The Disclosure Truth – Why should we care? – Breakdown of Disclosure and Technology Patent Portfolio public release and parties involved


Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 12/5/2023 The US Congress, led by TN Senator Tim Burchett, is involved in a Disclosure process via hearings and laws being passed, regarding the US Government's possession of non-human technologies and interactions.  For those who don't know how the US Government works, everything is compartmentalized, in this case, into "SAP"s or "Special Access Programs" so literally, Bob Lazar may be working on reverse engineering something in one floor, and on another level, the President is meeting with ETs, and neither would know of each other.  So the US Government process is one thing, and due to the complexity it will be an interesting show, but that's just one part of disclosure and certainly not the climax.  Breaking it down into hierarchy:

  1. US Government declassification of information relating to non-human technologies and their reverse engineering, and encounters of the fifth kind
  2. ET Disclosure and contact (Remember that the Aliens do not work for the US government, so they aren't bound by NDAs - there's nothing stopping them from just showing up..)
  3. Unwinding a secret multi-trillion dollar patent portfolio funded secretly by black budgets, in the hands of corporations and powerful individuals
  4. General release of information which might not be 'released' but rather, witnesses will not be killed and information will allowed to be proliferated
  5. Rapid Paradigm Shift Technologically and Spiritually

Each of these parts is fundamentally different sociologically, politically, and exo-politically.  Let's examine them one by one, starting with a basic biological framework of what we are talking about.

A. Humanoid beings, who represent the majority of known non-Human races

B. Non-Humanoid beings, which can be Reptilian, Insectoid, Amphibian

C. Spirit-beings or "Plasma" beings, who are multi-dimensional and do not necessarily incarnate in a body (but they can)

Each of the above may be from Earth, or not from Earth, so the ET designation can be confusing.  Every major religion has a creation story where "Gods" lived on the Earth at some point in the distant past, according to the Ancient Aliens guys, these weren't Gods but they were not human.  Others have come forward and said that humans are not the first intelligent life on Earth, although previous intelligent beings mostly left.

  1. US Government Declassification and Eminent Domain on all ET technologies and Human reverse engineered technologies

Since around the end of World War 2, the US Government has been in contact with multiple Non-Human races, a leaked CIA handbook says they are aware of 57 different Alien species and the US Government had deals with as many as 12 of them.  It should be noted that not all of them are necessarily from other planets, as there are also inner Earth civilizations.  Adding to the confusion on the UFO topic, a breakaway civilization of Germans was formed after World War 2 in Antarctica, where advanced technologies including but not limited to Spaceships were taken well before World War 2 even started.  What the US Army got in Germany at Peenemünde was junk and spare parts left over (including the Paperclip scientists).

According to Sean Kirkpatrick, a secure facility has been setup to allow whistleblowers to legally and ethically disclose what they know.  They will not violate NDAs, and they will not provide any secret documents.  It can trigger other disclosures, for example, corroborating another witness.  For example, if Witness A describes Solar Warden, and the US Navy is involved, the group can reach out to the US Navy, to confirm or deny if Solar Warden exists (or something like that).  It's a very mish mashed way of going about this, but if you know anything about the US Government, it's actually the only way Disclosure can work.  Listen to him explain (video starts around 12 minutes):

The US Government has lots of issues with disclosure beyond the "we were lying to you for 70 years" which go deep into the institutional structure of the US Government itself.  The National Security Act, which created the CIA and the entire classified system of military intelligence, happened only 2 months after the Roswell incident.  Not surprisingly, the CIA and the NSA are tasked with handling different elements of the non-human information, interactions, technologies, etc.

For example, when whistleblower Lue Elizondo asked his superiors about the UFO phenomenon, the answer he got was "These are Demonic, you know that, right?"  - this response may have a few different meanings.  One meaning is that this is more of a Spiritual / Religious topic rather than one of national security.   Second, he was implying that these beings are multi-dimensional in nature, or at least their craft are.  The reason that UFOs appear and vanish into thin air, maybe due to the fact that their anti-gravity craft creates a time bubble around the craft, where time doesn't flow in the same way it does to the observers.  The energy required to propel such craft may create a mini wormhole as proposed by Einstein.  Saying they are Demonic is not only a dismissal of the phenomenon, it's much more than a 'go back to work' response.  This was from an officer.  Note that of the many whistleblowers out there, none are officers.

