurses collapsing into hysterics, unable to cope with the requirement to work 22 hours a day, and the inability to leave the hospital; some have been threatened with having their medical license revoked if they walk away.

  • Dirty masks. Used surgical masks being resold: an old man on the sidewalk selling used surgical masks of various colors; when he saw the cell phone recording him, he picked up his box and hid it inside a building. Another video recorded surreptitiously shows a woman sitting on the floor in the back-room of a shop, sorting through a pile of what appears to be used surgical masks, possibly trying to straighten and flatten them. Whether they were used or not, they were all laying directly on the floor. Another woman near by was folding masks on a table. The video ended with a shot of a big stack of boxes, one of which was open and showed surgical masks inside; the implication being that the used masks were being repackaged for sale as new. The brand name was not legible but it featured a woman's face on the cover, and Chinese writing on the box.

  • Quarantine Evasions. City quarantines don't work. Videos show people climbing over head-height barricades and fences built across roads and bridges, family members handing their children across the fence, and arguments in the street when someone is discovered to have Hubei province license plates or to be speaking with a Wuhan accent.

  • Doors welded shut. People are being welded into their apartments in Wuhan. Some apartment buildings have had their entrances sealed, once multiple people inside are believed to have the disease. Videos have shown middle-aged, non-athletic people attempting to scale the outside of the building by going from balcony to balcony, and some of them end up falling off and dying. A small town road labeled as the "Road to Lihua" which shows a street full of 2-story and 3-story residential buildings, and every single building is barricaded from the outside. (Thus trapping the uninfected inside with the infected and the dead.)

  • Possible Impacts on Currency? A man throwing lots of cash money into the air and letting it fall onto the ground, the implication being that to him, the money is worthless.

  • Mobs. So-called "recovered" patients being attacked and beat up for returning to their village after being released from quarantine.

  • Sprayers. Numerous videos show fleets of trucks rolling through streets in China, spraying what we suppose to be some sort of disinfectant, as though there was a need to clean the sidewalks or even the air itself. China has used water sprayers for at least five years to combat pollution, but speculation is that these trucks contain some sort of chemical rather than water.

  • Birds. A highway shot shows hundreds of crows perched on a concrete barrier; the subtitles claim that thousands of crows have been attracted to Wuhan by the stench of death.

  • Checkpoints. Villages and small towns enforcing quarantines with weapons, punches, slaps, etc. A car stops at a checkpoint, hesitates, then seems to intentionally plow into a medical tent.

  • Arrests. Patrols of white hazmat suit workers looking for people who went outside without a mask; they get arrested and carried away.

  • Packed hospitals. Hospital hallways jam-packed with people standing around waiting to get tested; shoulder-to-shoulder crowding conditions, which surely served to spread the virus faster.

  • Pets Killed. Village patrols beating dogs to death with a stick supposedly in order to "prevent the spread of the virus," and household pets thrown down from tall apartment buildings for the same reason.

  • Bodies. Multiple body bags in hospital ambulances, on the floors of hospitals, and in the hallway.

  • Transportation issues. That there were enough dead at a given time that no one could respond promptly to carry away the bodies.

  • Paid by the body. A citizen journalist secretly records an impromptu job interview at a local crematorium, where he is told he will not be paid unless he brings in bodies to cremate. They offer 500 RMB for one body, and 200 RMB for each additional body, up to 1100 RMB a load if he can bring in 4 bodies at a time.

  • Failures at life-saving efforts. A man's voicemail (identified by name as a doctor, if the accompanying image is to be believed) stating that for patients who are intubated (receiving oxygen via a tube shoved down their throats), extubation (removing the tube) is rarely successful - the implication being that if the oxygen life support is withdrawn, the patients die.

  • Panic buying. Fights over groceries, and rice flying off the cart before the grocery store can even put it on the shelves.

  • Refugees. Social media video posted Feb 19, 2020 claims to show hundreds of people with suitcases and baggage fleeing over the Chinese border from Guangxi province into Vietnam. Like most other videos claiming to be about this situation, there are many responses claiming this one is fake.

  • Fights. A child stabbing an elderly person and another child, during a fight over a small bottle of antiseptic.

  • Intentional Spreading. There are videos showing various suspects who are going around intentionally spitting on things, in an apparent effort to spread the virus. Tissue boxes are provided on elevators so that a person can use the tissue to press the button, and keep their fingers clean. Videos show a family riding the elevator, and a male takes a tissue and spits on it repeatedly, then smears all of the buttons with his spit. Another video shows an older woman alone in a different elevator; she repeatedly hacks and spits intentionally all over the buttons and the inner doors of the elevator, and then after a younger woman gets on and presses an elevator button, the older woman cackles to herself. Another video shows a young woman going down the street spitting on the door handles of cars. Another video shows a young woman sneaking around an apartment complex at night, spitting on doorknobs. Many Western viewers are unable to make sense of these videos, or conceive of a thought process that would make a person want to do this.

