LH LabCorp again involved in massive DNA and paternity fraud


(Global Intel Hub) -- Burlington, NC - 6/7/2020 -- LabCorp (LH) is a publicly traded company that provides lab testing and related services to hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical businesses.  They are no stranger to fraud, which we have outlined in previous articles such as this one involving an MLM scam.

In what may be one of the most disturbing frauds of the year, LabCorp offers a fait accompli system of legal documentation of scientific samples using false reports to identify a father based on mother testimony (and not by the DNA test).  Basically, a mother can fill out a form naming *any* male as the father, and the LabCorp test will conclusively prove the man named in the form is the father.  The reason the results are 99.9% correct is because LabCorp tests will always say the man named in field A2 is always the father.  How is that possible?

Because LabCorp uses an unscientific method called 'motherless testing' - the results are always 99.99% positive.  Motherless testing means you test the child and the father - no mother.

Let's take a look at a LabCorp "Relationship Report"

  1. No statement on the test suggests this is a DNA report.  (This is what is believed it is, a fake motherless test)
  2. The 'Relationship Report' is converted into a "Legal DNA test" because no one is watching this topic
  3. LabCorp will not call it a DNA Report.  But our courts will?

Also, the fine print says if you 'misrepresent' your relationship to the child LabCorp has no liability.  If this is a "DNA Test" why would it use such language?

LabCorp sold 10 million DNA tests but failed to complete even one.  This is fraud at the highest level.  They have been selling these "Relationship Reports" as "Legal DNA Evidence" used in family and dependency courts.  The courts accept it because of a few reasons:

  1. LabCorp had fake 'accreditation' which made the company look credible, but when presented with the compliance burden to achieve real lab quality credentials, the logo was removed from LabCorp's site.
  2. LabCorp has a long history of government contracts (GSA) anyone who has government contracts is seen as a credible vendor in the eyes of other potential customers, especially if they are local city, county, and municipal governments - where most of the family courts operate.
  3. Very few people in the academic and scientific community really understand this science (Genetics) which is a relatively new and controversial field.  It's controversial because of the racial implications as well as an obvious scientific proof that all men are in fact, not created equal.  It opens a can of worms about ethical and philosophical interpretations of culture and law.  When the founding fathers said 'all men are created equal' they were mostly slave owners, did they mean "All white males" or did they mean "every person deserves equal rights" a noble idea, but genetics has found there are vast differences between human beings.

Genetics startup Variant Bio is building a business just out of those genetic differences:

The Sherpa people living at high altitudes in Nepal and the Himalayas have a genetic trait that puzzles and fascinates scientists. They’re able to lead healthy, active lives with blood oxygen levels far below what most humans need to function properly. Where other people in high altitudes have adapted to boost their oxygen to typical levels over time, the Sherpa have gene variants that let them live in what should be a hypoxic, or oxygen-starved, state. “They don’t suffer any ill health effects,” says geneticist Stephane Castel. “It’s incredible.”

LabCorp is at the bottom of the genetic food chain.  There is no more basic use of genetics than paternity testing.  As companies like Moderna (MRNA) roll out genetically modified life sciences solutions, such as vaccines from human abortions to be injected as COVID-19 vaccines, it's important to look at what the foundation is standing on.  LabCorp (LH) has been around for a long time and is not a pump and dump startup fraud that just attached the word 'genetics' to their business plan to get a bump in the stock price.  LabCorp's tests are in fact a standard in family courts in paternity cases.  That's what makes this fraud so grotesque.  Millions of children are deprived of knowing who their genetic fathers are.  Adopted children are subject to a number of psychological issues not present in children who grow up (and know) their genetic parents:

While most of the issues adopted children face while growing up differ little from the challenges experienced by non-adopted children, arising from individual temperament and the hurdles endemic to growth and development, some adopted children also experience difficulties which relate directly to the fact that they are adopted. Sometimes these problems are relatively mild or temporary, the result of the child adjusting to a new environment, but at other times they may become serious and chronic in nature, necessitating professional intervention. This is particularly likely during adolescence, as the child begins to explore his or her identity and question his or her place in the world. If not addressed soon, these issues may develop into serious mental health problems.

In courts, LabCorp's fake "Relationship report" is allowed to be entered into the court system as "Legal DNA Evidence" with no supplemental.  Every male who takes the test is declaring himself the father, despite the fact that he honestly believes he is not.  This is a test that we in society have been forced to accept by the memetic social control paradigm.  Anyone who questions this fake test is labeled 'nuts' or 'conspiracy theorist' thus protecting this fraud and enabling it to continue.

This has been in the news recently in a Kardashian paternity drama, whereby each party is accusing the other of fraud:

The Cleveland Cavaliers player, 29, mentioned the Revenge Body host, 35, in his libel lawsuit against Kimberly Alexander, which he filed on Monday, May 18. His attorney, Marty Singer, claimed the woman had “refused to accept the results” of the DNA test that Thompson took in January and “falsely accused [him] and others allegedly acting on his behalf, including Khloé Kardashian, the mother of Thompson’s daughter, of manipulating the results.” Singer insisted Alexander’s allegation was “a malicious lie.”“I feel like the whole issue originally stemmed from Tristan not wanting to choose a neutral setting for the DNA testing and using a Kardashian-associated DNA testing facility,” she claimed to E! NewsOpens in a new Window. on Thursday, May 14. “I feel as if you really have nothing to hide then why not just go to a neutral testing site? And we both know what happened and exactly what went on between us. That’s all I can say for now.”

For those of us who are not familiar with paternity cases, it seems like LabCorp is not the only company providing fake tests.   But it is the focus of our research.  What's interesting about the Kardashian case is that a celebrity brings awareness to the issue of fake science being used to manipulate courts or public opinion.

When a mother fills out a report requesting paternity identification of a father, using a LabCorp test, the father will ALWAYS be the father, because the tests are 'motherless tests' which means they are testing the father against his own DNA.  This poorly understood trick enables LabCorp's tests to be used in most local family courts nailing the father as the father even though he could be a stranger or someone only known to the mother.  Hundreds of cases have proved this in other ways, such as the case of Andre Chreky:

The fight lasted two years. When it ended in May, Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Stitt not only ruled in Chreky's favor, but also raised serious questions about the reliability of DNA testing during a time when it is relied on to prove paternity, guilt, innocence, and more.  ''I thought LabCorp's performance was shoddy," Stitt said at a hearing in May after ruling that the state did not prove Chreky was the father. ''I think something unfair happened in this case, where a citizen was put to the greatest extent to defend himself against what really has turned out to be a moving target as far as where LabCorp is concerned."

One would think that this would have stopped the fake paternity tests, but the opposite happened.  The questions investors should ask about this name are:

  • What is the liability of this fraud?
  • What would happen if the thousands of fathers that are paying child support because of fake test results wanted to re-try their cases?
  • If LabCorp develops a reputation as a 'fake test' provider, what will that do to their traditional testing business (Paternity is a small part of their overall testing product line).

.. These are just a few.  Certainly if you have a paternity case, LabCorp should not be used.

One thing is clear.  We should not assume just because a company is large means that it is credible.  Whether this paternity fraud is part of a larger DNA agenda is not clear.  What is clear is that DNA fraud is becoming more and more widespread, with scary implications for society.  As LabCorp is a huge provider of scientific testing services, a deeper dive into their methods and business model is warranted.

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