When we display ads, we say it.  When possible, we use text link ads.  Example:

ADVERTISEMENT:  Online Shopping

Non-Partisan.  Global Intel Hub does not support any political agenda, group, ideology or cult.

Un-biased.  Global Intel Hub is pro-fact.  It is difficult to overcome biases, for individuals - and groups as well.  As much as possible our editorial process, if you can call it that, is the elimination of biases, specifically cognitive biases.

Not for profit - For Intelligence.  Global Intel Hub may display text advertisements to support globalintelhub.com as servers, time, and journalism cost money.  But globalintelhub.com is not a means to an end - it is the end.  This is where the internet ends.  We're not doing this site for the money, or for a cause.  We're doing it for the high quality intelligence the site will produce.

Anonymous.  We won't collect cookies, IP addresses, or other info from users.  Why should we?  Globalintelhub.com does collect statistics such as views per day, and other general web stats for SEO purposes.  Users who register for globalintelhub.com freely provide their information.  But you can use an avatar and a false name - that's what the internet is all about!  Create a username based on a nickname.. like "TruthSeeker" for example.

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