4 – Smells like Teen Spirit – Bots


Global Intel Hub -- 8/31/2023 Word on the street in the intel community is that huge world changing disclosure is coming soon (this year or next) which will fundamentally change the way we think about life.  There are those in the Deep State that don't want this to happen, because they will lose control on their Monopolies, and they will largely become irrelevant.  They can't stop what's coming, as many say, however, they can try to capture as many souls as they can on the way down, in order to ruin the display for many.  Specifically, the bots are designed for undeveloped minds such as teens, allowing users to relish in their ego rush of sharing with their friends "Secret" info about "Tartaria" or "Flat Earth" or other nonsense, absurd theories only total idiots would believe.

People don't have attention spans like they did 20 years ago.  People don't read books.  People even stopped reading articles.  Enter the Troll Bots - specifically designed for people with short attention spans, for people who don't read or bother to fact check anything.  The content produced by these bots is meant to be interesting, that's the bait.  Many gloss over it and don't take the bait.  It's very similar to the Taboola end of CNN.com advertising with disgusting pictures of toe fungus "Try this simple trick to cure Toe Fungus" and you are led to a totally different irrelevant site.

The theories are so absurd out there, unwinding them is like performing an intellectual exorcism.  Do the bots create these absurdities in order to create brain damage for those who view them?  Take a look at this gem:

We clearly “found” our railroads by digging them up.
PS When you see the word “Founded” on a building, is that the year they “found” the building (or “built).

Disregard the millions of images out there, books, witness accounts, blueprints, diaries, journals, physical evidence, leftovers, and other physical evidence proving otherwise.  These people are either insane or brilliant, and if they are brilliant, they are trying to make their victims insane.  It's very cult-like, and if you notice  the bots share Satanic content.  They share it with the pretext of "Satanism is bad" but they are nonetheless getting millions of views on Satanic rituals.  This is known as "Magic" or casting a "Spell" via Social Media.

Why not, share something positive?  Like this, for example - Simple Life Hacks to Increase your Vibrational Frequency for Ascension

The whole point of these articles is to technically unwind and analyze what's really going on here.  The bots are not just 'bots' in an automated sense, they are social control bots, with social control programming embedded in them.  The absurd ideas, the re sharing of Satanism, the revolutionary talk of "Down with the Cabal" is all right out of the PsyOps playbook.  The absurd ideas are the bait.  It makes you wonder, could the Earth really be flat?  They are baiting you into getting you to fire from your Reptilian brain, from the fear part of your brain, and question your 40 years of knowledge.  Perhaps everything I know is wrong?  Then, they can use this path, once wired, to insert [any] information they want - even if it is in conflict with reality right in front of their face.

Rewiring the brain.

Since the untimely death of Kurt Cobain, many have speculated that he was murdered, possibly by his wife.  Both had been involved in CIA experiments including MK Ultra.  Courtney Love was on the payroll at least at some point while in London, and in 99% of cases once you are on the CIA payroll it's for life (they don't want you to get desperate and sell info to the Russians.. the policy goes).  That's sort of common folklore, cult intel that yes, Nirvana was a CIA project.  But so what?  What was the point?  What did they do?  Why does the CIA spend money and time on culture?

Some have speculated it was to create a generation of slackers, the Grunge movement.  Perhaps it's not the obvious effects, perhaps there is a deeper resonance going on here, that changes people on a vibrational level that is very difficult to detect.  Maybe by listening to Nirvana, for example, it makes you more open to other fear tactics.  Maybe it makes you more aggressive.  Maybe it keeps you being in a depressive state longer, relishing in your dark days longer.  We don't know - we don't have half the IQ that the Psychiatrists who design these programs have.  However, looking back we can provide insights into today.  If Nirvana was a PsyOp, digging heels into our culture, then perhaps the army of Troll Bots is the same, just using new technology - the power of the internet?

