GIH Premium Membership

We've partnered with to offer breaking intelligence on markets with a focus on global macro events, short ideas (fraud), and special situations.  Analysis in a post COVID world needs to be deep as well as actionable.  Signup for Second Sight analysis for only $85/month 5 day free trial.

Includes access to all areas on including:

  • Access to our 'short reports' on fraud before they are released by our news service
  • Global markets analysis & intelligence
  • Appraisal arbitrage intelligence
  • Trading products, information, and services
  • An intelligence library "I've seen the tapes"
  • Updates on the latest technology
  • Security information and tools to protect yourself from spies
  • Access to our proprietary research backing up our claims

More info about Second Sight - Market Analysis service...

Signup for Second Sight analysis for only $85/month 5 day free trial.

Premium access for institutions

For hedge funds, institutions, and corporations we offer a white glove VIP analysis service for $2500/month or $5000 per quarter.

Global Intel Hub Premium membership includes full site access in addition to the following:

  • Ground breaking, impactful actionable intelligence on markets including publicly traded stocks
  • Investment Analysis on Private Equity
  • Suggest research topics and the GIH team will develop a research area for your topic and post research on an ongoing basis
  • Analysis of your topic, using deep-analysis (Cybernetic approach, system as a whole)
  • Trading strategies
  • Real Time Event Driven Education

Real Time Event Driven Education RTEDE

Weekly webinars for premium subscribers based on the week's most significant events.  GIH analysts explain what this means, the theory behind, and possible implications.  Run for 2 hours every weekend, the webinar will consist of weekly analysis and education.  If members have a specific topic to be covered they can request it.  For example, today the ECB made a surprise cut of the interest rate; what will this mean for the markets, for the economy, and for other currencies?  The webinars will be recorded for future reference and kept in a GIH archive.

Become a Premium member of Global Intel Hub today!

Examples of past analysis

#1 - LabCorp Paternity testing fraud exposed - stock falls 12%

Read about this massive fraud here

Become a Premium member of Global Intel Hub today!

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