  • Attacks on medical workers. Patients in hospitals pulling down their virus masks and intentionally spitting into the faces of medical workers and receptionists - multiple incidents in multiple locations.

  • Arson? I have yet to actually see one of the alleged "arson" videos because they get deleted (for "inappropriate content") shortly after they are shared, but there are rumors of one or more videos showing buildings being intentionally set on fire in China, with people still alive inside the buildings. People are working hard to call these fakes, saying it emerged in early January and there is no proof that it is linked to the virus; however, since the videos immediately get flagged and deleted, discussion and debunking it for yourself is nearly impossible. On that note, if you see a video and believe it will be deleted, there are ways you can archive it (to a different website) so that others can see it later.

  • Failed donation efforts. Food trucks sent to Wuhan are not allowed past the city's barricades, and the food goes to waste.

  • Resistance. In Xiaogan, Hubei, the villagers did not want to be sealed up inside their homes, and they fought back. The police fired shots.

What else is happening in China
  • Pop-up Hospitals. In response to the outbreak, a pop-up hospital was built in China in about 10 days. It leaks.

  • Non-Hospitals. China has also opened “quarantine shelters” which do not provide medical care; observers are calling these deathatoriums, where people are supposed to just go and wait to die. However, if someone lives with a big family and has nowhere else to go, this may be a humane way to help the person have shelter without risking infecting their loved ones. Once a person goes in, they are not allowed to leave.

  • H2H and A2H. Human-to-animal-to-human transmission appears possible: It was reported by a UK tabloid on Feb 21, 2020 that hundreds of pets have dropped dead in China; although that source is questionable, the 2002 SARs outbreak led to research that household pets such as cats and ferrets could be infected by SARS-CoV which they caught from a human, and then could spread the disease to other humans (back in 2002).

  • Historic Firsts. Wartime policies are in place. China has locked down three entire provinces (Hubei, Liaoning, Jiangxi), all four centrally-administered municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing) and more than 80 other major cities. Some estimate that nearly 800 million Chinese (9.8% of the population of the entire planet) are under some type of quarantine, lockdown, and/or movement restrictions. A bit of logic often repeated on reddit is "You don't do that for the flu."

  • Cages. People are being dragged kicking and screaming off the street into truck cages, because a spot-check of their forehead temperature revealed they had a fever.

  • Press Censorship. Reporters are going silent and China revoked the press credentials of 3 WSJ reporters.

  • Robots. In Wuhan robots (think "gonk droid" not "C3PO") and drones are being used to enforce the quarantine, ordering people not to leave their homes, even for food.

  • Information Control. Chinese whistleblowers are reportedly disappearing or suddenly being diagnosed as infected, hours after posting revealing information.

  • Claims of People Being Burned Alive. Taiwan News - and no other sources as far as I can find - is reporting alleged first-hand accounts of people who claim they saw people being burned alive in Wuhan, the alive bound up with corpses and dragged off together.

  • Doctors Sickened. Chinese medical professionals (around 1800) are getting infected despite safety procedures, and some are dying from the infection (notably the director of a hospital in Wuhan). Usually doctors and nurses aren’t too worried about getting ill from their patients due to their safety measures, which indicates that covid-19 is much more infectious than the usual flu strains.

  • Irony. A high-level government health official emphatically stressed to reporters that the virus is preventable and controllable, a few days before he himself was diagnosed with the virus.

  • 24/7 Lockdowns. People (one representative per family) in Wuhan are now no longer being let out of their homes every 7 days, and are on 24/7 lockdown.

  • Propaganda Videos. In the early days there were quite a few propaganda videos showing happy, smiling shoppers in grocery stores that were fully stocked. There were very light crowds - lighter than usual even - and no shortages of food in these videos, despite the leaked videos showing empty vegetable bins, huge meat bins with only one pack of meat left, and violent fights between shoppers trying to get their hands on a sack of rice.

  • Positivity Efforts. There have also been propaganda vids showing infected patients dancing and doing exercise; this is all part of the order from on high to keep the message "positive" and ensure that nothing but pure "positivity" covers all virus news.

  • "Moving Deeds" Efforts. Propaganda efforts have been directed toward promoting the effects of control measures and the “moving deeds” of volunteers, community workers, and the police. They have also posted some 400,000 comments online to counter negative public opinions.

  • Barring Investigators. China wouldn't let any WHO Americans into the country until recently, but they are still being prevented from going to Hubei and Beijing.

  • Movement Restrictions. Drones carry QR codes at the entrances to cities; drivers must use their cell phone to scan the QR code, and then the system will analyze the phone's recent movements, then decide whether to allow the person into the city.

