EXPOSED: JFK, NAZIs, NASA, UFOs, the Deep State, and the Hidden Agenda to Suppress Technology


Global Intel Hub -- 6/30/2023 Oak Ridge, TN -- Recently the world has seen a deluge of disclosures, whistleblowers, and witnesses coming forward like never before.  This peaked with the "Twitter Files" and was widely reported across the alternative web (Great Job Zero Hedge!).  So we have seen all the hows to the operation, we have seen the 'big lie' and how things are hidden in plain site.  We have seen how fake scientific research companies can be setup to generate 'reports' that are then referenced as fact, we have seen how the Australian government was paying the mainstream media to keep the lid on the truth about COVID and the Vax.  We have seen it all, how the MSM uses narratives like the submarine disaster to hide evidence criminal charges of the Biden crime family that were released the same week, and tons of other cloak and dagger tricks.  But why?  What are they hiding?  Surely, it can't be just corruption - there must be more to this story than a few crime families, more than the "Great Reset" because if this is their plan to transform the world in their transhumanism model, they are failing miserably.  What's really going on, what are they hiding?  Why?

To answer this we want to dig into the origin of where this big lie started, after World War 2.  Information has been disclosed recently that sheds new light on the events surrounding World War 2 which impacts modern society today.  We are going to start with a timeline of facts, starting at the point that Hitler knew the war was lost.  Bear with the timeline because it's important to establish a fact based timeline in order to come 75 years into the future, because the entities are still in operation today, with other names, with sons and daughters, with secret societies.

