Massive Multi-Industry Fraud involving Paternity Testing, MLM and LabCorp (NYSE:LH) EXPOSED


(Global Intel Hub) -- London, UK -- 2/3/2019 In this explosive series, Global Intel Hub has uncovered what is perhaps one of the largest and most sickening medical frauds ever, spanning the globe and involving multiple industries, an MLM scam, publicly traded companies like LabCorp (NYSE:LH), local municipalities such as county and city governments, and has even been perpetrated in U.S. courts.  Someone please call Bill Ackman this is much bigger than Herbalife.  We want to be careful here as not to interfere with an investigation of the SEC and FBI; however investors in LabCorp (NYSE:LH) have the right to information which is publicly accessible on the internet, so we are collecting some of it here for your review.  We encourage investors to do their own research - we're not judging anyone, we are just shocked and sickened by the depth of this fraud as it impacts babies, children, and families on a daily basis; and those behind it are profiting from it.  As has been quoted and said millions of times, reality is more scary than the most perverse Stephen King plot.  And, as has been explained in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems.  We encourage new readers to stop here if you have a weak stomach.


The basics of this narrative are that the US Government is being defrauded and is the biggest victim here, as they are not only paying the bill of the fraud but also receiving the liability of claims that they are allowing to happen in US courts.  Ultimately, counties and cities get the power from the states which gets power from the US Federal Government so while it is the local municipalities which are allowing this to happen, as Harry Truman famously said "The Buck Stops Here."  Also we want to note that while we are exposing the fraud of LabCorp (NYSE:LH), this is a much deeper global fraud which is a black market of DNA harvesting, and genetic surveillance.

There is so much material to cover let's start with a small outline of what's going on here, and a summary.  The topic is paternity fraud, which is:

Paternity fraud, also known as misattributed paternity[1] or paternal discrepancy,[2] is when a man is incorrectly identified to be the biological father of a child. The underlying assumption of paternity fraud is that the mother deliberately misidentified the biological father.[3] Paternity fraud is related to the historical understanding of adultery.

Let's start with the case of Andre Chreky, a victim of paternity fraud (with the intent to extort money from him, which was successful).  Andre Chreky is a successful hairdresser in Washington DC who achieved notoriety when he started doing the hair for some DC well-to-dos.  As his name appeared in the mainstream media, this was like crap that attracted flies buzzing; meaning the interest of a generation brainwashed by too much TV and too much daytime drama TV.   We begin here:

Washington hairdresser Andre Chreky gladly agreed to a DNA test when a former employee hit him with a paternity suit.  The claim was absurd, Chreky said he remembers thinking. He had stopped dating the woman years before she gave birth to the boy, now a teenager. This would all be over soon. DNA doesn't lie.  The results were back in a month, on a two-page report from Laboratory Corp. of America, or LabCorp, one of the largest paternity testers in the country and the state of Virginia's exclusive contractor: "The probability of paternity is 99.99 percent."  "It's crazy," Chreky, 50, who lives with his wife and two children in Great Falls, recalled saying. "We need to take this to battle."  The fight lasted two years. When it ended in May, Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David T. Stitt not only ruled in Chreky's favor, but also raised serious questions about the reliability of DNA testing during a time when it is relied on to prove paternity, guilt, innocence and more.  "I thought LabCorp's performance was shoddy," Stitt said at a hearing in May after ruling that the state did not prove Chreky was the father. "I think something unfair happened in this case, where a citizen was put to the greatest extent to defend himself against what really has turned out to be a moving target as far as where LabCorp is concerned. . . . I'm concerned about what level of oversight is being exercised by the commonwealth of LabCorp's work."  LabCorp handles more than 100,000 DNA paternity tests for many public and private clients every year, including Montgomery, Prince George's, Howard and Anne Arundel counties in Maryland. 

"You have a child," the woman, Adele Doudaklian, 43, of Gaithersburg, told him -- a teenage son he had never met. He ordered her out.  Doudaklian did not return phone calls to her home. Chreky said he dated her several times in the early 1980s but stopped long before Doudaklian's son, Andrew Lucas, was born in March 1986.

When the paternity action was brought in early 2003, Chreky said, he thought the DNA test would end the whole episode.  Instead, Chreky was ordered to pay $1,715 a month in child support, plus health insurance premiums, after LabCorp's report said he was the father. By the time Lucas turned 18, Chreky had paid $25,000. (Even after he won the case, Virginia law did not allow him to get the money back.) 

So Chreky's attorneys hammered LabCorp's experts, mostly about what the lawyers saw as two errors on the lab report. The director of LabCorp's DNA identification testing division, Gary M. Stuhlmiller, said in a sworn report that he had arrived at his conclusions after comparing Chreky's DNA with a database of the Moroccan population. Chreky is a native of Morocco.  But at trial, Stuhlmiller acknowledged that LabCorp did not have a Moroccan database. Stuhlmiller's report did not mention the omitted tests, which he acknowledged could have precluded Chreky as the father.

And then there was Stuhlmiller's workload. He told the judge he personally reviewed 30,000 paternity cases a year, working 10 hours a day with no lunch break, 40 weeks a year, with time away for training and vacation. "And that would be 15 [reports] an hour, is that right?" Chreky's lead attorney, Glenn C. Lewis, asked him.  "Correct," Stuhlmiller answered.

Did NOT have a Moroccan database!  This scientist is going to court and lying.  He's saying that they compared Chreky's DNA with a database they don't have.  Of course, as the case is about Chreky and not LabCorp, the fact that this Dr. Stuhlmiller perjured himself in court was forgotten.  And it was in hundreds, perhaps thousands of other cases.  Let's summarize what's going on here.  A stranger claims you have to pay 'child support' for a child that isn't yours, which is backed up by whacked science through false reports, which often are proven incorrect or in error.  It costs you $200,000 to prove you are right, and years of work, and you can't sue to get the money back.  This is America!