  • Medical situation propaganda. While leaked videos show overwhelmed, crying medical staff in packed hospitals, there are also some propaganda videos showing empty hospital corridors and calm, smiling, laughing, relaxed doctors; one claim being circulated is that some of those were filmed with actors hired to portray doctors.

  • New medical crime laws. On Feb 8, 2020 China’s National Health Commission announced seven types of "medical-related" crimes, stating that prosecution will be swift and they will not rule out the death penalty for these crimes, which, in plain English, are basically: 1) Don't injure medical workers, 2) Let medical workers go wherever they say they need to go, 3) Don't pull down your mask and spit in the face of medical workers, 4) Cooperate with mandatory health checks and quarantines and don't disrupt anyone trying to burn bodies, 5) Don't stay in a hospital if you've been told to leave, and funerals are banned, 6) Don't carry weapons into a hospital, and 7) Anything else they decide is illegal is also illegal.

  • Swift cremations. Funerals in Hubei are banned; the deceased are immediately cremated and the family is notified afterwards. If the deceased did not have a coronavirus diagnosis before death, the body will never be tested and the case will never be added to the official numbers.

The Unknowns
  • Death Rate. The fatality rate is still an unknown; many people blindly repeat “2%” although we have not had enough cases outside of China, for long enough, to know the real number. Professor Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College of London has published a paper estimating Hubei province will see an 18% fatality rate. That’s one of five people in a city of 11 million; which means this professor is projecting roughly 2 million deaths in Hubei province alone. The same professor says that it is not absurd to anticipate we’ll have 400,000 infected in the UK. Early numbers from Italy are over 30% but of course it's still way early to know.

  • True Spread. Hong Kong researchers and scientists have published models that indicate the true spread of the virus is far beyond official numbers.

  • False Negatives. We don't know how many people have it and were tested negative, because there have been experiments where current test kits have failed to detect the virus until the 5th or 6th time tested.

  • Airborne? Reports from inside China have repeatedly referred to the virus as "airborne." This gets shouted down on social media as soon as it is repeated, with anonymous "experts" trying to convince you and everyone else reading that you simply don't know what "airborne" means, and trying to switch the focus to droplet contamination by sneezes and coughs. People in China, and certain parts of South Korea, Vietnam, and Italy have been warned specifically not to go outside.

  • Source of virus. The "official" source, which somehow was known and announced since the very early days, was a so-called "wet market" or "seafood market." In reality these markets are infamous for butchering and selling the meat of snakes, bats, rats, cats, dogs, badgers, civets, raccoon dogs, and other exotic mammals for human consumption. CNN reports from years ago documented dogs and cats in cages, waiting for butchering. The propaganda description is that the markets just sell seafood and birds. Sanitary practices in such markets consist of rinsing off surfaces with plain water periodically, and using the same knife to cut multiple species of animals, and the same knife to cut meat and then intestines and then meat again. The possibilities for illness and infection from such meat sources is obvious, and the official story is that this virus somehow jumped from bats to humans.

  • Virus Lab. The original source of the virus has been the subject of great debate. It has been reported as starting in Wuhan, which happens to have Asia's only Level 4 Biosafety Laboratory. Some Chinese researchers were indicted for taking virus samples from Canada to China, and, the head of a Canadian virus lab was also indicted for being on the payroll of China and accepting $50,000 a month payment from them. Draw your own conclusions.

  • HIV Proteins. Some research indicates that the virus shares four proteins with HIV, and bears certain genetic markers only found on genetically modified organisms.

What's happening outside of China
  • Cruise Ship. The Diamond Princess cruise ship (quarantined near Japan) which some observers on reddit said would be a good test case for a real world model outside of China, has shown an alarming increase in the numbers of infected.

  • Suppression of Info. Google is believed to be suppressing virus news. Try the search engine that doesn't track you,

  • Macau. Macau closed its casinos. This would be like Las Vegas deciding to hang up a "Sorry, we're closed" sign for a few weeks.

  • Ukraine. Ukraine - civil unrest, riots, road blockades to protest quarantining and transportation of patients into the area.

  • South Korea. South Korea reported a surge of new cases on Feb 19, 2020, linked to an infected person attending a church service; 31 new cases were diagnosed. The growth in South Korea, in a matter of days, has been mind-blowing (In 13 days, the case count in South Korea has grown from 82 to over 5,300 cases). South Korea may have been a good predictor for what growth in the US will look like, except so far, South Korea is testing 2,000 out of every million of its citizens, while the US is only testing 1 out of a million.

  • Self-isolation. South Korea, Vietnam, and Iran are asking millions of people to stay at home, to contain the spread. In one city in South Korea the mayor has asked people to wear their viral masks even indoors at home.