It's obvious that the Government has no desire to disclose anything, and the current 'Disclosure' is really a limited hangout; admit you were reverse engineering a craft, so people aren't asking about the Alien races that Eisenhower and others struck a deal with.  The attention is on the UFOs, not the human experiments, the slave trade, the abductions and mutilation's.  But for what it's worth, the fact that we're seeing this passed as laws, is quite remarkable.  It proves, circumstantially, that their hand is being forced which leads us to the next point.

The last thing to be mentioned on the US Government disclosure, they are attempting to focus it mostly on physical craft, i.e. UFOs and reverse engineered military UFOs.  They want to avoid the dark side, such as MK Ultra, and the non-human involvement in various experiments on human patients, the slave trade, etc.

2. Non human intelligent life on Earth, in the Galaxy, in our Solar System, is immense and carries it's own Exo Politics

Many students of the UFO field know this, as do millions of contactee's, abductees, and other experiencers.  There are more species and variants of beings in the Galaxy than we can even comprehend - one military source claims there are 67 Million planets inhabited with civilizations just in the Milky Way.  Collecting witness testimony on non-human beings here on Earth now, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different species here, both visitors and residents.  There are as many as 20 Inner Earth civilizations who live very deep inside the Earth, under the Oceans, and in remote places like Antarctica and the Himalayas.  If this is all new to you, here are 2 great resources to start with who are objective and solid sources:

Exopolitics Article Archives

If you think that human politics is complicated, imagine the politics of beings who are vastly genetically different, with vastly different powers, backgrounds, technologies, etc. Exo Politics is like 5d chess, as they say.. So knowing that we're going to try to boil it down into crayons by starting with an explanation of the most commonly encountered groups and beings.

Nebu/Orion Group - This is a negative alliance as depicted in films like "Star Wars" and this is no joke.  They can manipulate energies, cast spells, and use technologies to create slave planets, slave star systems, and typically operate on a hive mind consciousness like bees (but super intelligent, and are able to transport all around the Universe).  There is nothing positive about these guys, they are responsible for most of the negative abductee experiences, and are supporting the negative service to self humans via secret societies, Satanism, and other groups to control humanity for dark purposes. What is 'dark' you say?  They look at humans as food, more than sexual slaves, or worker slaves, or have no problem doing human experiments, keeping humans in cages (Dulce) and do not want to see anyone have free will or be happy.  They represent basically all that's wrong with society, and to their defense, most human Elites are manipulated, by these entities.  Even Eisenhower, and others, are promised many things and they never deliver.  For example, they said via Zeta Reticuli, that their planet is dying and they need our genetics to continue - but that's one or two people, or a dozen, not millions.  They are liars, manipulators, do not trust these beings no matter what the offer.  They are behind the contract "Deal with the Devil" it's not the "Devil" it's just dark entities.  You can sell your soul, literally, and they are soul harvesters.  There is an intergalactic slave trade for souls, bodies, body parts, you name it.  Who do you think is buying Adrenochrome at huge premiums?  There aren't so many Satanists to justify the size of the market.  Some witnesses have said that human glands are like "Walnut Sauce" and they are betting on us not wanting to go into the gory details, this is one big reason why this phenomenon continues.  People are afraid to touch it.  Millions of people go missing around the world and in the US each year, not only kids, doctors, scientists, and random people.  Whistleblower Mark Domizio claims that he was a hitman for the Black Navy, and he would kidnap people even adults like Doctors, Scientists, and sell them into the black market.  They are transported off planet or underground and work in labs like slaves.  The good news is that the leadership of this group, including physical bases, individual beings, and command and control structure has been destroyed and they have been chased out of the Solar System.  But they have left behind their PysOps, their AI, their deep state operatives, their false narratives, their mind control tactics, their "Tik Tok" garbage.