The question is if Lab Corp tests are 99.999% accurate - why are there so many cases in which the results are successfully contested?  The list goes on and on and on.  This is an interesting case refuting the tests, of another doctor that actually fathered 75 children with artificial insemination:

But defense attorney David Axelson asked Stuhlmiller whether some genetic markers he did not test for might have excluded Jacobson, and whether if Jacobson had a twin it would have been impossible to distinguish between the two.  Stuhlmiller acknowledged those two scenarios might be correct. And he agreed with Axelson that if one of Jacobson’s genetic markers were incorrectly analyzed it could create a problem.

Who is Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller?  We wanted to find out who this guy is, so we simply Googled his name and found his Twitter page.

Then we clicked on his website, and guess what we get redirected to?  MLM Ponzi Scam! This is the employee of LabCorp (NYSE:LH) publicly traded company, promoting an MLM based out of the fraud capital of the world, central Florida (2nd place also in the same state, Fort Frauderdale).  You can read more about the company JeunesseGlobal here, but we think it's more interesting to read the highlights of the complaint filed against them in Arizona for operating an illegal Money Pyramid, and for RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).


Getting to the heart of the case, an MLM is an MLM no matter how it's 'branded:

For a good read you can read the full complaint here:  Alboltin-v-Jeunesse-complaint(3)

From Truth in Advertising:

Distributors of the Florida-based skin care and supplement MLM Jeunesse are seeking damages in excess of $1 billion in a class-action complaint that slams the company, its founders, a top exec and various high-level distributors, for running an illegal pyramid scheme.  With claims of backroom deals, money laundering, tax evasion, forced uncompensated work, cancer cures and violations of foreign laws, the 12-count, 45-page complaint reads like a novel. But its main allegation is that defendants, which include founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis and top executive Scott Lewis, “intentionally and systemically concealed the necessary information regarding Defendants’ false advertisement[s], false financial disclosures, [and] false income claims” to recruit and keep plaintiffs in a pyramid scheme.

MLM Jeunesse by itself is not so surprising, what is surprising is that it is being fuelled by executives and scientists at public companies, such as Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller.  It would be interesting if we had access to Jeunesse files how many LabCorp (NYSE:LH) patients, clients, and partners are in his 'downline.'

Blackrock, one of the world's largest and most powerful financial institutions, paid a $12 Million fine for failing to disclose conflicts of interest.  But it's ok for Dr. Stuhlmiller to pump his MLM using Lab Corp as credibility?  At least, LabCorp (NYSE:LH) executives and shareholders should know about this, and he should have disclosed this to them.  We assume so, because he has the link on his twitter, so probably his bosses know about this.

"Randy" Ray and Wendy Lewis are not new to Snake Oil, it seems to be in their blood.  Their previous gig was selling Snake Oil that would make your car's fuel efficiency improve, although there was no scientific evidence to substantiate any of this:

Fuel Freedom International is a multi-level marketing company based in Altamonte SpringsFlorida and co-owned by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. It sells pills trademarked as MPG-CAPS, which are claimed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase engine power when used as a gasoline additive.[citation needed]

The company says that the product was "originally developed by NASA for the 1970s space shuttle program",[1] although no documentary evidence is offered to support this claim.

Unfortunately they took their sites down and but this goes back to Dr. Stuhlmiller - who is the top Scientist in USA who is a court sworn witness in Paternity cases and criminal cases involving DNA.  These cases are not slip and fall or neighborly disputes - they are very serious!  It can change someone's life, such as being locked up in prison for life, or losing your child forever.

They practice "Paternity Ethics" instead of "Paternity Science" which means that - do you really want to tell a 9 year old boy that's not your daddy?

Going back to the core issue here of Paternity Fraud, know that more than 40% of all births today are outside of marriage:

Mike’s conundrum is increasingly playing out in courts across the country, a result of political, social and technological shifts. Stricter federal rules have pressed states to chase down fathers and hold them responsible for children born outside of marriage, a category that includes 40 percent of all births. At the same time, DNA tests have become easier, cheaper and more reliable. Swiping a few cheek cells and paying a couple hundred dollars can answer the question that has plagued men since the dawn of time: Am I really the father?

This is an issue that impacts everyone directly or through a 2nd degree contact (a sibling, friend, relative, or coworker).  And what's disgusting about the fraud, Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller and friends have made a business out of it!  They are literally breaking apart families and profiting from it.  If you read these stories, like this one (NY Times does have its moments of good journalism, especially when the topic is not politics)..  it's gut wrenching.  People's lives are ruined.  And the perpetrators - mostly are [women] opportunists who are abusing men in order to get money, what they all want.  As a side note - if you compare all types of liabilities financially - child support is the only enforceable court order that can actually garnish your wages and cause a heap of problems for you if you don't pay (compared to credit card debt or any type of loans or liabilities).  If you look at what's happening in the case of Andre Chreky, it's modern slavery.  A woman claimed falsely that he was the father of a child, and he spent years paying this person for no reason - only later to prove that the child was not in fact his - and is not able to get any type of restitution.

Dr. Gary is active in promoting Lab Corp, as you can see in this presentation at the "Fatherhood Conference" where he starts out by saying "I want you to believe in our tests- that's why I'm here" and then in a more revealing subliminal confession on another topic says "Oh I just made these numbers up" - something he seems to be good at doing:

"Fatherhood Conference" discusses topics such as being a father means 'spending time' with your child, NOT that you are actually the biological father of the child!  And Dr. Gary goes into the admission that he too is a father of a child that is not his (although it is his grand-child, because his son is in prison for beating his step-daughter).

We think, a doctor in a position that signs thousands of tests a week, a doctor who appears as a certified expert witness in Paternity cases, shouldn't make statements publicly like "I just made those numbers up" Gary, come on.  And in your spare time you are an MLM whiz?  I don't want this doctor on my panel.  Just like you don't want an Epileptic to be your brain surgeon.

How Mothers commit fraud

Step by step Guide how to get Lab Corp to falsify a Paternity Test for you

For the first time ever, we are exposing the granular detail of how this fraud begins.  Any fraud begins with an idea - you want a house, you want a boat - you want lots of diamonds!  Then you must take your first fraudulent action - filling out a form.  And here it is:


Paternity Packet- Forms and Instructions

So you see, the 'proof' is the signed sworn under penalty of perjury claims of the Mother - NOT the LabCorp (NYSE:LH) test.  The LabCorp (NYSE:LH) test is a means to backup whatever the Mother fills out in this form.  This is called "Paternity Ethics" which is a pseudo term for 'breaking up families - divide and conquer.'  Unfortunately these women will sell their souls to the devil and the court will give them the forms to process it.  The US Government has formed an unholy alliance with some of the most despicable and inhumane forces on our planet.

