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False flag EXPOSED: Is George Floyd alive? We are all victims of the Cartel’s Brutality


(Global Intel Hub) -- Charlotte, NC  -- 6/2/2020 -- This is a conspiracy theory.  The problem with looking at any conspiracy is that, one doesn't have all the facts.  For example how do we examine the activities of the CIA which are 'classified' or the US Government's use of the black budget, or technology transfers between Darpa and US Telecoms?  The answer is circumstantial evidence, whistleblower testimony, internal documents, and deductive logic.  Osama bin laden being behind the 911 attacks was also a conspiracy theory, but it was proven false by hundreds of documents, witness testimony, and other evidence some of which took years to surface.  To see if this theory is correct or false, we need to wait.  Witnesses will come forward, something will show up - there is no such thing as a perfect crime.  What we do here is compile circumstantial evidence - this is journalism, it's not analysis and we have only a single hypothesis:  The killing of George Floyd was a staged event.  We have no conclusion.  It's too early to come to conclusions.  Let's just understand what's going on and go through it.

We weren't there - we don't have inside information.  Nothing has been leaked (yet).  What we do have is extensive experience living through past false flag events, most notably 911.  And here again, we don't know who exactly was behind 911, we don't know many details of the how and why.  What we do know for a fact is the mainstream narrative in the 911 commission report is 100% false.  Even those who assembled the committee said this.

What's going on here is shocking and scary.  Police brutality is a horrible problem and there are hundreds of cases of wrongful deaths, injuries, and false arrests that have ruined people's lives.  But this is a widespread problem that involves thousands of victims, who are also white, asian, and black.  Police brutality is a terrible issue that needs to be carefully addressed, because it's a complex issue.  Police in bad areas risk their lives daily to keep the peace, they are the good guys.  Not all of them of course, but not all cops are bad cops.  And there are many groups looking into this issue and working with local Police to overcome it.  Looking at videos from the last 48 hours I'd say that we have some of the most patient and well trained Police in the world!  If this was in France or any foreign country cops would have been beating people and firing into crowds.  They don't have a concept of 'Politically Correct' and if you've ever travelled to Italy, police carry AR-15's and AK-47's with their finger off the trigger, fully loaded with clips strapped to their back (not in the UK of course).  Anyway let's look at the facts.

George Floyd worked security at the same nightclub on the same shift as his killer:

“Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open. They were working together at the same time, it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside,” Santamaria told KSTP.

However, Santamaria said that she can’t be certain that Chauvin and Floyd knew each other, because often over a dozen security guards working at the club on any given night.

Still, they did work overlapping shifts, and the fact that one man ended up killing the other should justify further investigation into whether or not the two had a prior relationship.

Here is one clip of the video:

In this clip produced by Leftist New York Times you can see that the police car is blocking the only visible camera recording the whole event.  The police car parks illegally in the crosswalk exactly where the camera could have recorded what was really going on.  These officers were apparently arresting Floyd for using counterfeit money.  When do you need several patrols involving 4+ officers to hold down an older unhealthy guy?  He's not resisting and wasn't fleeing.  Watch until the end (we can't embed it).


Who was George Floyd?

Isn't the timing of this event interesting, just days after social media is being exposed for censoring alternative views.  Searching for topics like the above pushes anything other than Leftist controlled media to the bottom of the 5th page on Google.  Not that Fox is any better this is just an observation.  It's interesting to note that Gates funded fact-check sites that have been popping up since the Trump election are ready to dispute any false claims.

What's interesting about this case, the Police have every reason to investigate this crime in great detail.  So we will see if this is another botched investigation or if they uncover some of the same interesting facts as we do here in this article.

Let's start with a bread crumb from the Chicago Tribune:

Floyd was charged in 2007 with armed robbery in a home invasion in Houston and in 2009 was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea deal, according to court documents.  Floyd landed a job working security at a Salvation Army store in downtown Minneapolis. He later started working two jobs, one driving trucks and another as a bouncer at Conga Latin Bistro, where he was known as “Big Floyd.”


his rapping on DJ Screw’s famous tapes in the 1990s, when Floyd and dozens of others helped establish Houston as one of the world’s great hip-hop scenes.