  • 1917 - Thule Society established, which would later lead to foundation of the Ahnenerbe, a secret society and intelligence apparatus inside the Nazi establishment, which would play a crucial role in strategy, culture, and ultimately secret space programs.  They claimed to be communicating to Aliens through 'channeling' however some of claimed that the beings they were communicating with were not who they say they were.  Either way, there was a technology exchange which led them to the creation of anti-gravity spacecraft, use of portal jumpgates, and other interesting technologies.  Unfortunately, the Nazis were upset with weaponizing this technology, and  this is where the core Thule founders and Nazis disagreed and ultimately parted.
  • 1933 - Nazis want to do a census and identify certain ethnic groups, so they hire US based IBM for the task.  IBM establishes a complex network of shell companies, involving complex accounting schemes, and multiple countries, to hide their involvement. Link.  This corporate infrastructure will later be used by industrialists who backed Hitler during the wind up of the war.
  • 1936 - Nazis establish Peenemünde Army Research Center, where the V2 rocket will be developed, and the German secret space programs launched.  Secretly, many craft would be developed here, including Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerät, Glocke, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz (not related to the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of the same name), Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe, Jenseitsflugmaschine, and Reichsflugscheibe have all been referenced.   Link.
  • 1939 - Nazis send a substantial group to Antarctica, and make claims on "New Swabia" or  Neu-Schwabenland Link.
  • Hitler realizes it will be impossible to win the war, as USA created a manufacturing system that was safe from bombing, and they could keep building tanks, trucks, bombs, and planes until the war was won.  The Allies would have won without the bomb, it was overwhelming by mass manufacturing of metal.
  • 1941 - Pilots report large quantities of UFOs in dogfights, they name them Foo Fighters.  Link.
  • Plans are drawn up to shepherd the most top secret technologies far away from Germany in safe locations, and retirement plans are established for top Nazi leadership.
  • April 1945, Army Air Force launches Operation Lusty.  Link.  Name means "Luftwaffe Secret Technology" and the mission is capture and evaluate German aeronautical technology during and after World War II.
  • 1945 - Operation Paperclip begins, which will run until 1959.  Officially, 1,600 Nazis are brought to the US and put in powerful government positions, many with security clearance.  Link.  The actual number was much higher, according to some.
  • 1945 - JFK visits Germany with Navy Secretary James Forrestal under Paperclip and other programs and witnesses Nazi UFO technology first hand.  [Salla, Michael - Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination]
  • 1945 - Hitler retires in a villa on Nahuel Huapi Lake, near Bariloche, Argentina.  Dr. Mengele continues his research in Brazil.  Link.  Other friends are near.  You can check the lot out in Google Maps.
  • 1945 - 2 coordinated German Secret Space Programs break away from the Nazis, Thule and Vril - and arrange for the transportation of spacecraft and other equipment to Antarctica.  Bases are created around natural caves, which are only accessible by tunnel or submarine.
  • 1946 - The US Army sends a strong force to Antarctica under the guise of "Operation Highjump" and suffers heavy casualties, due to flying saucers, lasers, and craft moving at high velocities. Link.
  • 1946 + The FBI continues tracking Hitler and the Newschabenlanders.
  • 1947 - July 8 - UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico and is announced to the world, until the story is backtracked as a 'weather balloon.' Multiple witnesses say bodies were recovered from the crash, non-human, some dead, some alive.  Link.
  • 1947 -  July 26 US signs into law the National Security Act (NSA) in order to hide the lie, about UFOs, ETs, and about World War 2.  This single law created the intelligence apparatus DIA, CIA, NSA, NRO, etc. which is still in operation today.  The organization cannot be questioned, scrutinized, or punished because everything is "Classified" Link.
  • 1947 - George Adamski has his first UFO encounter, and eventually meets beings claiming to be from "Venus" who call themselves "Space Brothers" - The craft are identical to those developed by the Nazis.  Others have claimed the beings spoke English as if they were originally German.  Link.
  • 1948 - Nazi Dr. Warner Von Braun publishes a book about the future where a man named "Elon" would rule Mars. Link.
  • 1952 Many saucers appear over Washington DC for an extended time period.  Link.  These were not operated by Aliens, they were operated by Germans, in a show of brute force.
  • 1953 - CIA documents the interview with George Klein, who was present during the Nazi secret space program, from 1941 - 1945 and he witnessed saucer shaped craft flying at high speeds.  DOC_0005516188
  • 1958 (July) NASA is created, and staffed with Paperclip Nazis most notably Warner Von Braun who was not only very close to Hitler, he was the director of the Secret Space Programs (SSPs)
  • 1959 - Antarctic Treaty is signed, Link.
  • 1963  - November 16 - JFK meets top Nazi scientists Warner Von Braun in South Florida.
  • 1960s (mid to late) - NASA's first employee and Chief SCO Space Shuttle Operator Clark McClelland claims he met Nazi Hans Kammler in a meeting with then NASA director Kurt Debus. [McClelland, Clark - Space! The Final Frontier: Secrets NASA Doesn't Want You To Know]
  • 1984- 1987 - Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian “S” Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica – his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to 1987. Several times he and the crew all watched silver discs darting around the sky. He said he saw an entrance to a human/ET collaboration base. Brian was told by his superiors that, “you did not see…”.
  • 2002 - SpaceX is formed, which will later supply 90% of NASA hardware, and become a virtual Monopoly on Space and related technologies.  Link.  Fulfilling the visions of Dr. Warner Von Braun, one of Musk's goals is to 'colonize mars.'
  • 2015 - Documents showing FBI tracking Hitler in Argentina long after the war, and other Germans, is released.  Link.  This led to the publication of a TV series "Hunting Hitler". Link.

The US Government has admitted to the retrieval of non-human spacecraft and that they are being reverse engineered.  Link.  Why are we to believe that this is the only case of technology transfer between non-human entities and a state actor?  Evidence suggests that ETs have been interacting with human society since the beginning, perhaps even longer than we know our own history.  It isn't far fetched that the Nazi's were involved with technology exchange with Dark ET groups, directly or indirectly - which led to the development of technologies including anti-gravity warp drives, zero point energy, and a fleet of interstellar spacecraft.

So, is there any evidence this network of Germans is still active?