They are allowing you to create an 'official lie' - you are certifying in a court approved form that this person (whoever is named) is the father - to the best of your knowledge.

What is "Fraud" anyway and are we using the term loosely?  See the definition:

..wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

What it boils down to - fraud is fraud.  Paternity Fraud is not perhaps the same as Financial Fraud - but it is ethically much worse.  Because you are dealing with people's lives - not to mention the psychological stress of a father who may be duped into believing he really is a father - and then realizing that he's not.  But there are multiple bad actors here - the Mother, LabCorp (NYSE:LH), and government workers involved.

There are THOUSANDS of cases where this has happened, and only after many years of spending more money than they have - fathers have proven the tests were wrong.  Only in VERY RARE cases such as the below ruling from the Iowa Supreme Court are victim fathers allowed to sue for back owed alimony they paid on fraudulent premesis:

See the full case here: 95598797-Iowa-Supreme-Court-ruling-in-paternity-fraud-case

Here are some examples of cases in which the results of the test were contested and contested until finally it was revealed they were faked, falsified, or just in error.   Or, here's another way that tests can be faked, as shown in this case from the court of appeals in North Carolina:

We are also not satisfied with the foundation for the DNA samples belonging to Daquadrin and defendant.   The only evidence that samples were taken from defendant and Daquadrin is the client authorization form.   However, this form is not verified as an affidavit. 

The test results are the test results - but the way that a NAME gets attached to a result is through the client authorization form, even if it is an affidavit - how are we to know that is the same name connected to the DNA in question?  One way that this fraud can be perpetrated and accepted (which is the problem in any fraud) the tests themselves are REAL - however what is swapped out is the name of the father.

So imagine we all take a test and put no names on it.  We submit them.  One test is perfect score.  The Teacher then writes the name of their favorite student, or WHO THEY BELIEVED TO BE the smartest in the class- as the name on top.  That's one plausible scenario of what's happening behind the scenes with "Paternity Ethics."  They ask the mother 'do you have any reason to believe someone else is the father' and when they answer 'No' it's basically admitting guilt - they are getting the court and Lab Corp to acquiesce in the fraud.  Remember that Paternity tests are mostly filed when there is a DISPUTE, families that cohabitate and raise their own genetic children usually do not get Paternity tests.  In other words, the system is setup for Mothers to commit fraud and to break up families, for whatever reason.  In a normal world, we wouldn't need such a support system as cases like this SHOULD BE rare.

Motherless Tests

Without getting deep into the science one can understand that for any paternity test to be valid (statistically significant) it's important to test BOTH parents for a genetic match with the child.  As in any scientific experiment you need to have control.  If you are testing just the father, it's like taking one sample from a population and assuming that all samples are the same.  It's not science, it's fraud.  That's not our opinion, that's in the opinion of pretty much any serious person you ask on the subject:

A friend of mine was involved in a motherless paternity test. He had a 20/20 match but knows he isn't the dad. Is it possible to have a 20/20 match and not be the dad?

-A curious adult from California

October 30, 2008

Yes this is possible. The main reason has to do with the fact that this test was a motherless paternity test.

A paternity test works best when it compares a child, a mom, and a potential dad. When the mother isn't included, the results can be much trickier to interpret. Sometimes a 20/20 match does not mean that the man is the dad.

So you're probably thinking - why would anyone use a 'motherless test' and the reason is clear.  Because this skews the results to point to a placebo effect whereby the test is just a false confirmation of whatever the mother writes on the form: the dad is 100% the dad.  It is sort of in a twisted way correct when they say these tests are 99.9% accurate, but not in the way they are saying.  The tests will prove 99.99% of the time that the dad named in the form is the dad (meaning it is the same person).  They will not prove 99.99% that the father is the father of the child, because without the mother's DNA (and the child's too) there isn't statistically significant evidence to come to a conclusion.  See one example of where a motherless test is being used:

Folks you can't make this stuff up.  Yes, it's in plain site and you're probably thinking - this is nuts, why didn't someone dig through all this?  Well the quick answer is that people are lazy and watch too much TV, but the real answer is that unfortunately most of the dad's are not the most sophisticated folks, in other words - most of the paternity fraud cases are brought against working middle class who don't have the legal nor the scientific background to spot these things and really understand what's going on here.  No offense dads we support you - we are just answering the question why this is hidden in plain site.

For a more academic delve into the fact that motherless tests are not tests at all, see this study "Possible pitfalls in motherless paternity analysis with related putative fathers..

Forensic Expert Analysis

There is so much data on this case we have involved a number of government and private experts, as well as medical experts and Geneticists.  In due course many of their research and testimony will be released in court through the proper channels.  For now we have paraphrased some of the conclusions here:

Why when you click on it will take you to Jeunesse - I have one report showing they’re making $120 million a month through this MLM. (it is well known fact that about 98% of all MLM lose their money). He is The leading paternity expert and signed a statement saying that thousands of children were the biological son when they were not.

The MLM and the founder is buying a home they’re going to use weekend use for $16 million just on a weekend I mean I’m talking real money.

Why is LabCorp offering to do this testing for $20-$30 a person when it certainly cost more than that? They are data mining your DNA and then selling it back to you and products from Jeunesse- only ! And addition they can apply for federal Medicaid grants and try and get that work by undercutting everybody with this bullshit paternity it’s not even science there’s no way.

Charge to County by LabCorp is red herring. the cost of $30-$20 a test there is simply no possible fiscal measures and proper internal controls, what cost $20 anymore you can’t even park for $20 and here you’re going to get an expert with insurance with everything oh and by the way expert is free you just have to buy our tests which cost them nothing because they are just selling paper.

True margin: real world.
The information that LabCorp gets allows them to subsidize the cost.