In early 1994, a friend who knew Screw took both Floyd and Carney to the DJ’s house. Carney was too nervous to try it out, but Floyd got on the mic and started rapping. Screw was impressed with his flow. You can hear Big Floyd (as everyone called him) do a freestyle on a 1996 tape, “Sittin’ on Top of the World,” along with Chris Ward and AD. “Welcome to the ghetto,” Floyd rapped in his deep drawl. “It’s Third Ward, Texas.”  The next decade was a struggle for Floyd, says Hawkins. “He got into trouble,” she says. “He fell into the things a lot of the guys in the neighborhood were doing.” Floyd was arrested and charged with theft in 1998, and later with drug possession. In 2009, Floyd went to prison after pleading guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He was paroled in 2013, after four years at the Diboll Unit in East Texas.

Well let's have a listen to Big Floyd.

There are also rumors spreading around about how he was a Porn Star, but credible news agencies haven't reported on this yet.  To recap, George Floyd grew up in the projects, was in a gang, was arrested on drug charges and theft, home invasion, and who knows what else he was into.  We're not judging - there are millions of youths like him and we hope they all make better choices.  But with this past, as a bouncer at a nightclub - is this the most credible victim?  Jesus was a martyr that we still hear about today, how he died for our sins.  Is George Floyd the Jesus of the American Black Community?  Life was rough for him, just as it is and was for millions of young blacks.  No one can do anything but feel bad for this guy - he's such a victim.  Not only was he killed by 'white supremacist' cops, he was a victim of the system.  The man got him down.  And now, young people are killing cops, shop owners, looting stores, burning buildings, vandalizing cars, all in his name.  Viva la revolution!

We aren't going to find out much about Chauvin with the Left's takeover of social media and censoring any content that's not part of the mainstream narrative, so let's move on.  You can bet that any information about these crisis actors or their doubles has been either scrubbed from the world or inserted on an as needed basis.

Who is funding this?

If you Google George Soros funding Antifa  you will find only counterintelligence from Leftist media and fake 'fact checking' sites like burying any information below any credibility.  As with any current event, we can only learn later.  But we have lots of information about Soros funding similar anti-Trump campaigns such as the paid Kavanaugh 'screamers' and fake paid for feminist protestors.  He has also funded anti-Government radical revolutions in many countries including but not limited to Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Indonesia, and many many others.  Soros is a private individual but just by coincidence wherever Open Society is there you have CIA operations which are, of course, totally above board.  Biden took the corrupt money just as a trick in order to get the Ukrainian criminals, you see?  (If such nonsense were true why didn't he return the money?)

Here is just one example you can find thousands of others:

One protester for hire in Fountain Hills, Arizona, told the media he had been “given $3,500“ after he had answered a Craigslist ad about a group needing actors for a political event” for which he auditioned and “got the part.” Pictures of buses to drive protesters to where their services were needed would seem to reveal that the man in the street is unable to rent that many vehicles spontaneously.  At that point, analysts recall that “we now have Soros behind many ‘color’ revolutions in other countries and financing in effect a semi-color revolution in US,” making a reference to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, among others. “I don’t know if it categorizes as treason. He certainly operates from the shadows. His only legitimacy is his wallet. His only concern is to create the kind of democracy he can prop up and gain an interest from. That’s the kind of person who is behind this continuing protest against a valid, legitimate, free election.”

If you think this is far fetched, who is paying for these bricks and other objects to be delivered to 'hot zones' moments before angry people need something to throw into a window?  Who are these white guys in masks running around giving cash to black guys to throw bricks?

It certainly looks like Kiev, and the snipers in the buildings are a dead giveaway.  As this party is just getting started, we'll have more evidence as time goes on.