The ETs in this group include Grays, Tall Grays, Draco, Reptilians, Negative oriented Annunaki (Enlil), and some multi-dimensional or 'spirit' beings; Pindar, Moloch, and some Adams Family looking creeps just along for the ride.

Not surprisingly, these are the groups who control human Elites do we need to name names?  They are controlled in a number of ways:

  • Through remote influencing of your consciousness
  • Through your dream state
  • Through circumstantial events (Crashing a plane if a target is on it)
  • Overtly - in rare cases.
  • Through Occult Rituals - when Satanists are summoning demons, it is probably these guys

The good news, is that according to contactees - and based on circumstantial evidence, they have been eliminated from Earth and the Sol System.  However, they left a poison pill, a Black Goo if you will, they left traps to spoil our awakening.  Their systems, their AI, their agents, are still here.  No one is going to help us, we need to conclude ourselves and rise up!

Galactic Federation of Worlds GFW

The Galactic Federation of Worlds is what you would expect to exist in an intelligent universe teeming with life.  It is an exo political organization that maintains balance in the Universe, at least in our sector of it.  Comprised of more than 100,000 species represented, as some report, it is a vast organization.  Let's focus on a few of the main ones.

The Seeder Races - Up to 22 races of beings contributed DNA to Homo Sapiens.  They have various involvement, some are not involved at all, where others were here on the ground running tests and operations.

Pleiadeans / Nordics - They look like us, only they are much more advanced than us.  They are working with the US Military on Earth and on other planets in our Solar System.  They communicate telepathically but they can speak English.  Some of them have been working with the US Navy since the 1950s [William Tompkins]

Annunaki / Enki - The Annunaki are a diverse advanced civilization who are likely the same ones referenced in nearly all religious texts, including the Ancient Gods of Sumeria.  To be clear, Annunaki are not Gods, but they may have been described as Gods by primitive Earth people.  Enki is referenced in texts from the Biblical period and depending on the interpretation, he or some of his blood relatives may be directly referenced in the Bible.  Enki or Ea is a benevolent scientist who is the leader of the positive faction of the Annunaki.  During the time of Atlantis, some of these beings walked the Earth with man; there was a great war between powerful entities and the good Annunaki left Earth with a promise to return once the dark ones have been removed.

Enlil is Enki's evil twin who is responsible for a lot of the negative energy that have plagued the Earth over the past few thousands of years.  See this recent interview with Dr. Michael Salla, founder of Exopolitics and Elena Danaan, Contactee and Field Archaeologist:

3. Technology Patents - here we go

The US Government allows commercial enterprises to reverse engineer UFOs they receive or obtain and basically keep the patent rights.  As you can imagine, many of the ex-Generals serve on the boards of these contractors.  This is one of the main forces stopping disclosure.  All these profits are off-books (and many off-world).  There's no accountability because it's NOT the government, it's the "Deep State" but we can name names, as many are publicly traded companies.  Cough cough, wink wink.  Start with this SA article, the first on this topic "Investing In UAP Disclosure, And How To Manage Risk": 

Summary- The US government is investigating Unknown Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and discussing the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act, which could become law.The act would allow the government to seize non-human technologies currently being developed by private corporations, potentially impacting investment markets.
Whistleblower David Grusch claims the US government possesses spacecraft reverse-engineered with non-human technology, which could significantly benefit companies such as Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and SpaceX.

This relationship with the US Government and the defense contractors isn't necessarily bad, but we can't confirm or deny if it is bad because it's a secret.  Presumably, some of these corporations are involved in the dark side of this topic, which is the intergalactic slave trade, human mutilations and experiments, the black market for human organs, etc. etc.

But that's just one dark side of this business, there's also the spaceship development, technology exchange with ET races which include things like Plasma guns, Ren Gen Tanks, Med Beds, healing technologies, advanced communication and transportation systems, and other advanced tech.  Obviously, these companies want to patent it and sell it back to us, and the ETs mostly want to give it to Earth for free.  As long as the business is a secret, they can maintain these cash flows.  Once everything is out there, people will start to ask why we should pay for energy when we can get it for free?  Same applies to the rest of the business.