And in return he is buying them off with Jeunesse- A means for extra social workers to make a little extra 💰 money. And with all this Fame and Fortune he’s taking the risk of using his own name to profiteer of an MLM and LabCorp simultaneously. One mines your Dna 🧬 data and Jeunesse sells you Dna based your products claiming to cure everything from cancer too- depends on the country on the bullshit you’ll see.

So LabCorp-
Dr. Gary-underbids tests in order to get the the data.

This is Only possibility subsidizing Jeunesse and MLM. No self respecting professional will type their name to something unless they were in it to make a killing.

1. So in bidding these out they know “ they may need to run 25 tests per person “ That alone is less than a dollar per subtest.

2. Cost of expert witness of Dr Gary M Stuhlmiller is free.

3, County also requires pay for 1m insurance per violation in contracts I’ve unearthed (this type of fraud isn’t even insurable).

4. In SEC documents LabCorp talks about science and most of their clients can’t afford to pay them.

5. Well if they can’t afford to pay them they certainly can’t afford to even question somebody who says that they-are 99.99999 certain that you are the father of a child.

6 In truth they are printing paper and sending.

7. Given the FBI / and the other home test kit alliances they are eliminating a third market check forever.

8. The agreement and Friday is really a settlement. These companies were busted mining DNA and cut deal w FBI.

9. Now there’s  just one database- and chances are a madman is in charge of it.

10. Lastly given this guys history and clearly controls LabCorp because no responsible board will repeatedly to this.

11. Gary saw the play in the system several years ago and in this confession and meds that he had multiple CPS issues first they took his kids then there was an issue with his grandchildren then he whines about paying child support and get emotional about it and then he said he paid it gladly but he’s nearly nearly crying and very angry 😡.

12. What is he fails to disclose is his true stake in the outcome of the litigation.

13. Video of this is much better but at least this is preserved.

14. “If you are a minority you will definitely get hired public companies the target minorities are not not ever good employers in fact are the worst because they take advantage of people.

15. The former employees think that this is a scummy scummy business.

Let's take another look at this.  There are websites that you can order 'fake DNA kits' from which provide 99.99% accurate results whatever you want them to be, according to one site:

In this article, our team guide you through the process to obtain Fake Paternity Test Results We operate a working website and customer service team for our “Real” Genetics Testing company, a company created by our team. This ensures our results are authentic and believable.

Fake Paternity Test Results

Our Fake DNA Paternity Results are both authentic and believable. Our analytical reports detail 21 loci data points, replicating the report produced by leading DNA Testing companies. Throughout the design of our Fake DNA Test reports, our team ensured they were identical to real DNA reports, albeit with our company branding and the results you want.

How to Make Fake Paternity Test Results

Ordering our Fake DNA Paternity Test Results couldn’t be simpler. The process begins by visiting or clicking the “ORDER NOW” button at the top of this page. Once on our order page, you will be presented with our Fake DNA Test order form which asks you to confirm the details of the person making the order, details of the alleged father and details of the child, Once submitted, you will be directed to our PayPal page where payment will be taken and our team notified of the confirmed order details.

So, we're not judging - this is like the unauthorized pill sites or other quasi-legal sites selling various forms of illicit materials.  That's not good.  But the point here is that how are they able to create fake results so easily and reliable, that will show the father is whoever they say it is?  Easy - they use a motherless test, and follow the same Lab Corp process.

From Lab Corp's own 10k

Direct from SEC.GOV, we can learn a lot about this fraud, at least what's on the surface (what they are disclosing):

Many of the current claims and legal actions against the Company are in preliminary stages, and many of these cases seek an indeterminate amount of damages. The Company records an aggregate legal reserve, which is determined using calculations based on historical loss rates and assessment of trends experienced in settlements and defense costs. In accordance with FASB Accounting Standards Codification Topic 450 “Contingencies,” the Company establishes reserves for judicial, regulatory, and arbitration matters outside the aggregate legal reserve if and when those matters present loss contingencies that are both probable and estimable and would exceed the aggregate legal reserve. When loss contingencies are not both probable and estimable, the Company does not establish separate reserves.

The Company is unable to estimate a range of reasonably probable loss for the proceedings described in more detail below in which damages either have not been specified or, in the Company's judgment, are unsupported and/or exaggerated and (i) the proceedings are in early stages; (ii) there is uncertainty as to the outcome of pending appeals or motions; (iii) there are significant factual issues to be resolved; and/or (iv) there are novel legal issues to be presented. For these proceedings, however, the Company does not believe, based on currently available information, that the outcomes will have a material adverse effect on the Company's financial condition, though the outcomes could be material to the Company's operating results for any particular period, depending, in part, upon the operating results for such period. The amount of ultimate loss may also differ from the Company’s estimates. It is possible that an unfavorable outcome that exceeds the Company’s current accrued estimate, if any, for one or more of the matters below could have a material adverse effect on the Company’s financial condition.

As previously reported, the Company reached a settlement in the previously disclosed lawsuit, California ex rel. Hunter Laboratories, LLC et al. v. Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, et al. (Hunter Labs Settlement Agreement), to avoid the uncertainty and costs associated with prolonged litigation. Pursuant to the executed Hunter Labs Settlement Agreement, the Company recorded a litigation settlement expense of $34.5 in the second quarter of 2011 (net of a previously recorded reserve of $15.0) and paid the settlement amount of $49.5 in the third quarter of 2011. The Company also agreed to certain reporting obligations regarding its pricing for a limited time period and, at the option of the Company in lieu of such reporting obligations, to provide Medi-Cal with a discount from Medi-Cal's otherwise applicable maximum reimbursement rate from November 1, 2011, through October 31, 2012. In 2011, the California legislature enacted Assembly Bill No. 97, which imposed a 10.0% Medi-Cal payment cut on most providers of healthcare services, including clinical laboratories. In 2012, the California legislature enacted Assembly Bill No. 1494, which directed the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) to establish new reimbursement rates for Medi-Cal commercial laboratory services based on payments made to California clinical laboratories for similar services by other third-party payers, and provided that until the new rates are set through this process, Medi-Cal payments for commercial laboratory services will be reduced (in addition to a 10.0% payment reduction imposed by Assembly Bill No. 97 in 2011) by “up to 10 percent” for tests with dates of service on or after July 1, 2012, with a cap on payments set at 80.0% of the lowest maximum allowance established under the Medicare program. Under the terms of the Hunter Labs Settlement Agreement, the enactment of this California legislation terminated the Company's reporting obligations (or obligation to provide a discount in lieu of reporting) under that agreement. In April 2015, CMS approved a 10.0% payment reduction under Assembly Bill No. 1494. The new rate methodology established new rates that were effective July 1, 2015, but these new rates were not entered into the state computer system until February 2016. The 2016 rates have been implemented and recoupments began in 2017. Taken together, these changes are not expected to have a material impact on the Company's consolidated revenues or results of operations.

