LabCorp LH stock falls 10% on fake test news and paternity liabilities – see this shocking evidence of fraud


(Global Intel Hub - Zero Hedge Exclusive )-- Sunday June 7th we published an article outlining the major fraud happening in the scientific community, named "LH LabCorp again involved in massive DNA and paternity fraud" and as the news circulated around the globe, during the week the stock fell 10% see the below chart:

LabCorp (LH) has been a publicly traded company for some time - it's one of those stocks that doesn't move too much, because they are so big and their core legacy business is just assumed.  It's assumed that LabCorp will continue to be the default goto lab for things like bloodwork, paternity testing, and that supports the stock.  But exposing the fraud in the testing, is shaking the foundations of their bottom line.

Answering some comments and questions from the original article, we want to articulate a few points here.  First, here is the fine print that you sign when you participate in the test:

I hereby consent to procurement of biological samples, photographs and fingerprints for myself and if applicable as a legal representative of the minor child in this case.  I hereby agree to indemnify and hold LH harmless from any liability as a result of any such misrepresentation

“I hereby release LH from any liability relating to any misrepresentations on my part including my legal status as representative of the minor child.   I hereby agree to indemnify and hold LH harmless now and forever as result of any and all misrepresentations.

I understand that the biological samples provided Will be used for DNA testing and the results may be used by a court of law as to assist in the determination of parentage of the child or other relationships as indicated. I further understand that the forms submitted as part of this testing may be considered, may contain social security numbers, addresses, and other identification information which may be disclosed along with the results as required by law or legal process.

All of the legalities become important when mothers get child support or welfare such as SNAP or TANF.  If you are thinking that this is for the poor and degenerate think again; this is a billion dollar business.  According to

The aggregate amount of child support due in 2015 was $33.7 billion, a decrease of $14.0 billion from 2003. About 60 percent of the child support due in 2015 was reported as received, averaging $3,447 per year per custodial parent who was due support.

Out of the $33.7 billion, how many dads are paying for children who are not actually their children?  It's really easy for any single mom to get money, just fill out the form and get monthly residual income.  There is such a thing as a free lunch, economists were wrong.  But there's always a catch - Mothers are effectively committing fraud when they knowingly nominate strangers as fathers and bind them to payments.  Unlike other types of financial debts, you can actually be sent to prison for not making child support payments.

You may be thinking how is it possible that LabCorp could create such a complicated fraud involving such a serious part of human life: paternity.  Well they do this through fake science using fake credentials - as with any crime there needs to be an accomplice, and that accomplice is the AABB, a non-profit NGO:

AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks) is an international, not-for-profit association representing individuals and institutions involved in the fields of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. The association works to improve health through the development and delivery of standards, accreditation and educational programs that focus on optimizing patient and donor care and safety.

As we are seeing the credibility of the World Health Organization (WHO) unravel, it's not so far fetched to consider that the scientific and 'academic' fraud is more widespread than most of us can even imagine.

But perhaps the most shocking document is from the AABB which is the institution of accreditation for LabCorp, says:

The standards need to maintain a balance of falsely finding a relationship versus an inconclusive finding or no relationship at all.

This document can be downloaded here at the source.


This is the 'accredited' testing done by LabCorp!  Read on, this will shock you:

The number “10” should be changed to “100”. “0.1” should be changed to “0.01”. This should apply to all alleged relationships.
A likelihood ratio (LR) of 10 means an approximately 9% chance that the alternative hypothesis – that a random individual is the true relative - is correct (assuming 50% prior odds). We think that is too high.
The combined weight of the genetic evidence required to render an opinion of relationship (or non relationship) should be standardized across all accredited facilities. Unlike laboratory methods (such as the concentration of a reagent to use in a reaction), the principles of genetics, mathematics, probability, do not vary from lab to lab. We think a minimum LR of at least 100, or below 0.01 for an opinion of non relationship, should be set in all cases. This gives an approximately 99% probability that the hypothesized relationship is the correct relationship (assuming 50% prior odds).
The fact that many alleged relationships such as single grandparentage, sibling, half sibling, avuncular, some genetic reconstructions, etc. may not produce a LR greater than 100 should not matter. The AABB should set a minimum threshold of at least 99% to state that an alleged relationship is supported.

LabCorp (LH) bases their core legacy business on a fake test that uses 'hypothesized' relationship as 99% statistical basis, that means when the mother fills out the paperwork and says that the dad is the dad, they are claiming, that 99% of the time it's correct, so future tests need not actually do genetic sampling because based on history, they are saying - mothers are generally 99% correct in father identification.  Call this many things but we call this a 'fake test' because the perception is that LabCorp is doing some kind of genetic test when actually they are basing their test results on statistics and a corrupt view that mothers are objective and correct in identifying fathers.

The reality is that the reason mothers are often to compelled to name a dad who is not the dad is because of money.  Perhaps the real dad is deceased, fled the country or is otherwise unavailable to pay.  Any dad, such as a neighbor, friend, or relative of the dad will do because you see - any father who is named on the form becomes the debtor in a contract worth in the state of North Carolina (a good average) $181,440 for the life of the contract.  Payment is guaranteed by the court system - if you don't pay $840 a month the court will find you and put you in jail.  Child support is no joke it's not like credit card debt, it's secured with your ASSets (your ass).

Take a look at monthly child support by state:

As one might imagine, the professional support of a $33 Billion a year industry is immense.  Just look at some happy customers from CustodyXChange, a service to manage planning (but most importantly BILLING) of child custody, they even have an app:

So going back to the fake tests - is there an incentive to blow this fraud up for the disgusting fraud that it is?  No, in fact there is an incentive to hide it, as it creates thousands of jobs for people like Don Harris, that might otherwise be working for the AG or the public defender.  Then there are the mothers who are living it up with the checks from strangers - who can also afford to hire more Don's to protect their racket.  Would be curious to know if they meet from time to time or have a lobbyist, just to make sure any investigation into these crimes is squashed.  A conspiracy of moms.  Who would have thought?

Stay tuned to Global Intel Hub for the latest on this fake science criminal fraud.


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