  • Top officials from around the world, including Obama, choose to visit Bariloche, Argentina although it's a small town with no other major reason to visit (there are many beautiful lakes in the world, why this one?) Link.
  • World leaders very often meet in Antarctica, under the guise of "Climate Change." Link.
  • Whistleblower Eric Hecker, who works for Raytheon, claims groups there are building advanced weapons, Twitter Link.
  • Whistleblower Corey Goode has claimed that he is part of a '20 and back' and has went to facilities in Antarctica controlled by what he calls the "Dark Fleet" Link.
  • Even though the mainstream narrative claims Antarctica is just a small research outpost, companies continue building infrastructure there, including a 4g Cellphone network. Link.


Here are some other thoughts, why is Antarctica a militarized zone?  JFK obviously knew about this story, as he was one of the operatives on a top secret mission to bring the technology and the scientists home.  If you consider the above elements presented, and realize that Hitler was a showman, a "Trump" if you will (excuse the comparison- Trump is certainly a WHITE HAT actor) - Hitler was a maniac psychopath used by his handlers to execute a mission and took it too far, and he had enemies inside and outside due to that.  In Pigeon Forge, TN in a local museum, they speculate that the bullet that killed JFK was from an AR-15 shot by mistake from secret service.  Other witnesses say there were 22 guman, even coming out of the sewer in the road.  The case continues to be classified, why?  Is it about the identities of the gumen, or the people who hired the gumen, or about the Germans involved? Blame the Italians, that's the easy play - some call that 'fraud' where Italians call that 'a business' (thanks, Bill A).

There seems to be something more 'they' are hiding than the corruption, there's something way beyond what is obvious to many.  And it's not the Satanism - that's wrong, but that's a tool, too.  Take a look of what Trump has to say about it:

“There was a lot of interesting data, but even Trump held back 20% of the documents. When I had the occasion to ask him about that, I said, ‘Why didn’t you let it all out, and he said, ‘I can’t tell you. It’s so horrible you wouldn’t believe it. Someday, you’ll find out all about it. The sum total of it. He didn’t want to talk about it.”

Clearly, there is something deeper going on here, and the connection with Germany and World War 2 --- > JFK should not be ignored.  There was a mop up job in the days following the 'end' of WW2, including the mysterious death of Patton, the most respected commander in the field.  One of the operational leaders of Project Paperclip and others, the man with direct intelligence on Nazi secret space programs and deals that were made around the end of the war, was also "Suicided" under mysterious circumstances.  Leading FBI investigators of the JFK murder can honestly say, when asked who killed JFK, "We'll never know because all the key witnesses are dead!"  If you look at the common thread surrounding JFK and other high level mysterious deaths involved at the top surrounding the wrap up of WW2, an obvious pattern starts to emerge.

Everyone is focused on the WHO and the HOW regarding JFK but not the Why.  According to Trump, when the final piece of the puzzle is released it may obviously answer that.  There's probably a grain of truth in all the various theories, but the most advanced group if we look at all of JFKs enemies, ranging from Republicans to the Mafia, was MJ-12, the top secret organization created by Truman in order to handle ET contact, technologies, and operations.

The term "Deep State" is a bucket term for "Shadow Government" while everyone can accept it was the Deep State that killed JFK and others, but who is the Deep State, and are they acting out of their own volition, or are these Deep State Elite's actually mind controlled minions of another power source?  Anyone can agree intuitively, the COVID operation was a totally inhuman and inhumane attack on the human population of this planet, not only the virus itself, but the vaccines, the lock downs, the masking, the "COVID Relief" the entire operation.  Is this simply the work of an insane and psychopathic Elite gone mad?  Or are other forces at play, as referenced in "Gods of Eden" by William Bramley.

We shall see, in the next few years.  Word on the street is that Disclosure is on, although there is the typical internal dispute about how that happens, there are those in the government that want it and those that will do anything to stop it.  It has already started but we should see a climax at some point, which will include the release of technology to all.  Part of the limited hangout, the lie isn't about Aliens, there's that - but that's not the prize, the crown jewels.  Knowledge about ETs is actually widely proliferated and accessible for those who have questions.  The lie is about technology, and the economic system which at present is a social control paradigm.