As previously reported, the Company responded to an October 2007 subpoena from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General's regional office in New York. On August 17, 2011, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York unsealed a False Claims Act lawsuit, United States of America ex rel. NPT Associates v. Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, which alleges that the Company offered UnitedHealthcare kickbacks in the form of discounts in return for Medicare business. The Plaintiff's Third Amended Complaint further alleges that the Company's billing practices violated the False Claims Acts of 14 states and the District of Columbia. The lawsuit seeks actual and treble damages and civil penalties for each alleged false claim, as well as recovery of costs, attorney's fees, and legal expenses. Neither the U.S. government nor any state government has intervened in the lawsuit. The Company's Motion to Dismiss was granted in October 2014 and Plaintiff was granted the right to replead. On January 11, 2016, Plaintiff filed a motion requesting leave to file an amended complaint under seal and to vacate the briefing schedule for the Company's motion to dismiss while the government reviews the amended complaint. The Court granted the motion and vacated the briefing dates. Plaintiff then filed an amended complaint under seal. The Company will vigorously defend the lawsuit.

In addition, the Company has received various other subpoenas since 2007 related to Medicaid billing. In October 2009, the Company received a subpoena from the State of Michigan Department of Attorney General seeking documents related to its billing to Michigan Medicaid. The Company cooperated with this request. In October 2013, the Company received a civil investigative demand from the State of Texas Office of the Attorney General requesting documents related to its billing to Texas Medicaid. The Company is cooperating with this request.

The companies legal problems, before this fraud announcement, are many.  We can write an entire article just focusing on complaints that are pending.  The potential liability from EXISTING claims is UNKNOWN.  That further solidifies our view that considering the paternity fraud conspiracy, MLM involvement - the stock price of Lab Corp (LH) in reality should be close to zero.

Global Conspiracy to Control and Manipulate the Population

Now before we dig deeper a side note - the spirit of minority rights that came out of a violent and bloody period in America during the 1950's and 1960's is not to be sidelined.  It has its own merits.  However it's gone too far - now with the introduction of the 'third' gender, there is no more anchor on any sense of reality for young children, so when they grow up they may think that it's normal if your dad is not your dad.  This is multi-generational programming done on a high level, Dr. Gary Stuhmiller is not likely aware that he is a pawn in a much larger chess game.

During this time in America (1965 - 2010), the Elite of the world actually got spooked (a little).  They saw how powerful it can be when people organize grassroots movements like Flower Power and how it can be bad for business, and how it can influence a generation.  The Elite retaliated with billion dollar programs like Planned Parenthood, GMO foods (which you can get free with your Food Stamps benefit EBT card), TV programs enhanced with theta waves to control your brain, etc.  But most importantly they have designed a cultural program tailored just for you to encourage anti-family behavior whatever that may be, whether it means encouraging the woman to belittle and abuse their loving husbands, or it can manifest in encouraging homosexual behavior (not only do they not have children, but children who grow up in non-hetero families will be confused for life), or it can be as simple as encouraging anti-family behavior such as binge drinking, promiscuity, smoking, gambling, and other family destructive behaviors.

"They" want you to fail, because that's where The Corporation steps in (in this case, LabCorp) and solves the problem.  He's not your father!  Case closed.  Thanks Gary!

For a full story on this global Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, this is a MUST READ: Trillion Dollar Conspiracy (Written by famous Jim Marrs the reporter who broke the JFK conspiracy)

The point of mentioning this now is to elaborate how big this fraud is.  When you are taking thousands of children and separating them from their families, and it's all being rubber stamped by a single doctor working for a public company - any sane person would ask questions.  This isn't some phenomenon that the market evolved towards such as electric distribution.  There's one company - LabCorp - and one doctor signing off on all these tests - Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller - who is a de-facto monopoly on this business.

Why this conspiracy is real and it exists?  The only threat to the status quo are strong families in any business.  Strong families means many children, talented, strong, powerful, innovative - like the Kennedys.  Which is why 'they' needed to systematically eliminate them.  The Kennedys by themselves perhaps could not have overturned the world - maybe they could have, but probably not, at least not with Jack steering the ship who was really a Playboy and wanted nothing of politics or business.  But they had to break up "Camelot" and send a message - a deep rooted message into the soul of up and coming Kennedy families.  What the global establishment is afraid is not insurrection - that can be easily thwarted, with recent investments by the Elite in security systems.  What they are worried about are strong families with good values - people who cannot be manipulated and corrupted for their own sick pleasure or do their bidding.  They don't want independent thinkers, innovation, advancement - these are real Dinosaurs that got rich because of a gooey semi toxic substance they found in their backyard (Oil).  The Royals from Europe are even worse in their backward thinking.  The point is they will do anything and everything to stop the growth of healthy intelligent generations of new families that enjoy things like monogamous relationships with multiple genetic offspring, who have freedom to learn and pursue their passions.  These people cannot be controlled.  They want you to Obey, Submit, to NEED the system.  They want you to beg for that job, or desperately seek Welfare from the government because then you are a slave.  This system works well and is fairly sophisticated, the planning of this started after the French Revolution where French peasants really did chop off the heads of the gluttonous class that left them nothing but cake.  It is important to understand the history here, which shows why Lab Corp plays such a big role in the plan for Global domination.  Lab Corp and their false testing systems, lies, and control is needed to break up families (the primary goal) and secondly, to create a generation of children who do not grow up with their biological fathers which can easily be controlled and manipulated.  "Generation Fake"

There is certain and specific information that any biological father gives his own offspring (and the mother).  Now, things happen it's not always possible for a child to grow up with its biological parents.  However, what we are seeing with this fraud is a systematic disassembling of the biological genetic family unit which is unnatural.

