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Everything is a scam!  Today is the day of the 'most safe election in US history' the fact-checkers say. So it's an appropriate day to update the facts on the largest testing scam in the world, that of the LabCorp (LH) fake paternity tests scam. If you question the mainstream narrative being shoved down your throat, you get fired, banned, blocked, isolated - but how?  Where is the 'evidence' you say?  How can 'they' possibly do that to the masses?  Let's have a look at the cloak and dagger craftwork of the Elite, for all to bare.

Here's a copy of the Amended complaint:

Verified First Amended Complaint_ FILED 11 8 2022

What's shocking is a new discovery about the testing process.

For Paternity and DNA tests, 32 markers are examined and compared to the subject for a 'match' - but not in this test!

LabCorp and Maha (who created and operated the tests for LabCorp) collected all 32 markers but only used the 20 markers that sort of 'matched' what they wanted it to!

In trading we call that 'cherry picking' and it's very illegal.

When you are giving money to a PM or trader, you want to see their track record, perhaps for a few years.  Imagine if they showed you only the winners and not the losses - that would be misleading.  It does happen, but in the trading world it's more obvious and those cherry picking scammers are easily caught (because the reality is, they can't trade as good as their fake track record says).

Cherry Picking results is sort of like "Manufacturing Results" because it's not a test at all, just like polls are not polls, and our leaders are selected, not elected (cough cough).

This is all about one thing.  There is no war Ukraine vs. Russia, or NATO vs. Russia - only the Haves vs. the Have Nots.

Do you see Hunter Biden going to Ukraine to fight with Putin's kids?  Both sides are gaining wealth and power.

That's what these fake Paternity tests do, it's a means for the haves to control the have nots.

When a test says a result - how can you argue with 'the science' - right?

Well, in this case, as is proven in the complaint (which includes scientific expert analysis and testimony), this isn't a paternity test at all, it's really a big trick, a magic trick, an illusion, but not so Dramatic like David Copperfield (but he would be impressed).   From the complaint:

Unlike a paternity test which tests 20 markers and reports all 20 results , defendants secretly test
"32" markers and then simply select “matches” until they get to 16 "matches."
Defendants LabCorp and Maha use the standard “13 " markers for the first 13 tests.
Then something bizarre happens. Defendants cycle through the rest of the 19 markers to get to
the results , and cherry pick the results they want.
So, using 32 markers but only reporting 20, technically there could be 16 mismatches and one
could still be the biological father .
The 16 "best" matches are sorted by value and the top 16 are reported. The remaining 16
mismatches are concealed.

These fake tests affect the lives of millions of people, and will likely soon affect LabCorp stock.  Not only that, LabCorp also offers PCR tests for COVID - tests were running the fear porn narrative, causing people to get Vaxxinated.   Ticker symbol is LH, open an account at LevelX to trade it.

Or to put it another way, imagine that we were paid millions of dollars to prove to you that you are the father of a child, and the mother is a woman who you have never met. Our team assembles the brightest minds in the world, and we create a 'testing' regime that proves false negatives.  In other words, the tests can output any result that we want, due to 'science' - all we need is the method (which costs millions) and a dupe with credentials (Maha) to sign off on it.  That's what they have done here, and although it's sinister, unethical on so many levels, and probably unholy - the design of the fraud is brilliant.  Because 99.99% of users of these tests could not dig far enough into the science, past all the 'authority' of the courts, how the establishment mocks people who do not submit to it, the unquestioning Dogmas.  Court is right, not because of evidence, but because LabCorp said so.  That's the most unscientific process you can imagine - science is all about questioning things, and asking questions, and replicating results (ironically, these test results cannot be replicated).

See a previous article on the topic, Fake Tests not in the Fake News.  and .. 

Massive Multi-Industry Fraud involving Paternity Testing, MLM and LabCorp (NYSE:LH) EXPOSED

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