Let's take a look at the Control Grid, possible motives and modalities.  During the COVID "Pandemic" or Plandemic as some have called it, many of us wondered if the kind of abuse and torture that was disseminated among the population was from human beings.  Or in other words, was it humans who were behind the scam?  Their motive clearly could not have been money from Big Pharma, because when you kill people, they aren't customers any longer.  There was something else going on.  Rebecca Hardcastle Ph.D. describes the control system from the perspective of Transhumanism, AI vs. Organic matter, From Exopolitics.org:

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., has written three books on exoconsciousness - the critical factor in successfully interacting with extraterrestrial life and technology. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses how her childhood contact experiences with extraterrestrials directly influenced her in later developing the idea of ‘exoconsciousness’; and appreciating its importance in developing latent abilities and achieving one's fullest potential. Dr. Hardcastle explains how exoconsciousness can be developed by anyone willing to overcome their self-limitations and how some individuals are born with an abundance of exoconsciousness, allowing them to safely interact with alien technologies. Finally, she explains the importance of developing exoconsciousness as an alternative to transhumanism and AI for dealing with all the challenges that confront humanity in the future. Dr. Rebecca Harcastle Wright’s website is https://exoconsciousness.com

She says since the development of advanced Nannotechnology, there are 3 ways humans are controlled on a molecular level:

  1. Through DNA modification which is a) GMO Foods, chemicals in the water, and the mRNA "Vacciness"
  2. Through Chemtrails and GeoEngineering, DNA modification technologies could be sprayed in the air which affects plants, animals, etc.
  3. Through Social Engineering, i.e. Internet Troll Bots, who are effectively traumatizing the population (or a small sector of it, anyway).

When we look Satanic rituals, or other fear based content, we are micro-traumatized and need to recover from it.  We fire from our Reptilian brains, also making us easier to control.  Many victims of these PsyOps may connect with Satanism, or Transhumanism, and start down an irreversible path in their life.  The entire non-binary, gender confused movement is sponsored by the Transhumanists.

The good news is that in the discussion, the inorganic or 'Artificial' Intelligence movement of Transhumanism is contrasted with an Organic, natural, "Ascension" or connecting with your higher self, using natural talents and abilities to accomplish the same thing.  Or in other words, Neuralink chip implants are for people with damaged pineal glands.  Humans have the ability to achieve the same thing without technology, organically.  But Transhumanism is a business, and they need to sell you on the chip implants, CBDC, etc. hence the Troll Bots are necessary to advertise that as a potential dystopian future for humanity.  And just like in any business, Transhumanism has hundreds of billions of dollars behind it, whereas the Organic movement has lost it's credibility with a high amount of New Age frauds and fakers, scammers, and other con jobs associated with the New Age movement.  Perhaps at least some of the fakers in the New Age movement are actually WEF agent provocateurs, double agents who intentionally perpetrated scams to discredit the very legitimate natural talents and abilities we have in all of us?  And let's be real, if everyone meditated every day, and connected with your higher self, you wouldn't depend on doctors, Big Pharma, or have to buy into any of these inorganic AI technologies they are selling.

Let's address one last thing on this topic.  There is FREE WILL on Earth.  Chips and CBDC will need to be SOLD to people, hence the PR campaign.  There isn't any future where the government forces people to buy food with QR codes showing chip implants, not on this planet, not on Humans.  This can be substantiated in detail in an article, but prove it wrong - how?  During the peak of the lockdowns, many governments tried this and it was an abysmal failure.  Earth is a prison planet there is no question.  Remote Viewers at Far Sight institute have learned the soul is eternal, it cannot be destroyed.  But it can be trapped, tricked, bamboozled - and that's the Control Grid that's been placed over Earth like a blanket.  Before technology, this was the job of the Church.  Now you have the bots doing the same thing the Catholics were doing.  The basics of what the agenda of the PsyOps (Troll Bots) are is:

  • Deny reincarnation
  • Obfuscate history
  • Promote absurd and obviously false ideas
  • Promote the Reptilian Brain (Food, Sex, Violence)

It's very similar to a new Religion, but it's more based on Psychology.  The people who engage with these bots are mostly undeveloped humans (teens, for example), OR people who have been severely traumatized in their life, which attracts them based on subconscious wounds that never healed.

Bottom line is this is a toxic soup of mind control interests and provide no real information value, other than to block you from well-being, blocking your physical and/or spiritual advancement, making you more susceptible to buy into their scams such as the "COVID VACCINE" or the incoming Climate Change scam.  Don't fall for the bait.

*This is legitimate analysis, which we do for free.  We promote and advertise the Organic growth of the economy, as referenced by our sponsors.  No AI, no VAX scams.  Follow our blog.

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