Here's another example of a case where material evidence key to the case was thrown out, as the defense showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the test was unreliable, and Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller agreed:

The results, which were to be “Exhibit 7.1” in Taitano’s trial, were essentially thrown out after Assistant Public Defender Matthew Meyer argued that the database compared to these samples were not reliable.  Meyer pointed out that Stuhmiller himself admitted that he could not say if the DNA database used included data from people from the Northern Marianas Islands. He asked to the court to determine, like in a previous ruling in “CNMI vs Crisostomo” that the data used should be found “not relevant” because the data cannot be shown to have come from people from the NMI, and therefore they could not be compared to these sample.

Local Governments

Here's where things get really nasty.  We know that big business works with the government - that's no secret.  But what's scary, especially when people's families are involved, is that social workers may get 'incentives' to take children away from their biological parents in what's being called "Paternity Ethics" - here's what can happen.

There's a rumor going around in California with the Yentas that if you call the cops 3 times and CPS once you get get your husbands house.  Or something like that.  It's a poorly thought out plan, obviously.  But here comes Lab Corp to support it.  Lab Corp is not the actor in this story it is the enabler.  Because the false tests are what puts Dads who aren't Dads on the hook.  Or other dads, as it were.  This is currently under investigation but it seems that local government social workers are actually incentivized to break up families financially, with bonuses, promotions, and other benefits (personally) and their departments may be rewarded with lucrative contracts from Lab Corp, grants, and other kick backs that in any other industry would be called a 'conflict of interest' at best and at worst bribery.  This is the kind of thing that happens in Russia.

At least in the UK they can openly talk about this issue - but they are sort of the ones controlling this global conspiracy to destroy the family so it suits them.  Read "Social Workers break up too many families."

And we can't have access to how many local government workers have been duped into the MLM scam to make a little extra cash on the side, such as seen by this Linked In profile:

Being in Canada means you can get away with a lot more than if you were in the US or other places - but being a social worker (who is responsible for taking children away from their families during a Paternity dispute) and recruiting for an MLM ponzi scam is a huge conflict.

More LabCorp Issues "LabScam"

LabCorp is no stranger to scandal.  A case was settled in 2012 for pennies on the dollar involving LabCorps' overcharging Medicare more than $14 Billion Dollars.

The Dark Report revealed recently that the two labs have billed the federal government $14 billion in questionable Medicare fees over a 10-year period and that the practice continues today.  This long-running Medicare and Medicaid fraud has generated billions in profits for the companies, turning them into market leaders at taxpayers' expense, said Karen Hinton, a representative for NPT Associates and Fair Laboratory Practices Associates, plaintiffs in federal lawsuits against Quest and LabCorp.

From Wikipedia:

.... beginning in 1991 the company became embroiled in Operation "Labscam," a nationwide crackdown on fraud in the health-care system, initiated by the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego, California. The charges were that the company and others routinely submitted false claims to the government health-care agencies Medicare and Medicaid for unnecessary tests which physicians had never ordered. In 1992, National Health Laboratories became the first of the companies to be prosecuted in the government operation.[14]

Based on this history, it's not a surprise that LabCorp is involved in another scandal.  After all, it was a company that at one point was controlled by notorious shyster Ronald Perelman:

In 1988, National Health Laboratories became publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange.[10] Revlon retained 24% ownership of the common shares,[10] for the next six years.[11]Revlon had been a publicly traded company since the 1950s, as it was during most of its ownership of National Health Laboratories. But in 1985, Revlon had been taken over by Ronald Perelman.

(For those who missed it, "RP" was recently embroiled in a stock manipulation case, exposed here on Zero Hedge.)

LabCorp's new deal with the US Government

LabCorp is the primary choice for court requested testing, especially in Paternity cases.  US Courts, US Universities, US Cities, US Counties, States, and other types of municipalities all pay Lap Corp.  Take a look at this report from the University of California (UC) system: 2017ContractswithMedicalLaboratories-1-5-18 in summary, see what LabCorp billed UC in one fiscal year:

Not bad, considering UC is one of many public Universities.  Then let's go to the states, such as this RFP from West Virginia: B_0511_CSE1500000002_02

Doing business with the US Government by itself is not a bad thing, of course not.  We are not implying that.  Thousands of businesses do business with the US Government.  But in situations where a company has a complete and total monopoly on an industry, no matter how 'vertical' that niche may be (such as Paternity testing) there is room for abuse.  It is perhaps why Lab Corp is so openly smug about its ties to an illegal Money Pyramid run by known Ponzi Scammers from the Fraud State (Florida).  They are like the mafia 'untouchable' - it is for this reason that laws like the RICO act have been established.  If it quacks like a cartel it probably is a cartel.  Many people assume that 'the mafia' is something like you see on TV shows like the Sopranos.  "The Mafia" really doesn't exist as much as Al Qaeda doesn't exist, (Al Queda is a CIA term which means "Database" in Arabic) just as "The Mafia" is a colloquialism which means "A Cartel" or "Organized Crime" which Lab Corp and their friends at Jeunesse Global certainly are, in fitting the definition technically.  We are not stating that Lab Corp has mob ties it's not likely, we are saying that "The Mafia" has been an abused and blanket term to mean many things typically synonymous with Italian mob families of big cities.  However for the purposes of this analogy we are using this term to demonstrate similarities in the behavior of Lab Corp and The Mafia.

So your next question is why hasn't the FBI swarmed down on this obvious Cartel-like Monopoly?  The answer was posted recently on Zero Hedge, it's because the FBI is collecting a massive DNA database on the population, and needs companies like Lab Corp to supply them fresh samples of your DNA that can be uploaded to a Palantir database and parsed with data from multiple other sources such as Facebook, traffic cams and other public surveillance cams, and other 'private' data.  This is why Palantir is one of the biggest startup investments of the decade.