Here are the problems releasing the technology all at once:

  • Free energy would overnight bankrupt the Oil industry
  • Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and other publicly traded companies, which are owned by 90% of retail America through their 401k plans and Roth IRAs, would have their most prized technologies exposed (because they didn't develop it, they were given it to reverse engineer)
  • Economic and Sociological shock
  • In most extreme scenario, Global market meltdowns

So in order to avoid any dramatic Mad Max style scenarios, involving mass panic and business disruption, a Disclosure plan has been developed by the Galactic Federation and it was given to General Glen D. Vanherck.  There are so many moving parts to this, even this overly detailed article doesn't even scratch the surface.

They say that "Nothing can stop what's coming" quite literally, however, it can be delayed.  It's a series of steps, one thing can trigger another.  It's overwhelmingly positive.

One public example, the UAP disclosure act has been held up by 4 Republicans that represent the defense industry, it's no surprise.  They are telling them "You'll put people out of jobs" and other such nonsense.  The reality is when this technology is released, it will increase the business of the defense contractors by 10 fold, 100 fold, even more.  Because they will have access to technology that literally creates itself.   New markets, new customers, new worlds to trade with.  But you can't tell that to a 70 year old Billionaire that wears a cowboy hat.  People are stuck in their ways and these groups are highly paranoid and suspicious about anyone encroaching in on their territory.

4. Info allowed to be released

Here's an anecdote from "Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading:"

I met a Russian scientist who developed anti-scratch, self-healing paint. It was nanotechnology, this was in the late 90s so it was very advanced for it’s time. He described it but I never saw it, he said that if you scratched the car over time it will not be noticeable. The paint was a composite that melded with the metal, to create a super composite with any hard surface it was used on, I didn’t fully see how it worked but it must have worked great because he cashed out big time. He sold his patents to a group of investors for something to the level of $10 Million USD which was huge money in the late 90s, this was a normal guy he didn’t work for a big corporation or something like that. The group of investors who bought the patents, he was told, represented the car business – this happened in Michigan. At the time, I was going to Northwood University which had a big automotive program, we joked that students got their PhD – Papa Has Dealership. As they were all leaving the closing meeting, he asked them “So is this going to change the world?” I’m paraphrasing, but this is what he told me. They said “No, we are going to make sure this never makes it to the market. Our job is to search the planet for people like you, with disruptive technology, and buy it, to ensure it never reaches the market.” Why, he asks? “It would ruin the market, think of all the body shops, painters, and other businesses who would be bankrupt with your technology out there!” – they said. “You have no idea how many people like you are out there in the world, we have a patent portfolio of thousands of groundbreaking, transformative technologies, kept in drawers... and not only for the automotive sector.”

There are thousands, perhaps millions of smart people out there with information to share, inventions to develop, methods to practice, ways to heal, things to build - who have until now faced great resistance.   Let's take for example the war on smart people, in our culture smart people are abused, ridiculed, even beaten physically (in schools) and later in life it's even worse.  You can be harassed, sued, imprisoned, for saying things that someone doesn't like, or stepping on the wrong toes.  If that control grid is truly gone, it's only a question of time before this information seeps up from the grassroots level into the mainstream.

[Source: Adobe Firefly, generated by Macro Tech Titan]


"Disclosure" is a bucket term that means a few things - if you can imagine multi-dimensional language, where one word can mean different things to different people, let's break down the following:

A) Technology transfer, implementation, operation

B) Disclosing of the ET Reality

C) Paradigm shift to a "New World" as opposed to the "New World Order" - Rapid Geopolitical and Exopolitical change

What do the ETs say we should do?

  1. Meditate
  2. Listen to your inner voice
  3. Disregard the noise
  4. The Universe is all about Balance

How can you tell a service to others ET from a service to self?  Here's the simple test:

  1. Are they asking you to do anything
  2. Are they trying to convince you of something
  3. Are they impinging on your free will
  4. Are they violating your personal space without your permission (Abductions, for example)

Positive oriented service to other ETs will never abduct you in any shape or form without your consent, nor will they ever ask anything from you.

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