  • Italy. First Italy put 10 towns on lockdown; approx 2 weeks later, they put restrictions on the entire country of Italy, all 60.4 million residents.

  • Iran. While Iran is officially reporting 3 deaths as of Feb 21, 2020, a social media post says it's 20; that the virus can live on surfaces for 2 weeks, can transfer from animals, can reinfect after initial infection, and testing is 30%-50% accurate, with many false negatives and asymptomatic transmission, plus mutations of the virus. Other "leak" sources say there are 300 positive diagnoses in Iran. Just like we saw happen in China, a government official who urged the public not to overact about coronavirus has now tested positive for the illness himself. Within a couple of weeks of Iran's first case, multiple senior politicians had died (Mar 3, 2020). On Mar 12, satellite imagery revealed mass burial pits in Iran.

  • Dirty masks. Leaked video shows several women in head coverings who are sitting on the floor sorting through what appears to be thousands of used surgical masks - the implication being that these will be resold; the narration does not sound Chinese; the videographer holds up an example mask very close to the phone, to show that it is definitely used and soiled.

  • Travel to/from China. The US had up to 200,000 citizens in China at the time of the outbreak. As of mid-February, the US still has daily flights with China going to a small number of airports. Canada still has unrestricted air transportation with China. Meanwhile, other countries have closed their borders to Chinese citizens and to anyone who has been to China recently.

  • Evacuations. The US has arranged multiple evacuation flights to bring Americans home from China. Some on reddit are concerned that this will only spread the infection faster, and would have preferred that anyone in China be left there. The US has spread these evacuees around at least three states, and enforces a “voluntary” quarantine of 14 days.

  • Quarantine Stations. For years the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has had 19 quarantine stations on military bases ready for just such an outbreak. American evacuees are currently being held at some of those.

  • Emergency Declarations. The US city of San Diego, California declared a "public health emergency" on Feb 14, 2020. As of March 7 these states have also declared a state of emergency: NY, FL, KY, PN, MD, UT, IN, CA, & WA.

  • Weak control measures in the US. In the US, hundreds of people are being "monitored" (sent home and told to call if they get a fever or cough) but are not being tested. These people may be contagious.

  • National Guard Mobilization in Tallahassee, Florida, US? A social media post claims to show a small fleet of what appears to be military vehicles, police officers, and ordinary trucks hauling large white trailers; the captions claim the vehicles are Chemical, Biological, and Radiological response units. Two large earth-moving/digging vehicles are in the fleet.

  • Spitting. US social media indicates Seattle patients are spitting on the clinic walls and floor.

  • People dropping dead. Social media posts from Iran (Feb 25, 2020) are showing us the same things we saw on social media in Hong Kong and on the leaked videos from China: various, random people just suddenly collapsed / dropped dead in the street. One theory being circulated is that the virus may cause heart failure, particularly during the patient's re-infection (or second time with the virus).

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts
  • Mask shortages. Chinese buyers are scouring the world to locate companies that can sell them viral masks in bulk. Many redditors have posted that they ordered masks online, but then got notified that their order was canceled or on back-order. In the US, as of mid-February most cities still have masks on the shelves at local stores; though many stores have imposed quantity restrictions such as 10 per customer. In states where the CDC has announced confirmed cases, people are having trouble finding masks anywhere.

  • Panic buying. Singapore has imposed limits on how much groceries and supplies a person can buy. Hong Kong has had panic-buying of household goods and groceries, with many rumors that ordinary things (such as toilet paper) could go out of stock and stay out of stock for an unknown period of time. As of Feb 29 and Mar 1, panic buying appears to be happening in Hawaii, Oregon, California, and multiple locations in the US.

  • Global Crash. Economic damage in China and around the world is difficult to contemplate. Billions have already been lost. China produces about 17% of global GDP.

  • Cars and car parts. Some car makers have shut down plants temporarily and some may have to find alternative sources for components (such as plastics and wires etc.) before they can resume operations, unless this virus magically disappears by the end of February.

  • International Shipping. Some cargo ships are leaving Asia at 5% capacity (95% empty) and will not be able to continue to operate like that.

  • "Made in China." Experts are projecting shortages and disruptions in the global supply chain in general, affecting countless products either "made in China" or made with ingredients or parts sourced in China, including but certainly not limited to computers, electronics, auto parts, chemicals, medical equipment, machinery, telecom hardware, apparel and footwear, home goods, batteries, smartphones, and notably, pharmaceuticals (over-the-counter and prescription drugs), just to name a few examples. Even if a product is advertised as being made in your country, there's a good chance it contains Chinese components or ingredients or is at the very least being sold in a plastic container that was made in China. Industries are looking at options for finding other countries to become suppliers, so we can diversify the supply chain and avoid keeping all our eggs in one basket, though such measures could prove to be too little, much too late at this point.

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!

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