How does LabCorp (NYSE:LH) stack up like a corporation?

The best way to find out how good or bad a company is - take a look at ex-employees:

2.9 out of 5 is NOT a good rating - let's take a look at some of the bad reviews:

If you are in desperate need of a job that allows unlimited overtime hours, than this job would be a perfect fit. However, OT is mandatory and you can expect to work 12+ hours 5+ days per week. The overnight shift is woefully understaffed with a high turnover rate. The training is inadequate with an emphasis on productivity metrics that are impossible to meet unless you are cutting corners. If you have a question you will have to bug a coworker who is cranky from overwork or doesn't know the correct answer either due to poor training. Managers are snippy, treat employees like robots, and play favorites. Management cares more about the speed of accessioning as opposed to accuracy ( this is a HUGE issue because a mistake can cause serious harm to patients' wellbeing). In my opinion, LabCorp has unethical business practices at the Phoenix location regarding both employees and clients. This is a modern day sweat shop. Not only are the hours long, but you will also be exposed to all manner of bodily fluids that may harbor infectious disease (HIV, STDs, etc). This is an incredibly easy job that will still somehow be one of the most stressful places you have ever worked-guaranteed.

..I do not see why the company would send you unemployment packet and shows you how to apply and yet when you apply and tell EDD the reason for your departure from the company, Labcorp HR/Management on Evening Creek lies to them and gets away with it!? How is that possible?! Never again with this horrible company.

...The tasks at LabCorp are simple, but management puts a lot of pressure to meet their quota, while their employees deal with an overwhelming amount of specimens to process. There is mandatory overtime, due to the fact that they constantly add new clients, despite the fact that the lab is severely understaffed. You work as a team, so if someone is slacking you end up doing that work. On top of that, management also allows their favorite employees to leave whenever they please, which leaves even more work for everyone else. The employees are overworked, and management puts a lot of pressure on the leads to keep it that way, so much, that it’s nearly impossible to take a simple bathroom/ water break apart from the breaks they give you. On the bright side, you do get to listen to music, but if you seem like you’re enjoying yourself just a little too much you will be scolded. Management cares more about numbers and money then they do about the employees or their wellbeing, they are nothing but another “body” to them. If you are looking for a high-stress fast-paced environment with overtime hours, no sleep, no personal life, low pay, then this is definitely for you. I miss my coworkers and working with LabCorp is an experience I don’t regret, but the amount of anger, boredom, fatigue, and stress I felt working there was overall not worth it. There is much that can be said about this place but I’ll leave it at that. LabCorp has the potential of being a great company to work for, but I cannot recommend working for them until they fix their system which, from what I have seen this year, I highly highly doubt will ever happen.

..A typical day at LabCorp Medical Laboratory goes something like this: you clock in at work at around 8:30 or 9 at night, are placed at a computer or workstation and are either typing and sorting specimens until break/lunch time is called. Working in the pre-analytical department may not be a sustainable long term career: the hours are very long (on average 1 to 2 hours of overtime a day) so it is very difficult to maintain a balance between working and actually living. There is a high turnover rate so management and leads are constantly overwhelmed between maintaining specimen flow and training/interviewing new employees. I observe many people who request time off are denied but, yet, there are a lot of call outs per night. LabCorp is a decent place to gain lab/medical experience and the pay is alright when accounting for the pay differential and overtime pay. The health benefits are quite good and most employees are nice, hardworking, and willing to help anyone that is new.

So basically, it's a crappy workplace and underpaid tired angry workers are prone to mistakes (or sabotage).

If you are thinking that 2.9 isn't that bad, consider would you stay in a 2 star hotel?  And how come companies like Microsoft and Cisco and thousands of others have much higher ratings?

With the low pay, long hours - what kind of workers are they attracting to process these tests?  Certainly not the cream of the crop.  But perhaps that's why the CEO is the General Counsel.

Users don't have much better to say - see Yelp (2 Star):

Absolute sorry excuse for so-called medical professionals.  These people hate their job and it shows!! AVOID this place at all costs.  Beg your insurer to use anyone but them.

..The labcorp staff here is very lazy! First of all I had to wait 30mins just to drop off specimen and when I did she made a huge deal bc I did not have my insurance card... keep it mind I have been to this location several times and I am sure they have all my info on their computer. Too lazy to look!!! Save yourself time and find a different location.

Bradley Amendment is Modern Slavery and Unconstitutional

So here's what can happen in USA.  A woman needs money.  She can accuse you of being the father of her child.  The accusation alone may be enough for Lab Corp to issue a test saying you are the father, because they practice what is called "Paternity Ethics" instead of "Paternity Science" - and so you must pay this person for a child that's not yours or face PRISON.  Let this sink in.  It can happen to anyone.  These people watch too much TV and listen to songs like "Get Money"

From Wikipedia: 

The Amendment has been a controversial law and has resulted in several notorious examples:

  • Bobby Sherrill, a Lockheed employee in Kuwait from North Carolina, was captured by Iraqis and spent nearly five months as an Iraqi hostage. Sherrill was arrested the night after his release for not paying $1,425 in child support while he was a hostage.[9][10][11][12]
  • Clarence Brandley, a Texas high school janitor, was wrongly convicted in 1980 of murder.[13] After spending many years in prison and on death row,[14] he was released in 1990 and he then sued the state of Texas for wrongful imprisonment in 1993.[15] The state then responded with a bill for nearly $50,000 in child support that had not been paid while in prison.[10][11] Dianna Thompson of The American Coalition of Fathers and Children told the Houston Chronicle that federal law makes it illegal for states to forgive child support payments regardless of circumstance.[16] Michael McCormick, of the American Coalition of Fathers and Children said, concerning child support payments, "I'm not aware of any state where it says a wrongly convicted individual is relieved of their obligation."[17] Despite paying child support every month since his release via wage garnishment, Brandley's child support total reached $73,000 in 2003, when a judge reduced his total to $22,000; however, this amount is still more than triple the $7,000 in back child support Brandley owed at the time of his arrest in 1980.[15] Brandley lost his job in the economic downturn in 2008; he has since lost his car and house as the child support bills and interest keep coming.[15]
  • Taron James, a U.S. Navy veteran from California, was forced to continue to pay child support until 2006, even after the child was demonstrated by DNA test in 2001 to be not his; James paid $12,000 in such payments.[18][19] A California District Court of Appeal eventually set aside the paternity judgment against James in 2006, but the same court denied James' request to have his child support payments reimbursed.[20]
  • Larry Souter was wrongly convicted of murder in 1992 and spent 13 years in prison[21] before being exonerated and released in 2005. Upon release, he was ordered to court to explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt for failing to pay $38,000 in combined back child support, interest, and penalties.[21] Payments were not suspended for at least 3 years while he was in prison.[21] The interest and penalties accumulated while he was still in prison, and presumably unable to pay.
  • Geoffrey Fisher was taken to court in 2001 due to being delinquent on child support payments, and had his driver's license suspended.[22] Fisher pushed for custody, and a state-ordered paternity test determined he was not the biological father.[22] In January 2002 a judge determined he no longer had to pay child support, but the attorney general's office claimed that Fisher still owed $11,450, approximately 3 year's worth of back support payments from the time of the child's birth until the time of the paternity test.[22] State officials have stated that this is because Fisher failed to file a court motion to relieve himself of financial responsibility to the child, and that Fisher is thus regarded as the legal father and responsible for child support.[22]

Yes it's true - we are slaves.  During the period from around 1880 - 1910 the Elite's of the world, who were that time in percentage terms HUNDREDS of more times wealthy than the Elite are today, realized that 'slavery' and 'feudalism' needed to be reformed into a more evolved system which gave people the perception of being free.  Chains were removed from the legs of man and instead put on the minds.  The Bradley Amendment is one of those chains.

See the Petition to repeal the oppressive Bradley Amendment: 

The Bradley Amendment violates 4 out of the 10 civil liberties covered under the Bill of Rights, as well as, the 14th Amendment, which is our Citizenship right. This amendment is unjust and illegal under the constitution. The only reason that is was passed was to reduce the welfare burden on the Federal government. This law cripples a man's (and in some cases, a woman's) ability to provide for themselves and/or other dependents that they may have. An individual who has been oppressed by this law can have their driving privileges suspended/revoked, be imprisoned, WILL have their passports seized. In addition to this they are NOT protected under bankruptcy laws. This also effects those who can prove through DNA tests that they are not the biological parent of the said child(ren).

Note: This petition is closed, it is posted here for a reference only.  For those wishing to open a new petition, you are encouraged to do so at

The Bradley Amendment is the legal enabler that allows Generation Fake to use the court system and medical system (Lab Corp) to enslave men to pay for children that are not theirs.  The culprit is Television programs.  These 3 methods of mind control work in synergy:

  • Hollywood (Television and Film) promoting unhealthy unnatural lifestyles, where you can 'just take it' (referring to illegal child support payments) if you want it.
  • The Medical Establishment (Lab Corp)
  • Corrupt local Courts and "Social Workers" that promote "Paternity Ethics" in favor of "Paternity Science"

Looking as an individual observer one would never notice how these systems work in synergy.  We have provided in this article individual examples of cases, as well as a summary of the framework of this system on a high level.  Is it by grand design, or evolution?  It doesn't matter - it functions as a whole entity as if by design.. so the debate of design vs. evolution is fallacious.  The end of this argument by the way is just to say that the Creator created evolution.  Checkmate.

Is the game up for these companies?

Just recently Zero Hedge broke the story on FamilyTreeDNA's cooperation with the FBI and it got 6.7k reshares (that's very high): 

Having been caught abusing client privacy, the company decided to make the best of it and despite the (coming) outrage over privacy abuse, Family Tree officials touted their work with the FBI to BuzzFeed.

Without realizing it [Family Tree DNA founder and CEO Bennett Greenspan] had inadvertently created a platform that, nearly two decades later, would help law enforcement agencies solve violent crimes faster than ever,” the company said in a statement.

Also without realizing it, the company is advertently about to go bankrupt, because its "justification" sounds frankly ridiculous:

Officials at Family Tree said customers could decide to opt out of any familial matching, which would prevent their profiles from being searchable by the FBI. But by doing so, customers would also be unable to use one of the key features of the service: finding possible relatives through DNA testing.

One wonders how many paying clients would have "opted in" had they known they were also sharing their DNA with the FBI.

Is LabCorp (LH) about to become vaporized, and all 14B in market cap with it?

LabCorp (NYSE:LH)

LabCorp (NYSE:LH) stock is currently trading at 141 and has a market cap of 14 B. 

Institutional Ownership indicates they are taking money off the table.  But it's a logical move considering David King must know about this.

Lab Corp's fraud has even been investigated by the Senate:

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Alamance County’s largest private employer is facing a federal lawsuit and a Senate investigation in regards to alleged Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Two senators, Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Max Baucus of Montana, are investigating five companies, including LabCorp. LabCorp’s part in the investigation is whether the company overcharged Medicare and Medicaid for its testing services.

Read Senate investigation news release

Read Senate letter sent to LabCorp CEO David King

The company is also in the middle of a federal lawsuit in New York, in which a rival company claims LabCorp violated an anti-kickback law by offering discounts to insurance companies in exchange for business.


The consequences of decades of political correctness, #metoo controversy, and TV watching; has created an environment where the biggest racism is against the White Male who has become the silent victim afraid to speak up, afraid to even peep that he was falsely accused, that his life was ruined, that he paid $25,000 in child support for a child that wasn't his, that he didn't get the job because he wasn't a minority or a woman, that #WeToo are being abused now and enough is enough!  No means no.  All of the Kavanagh accusers have one by one been discredited - one even was a 'paid actor' and reported to the FBI - where is the retribution?

Guys, if you have been abused by a Womans rights activist, if your feminist wife is dominating your household and creating an unnatural balance, if you have been the victim of Paternity fraud - we want to hear your story!  Take it to twitter hashtag #WeToo



The Truth about MLM Scam Jeunesse 

Who Knew I was not the father?  New York Times, Nov 2007

Paternity Suit Raises Doubts about DNA Test Washington Post August 2005

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