Imagine for a moment a world with free energy, food grown robotically in underground hydroponic labs, where people don't need to work to eat?  There are companies doing this right now, so this isn't science fiction - it's being released.  But not the entire population is ready to handle it, so it seems as though this is being brought out in a certain way via a public 'show' if you want, with all the trappings of a Hollywood classic; the actors, the writers, the directors, and even the key grip.

Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banking doesn't want secret technology released. The US Government has over 6,000 patents just on free energy / zero point energy that it's sitting on, and those are just what has been filed as patents, many inventors never make it that far.  Hydrogen energy, clean Thorium Nuclear energy, Magnetic / Anti-Gravity energy, and many others are all there.  Big business has an obvious motive to keep this suppressed.  Not surprisingly, Big Oil is investing in alternatives heavily under the guise of "Sustainability" which is code word for "Our sustainability in a post free energy world."

The truth about JFK may provide the world with a major piece of information that will act as a catalyst for the "Big Reveal" or as the Bible calls it "Revelations" - his legacy is not forgotten and is carried on in the minds of all those who respect and support our fallen leader.  Perhaps fallen heroes such as JFK, or in the case of Nikola Tesla where the world wasn't ready for his technology; they were a necessary step for society to start asking questions, and those questions would ultimately lead to a mass consciousness event where all of humanity is "Awake" all at once, a singularity event.  Awake is the opposite of Woke, which is a metaphor for feed cattle.  There's nothing we can do to change the past, but he who controls the past controls the present, and thus the future.  Now is the time to start looking at things from a fact based perspective, and your intuition which everyone has, not the pre-programmed emotions fed into our minds daily with the biggest weapon in the last 100 years - TV.  Hiding things in plain site is easy when the average American or 55% of the population watches 1 - 4 hours of TV a day!

This is such an important topic, we couldn't possibly cover it all in one article, so this is going to be a series of articles leading the narrative into a higher state of consciousness, for our next book "The Last Number" currently in the works, stay tuned.  Checkout Unread Page Alternative Publishing - Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading

Images & Reference Points

Source: Google

Does this man outside the Book Depository look familiar?

Source: Lobster Magazine

Do these guys look like Brothers from another Mother?  Elon Musk will launch Dr. Von Braun's rocket technology on a daily basis, or in other words, SpaceX is the commercialization of NASA - the Space organization basically founded by Dr. Warner Von Braun.

Source: Yellow Hammer News.

Dr. Wernher von Braun, the NASA Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, and President John F. Kennedy at Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 16, 1963. (Photo: NASA)

Courtesy of NASA

Debus (right) and Wernher von Braun at a Saturn V test vehicle rollout, 1966

This is an interesting photo - JFK, sitting next to high ranking Nazi scientist, and Lyndon Johnson who would later be implicated in the death of JFK.  Is that Robert McNamara out of focus, bottom right?


Kurt H. Debus, a former V-2 rocket scientist who became a NASA director, sitting between U.S. President John F. Kennedy and U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1962 at a briefing at Blockhouse 34, Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex

Order Reference Materials

On this topic, start with Dr. Michael Salla's "Kennedy's Last Stand" and "Antarctica's Hidden History" and  then "Space! The Final Frontier.." written by NASA insider Clark McClelland, given to his friend for publication on his deathbed.

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The bottom line is that most people don't know how the world really works, we are given the scraps and bones of structure - we have "Capitalism" yet it's the Monopolies that dictate law, stifle technology, and control the social paradigm via 'culture.'  In the interest of Disclosure, we are releasing a first in a series revealing secrets of Wall St. with practical tools you can use to improve yourself, optimize your portfolio, and grow your wealth - regardless of what financial system is being used.

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Truman’s Secretary of Defense James Forrestal: Murder or Suicide?

Stone Says Trump Told Him the JFK Files Were “Horrible”

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