How the Elite create fake tests to control society with manufactured results – LabCorp

Everything is a scam!  Today is the day of the ‘most safe election in US history’ the fact-checkers say. So it’s an appropriate day to update the facts on the largest testing scam in the world, that of the LabCorp (LH) fake paternity tests scam. If you question the mainstream narrative being shoved down your […]

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LabCorp LH stock falls 10% on fake test news and paternity liabilities – see this shocking evidence of fraud

(Global Intel Hub – Zero Hedge Exclusive )– Sunday June 7th we published an article outlining the major fraud happening in the scientific community, named “LH LabCorp again involved in massive DNA and paternity fraud” and as the news circulated around the globe, during the week the stock fell 10% see the below chart: LabCorp […]

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