Civil War 2

In the early 90's Military Analyst Thomas W. Chittum wrote a book about how the US would face a 2nd Civil War based on demographic tensions divided across regional demographic discrepancies (race, language, cultural differences).  It was highly read and circulated in the ALT community in the early 2000s among many preppers and is a great read. With what's going on now it's a MUST READ - CW2

The book focuses on racial and demographic tensions but that's exactly the climate we are in.  The radical Left has a Communist vision for America that doesn't mend well with Republicans, and there is just collateral damage in between.

The US Military and intelligence groups have far more detailed analysis and understanding than can be put in one book.  What's clear is that this could be an easy scenario to use as a lubricated Trojan Horse to bring on [insert your desired revolution].  The stage was set, all that was needed was funding, actors, and finally an audience.  Is this why Social Media has been 'blocking' alternative sites in the last few months aggressively?  Perhaps COVID was just the first act.

The scenario

The theory here is that those in the video are crisis actors.  They could be body doubles, paid actors, or CIA patsys, like Jeffrey Epstein, and suddenly Cauvin kills himself in prison without any witnesses or real deposition.  Cauvin himself had a record of complaints and was involved in many shootings.

The details of the scenario are not important - the question is was this a Hollywood created artificial 'movie script' but in real life, such as depicted in films like Wag the Dog?

What a great moment when Hoffman says "Haven't had this much fun since live TV."

It would not be surprising, in fact it's quite common - anyone who worked in the Military or intelligence services knows this well.  And it's not only the CIA that does it of course, it's a known information weapon that goes back to Sun Tzu:

If the patron saint of traditional warfare is Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, who wrote that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” is the comparable figure of importance to information warfare and influence operations. ... But the primary focus within U.S. military doctrine on these operations is tactical.

Psychological Operations "PsyOps" have been cultivated over a period of decades by the US Military, and has evolved into a toolset including non-lethal weapons such as TV which affects people's reptilian brains more than they can understand.

Enter remote control revolutions: 5g

Did you see these shiny 5g milliwave towers popping up all over USA?  Did you know that they went live this month in many cities?   See this from Tech Crunch:

5G is now live in 24 markets, GSMA predicts it’ll be 20% of global connections by 2025 — and eyes a big tech break-up.  The cutting edge network tech is capable of supporting speeds up to 100x faster than LTE/4G and delivering latency of just a few milliseconds, as well as being able to connect many more devices per cell site. As it rolls out, it’s expected to underpin a new wave of “smarter” digital services which bake in real-time AI assistance and help drive the digitization of legacy industries.

So what?  How is 5G connected to riots?  Did you know that 5G was developed by Darpa (R&D for the US Military) as a crowd control weapon?  Did you know that 5g has toxic health consequences, including but not limited to:

Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:
  • DNA single and double strand breaks
  • oxidative damage
  • disruption of cell metabolism
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • melatonin reduction
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism
  • generation of stress proteins
Let’s not also forget that in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.
More recently the $25 million National Toxicology Program concluded that radio frequency radiation of the type currently used by cell phones can cause cancer.
... #8 – Effects on Plant Health
One of the features of 5G is that the MMW is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain. Humans and animals alike consume plants as a food source. The effects MMW has on plants could leave us with food that’s not safe to consume.
Think GMOs on steroids.

5G was developed as an "Active Denial System" or ADS designed to remotely manipulate human beings without 'harming' them from distances up to 1 Kilometer:

Active Denial Technology is a non-lethal, counter-personnel capability that creates a heating sensation, quickly repelling potential adversaries with minimal risk of injury. Active Denial Technology has the potential to support multiple missions, including:

  • Force Protection

  • Perimeter Defense

  • Crowd Control

  • Patrols/Convoys

  • Defensive and Offensive Operations

Also see

5G are the exact same devices, same frequencies, different purpose.  Or is it?  This technology has the capability to not only disperse crowds, but to affect mood.  It can make you angry, it can make you sleepy.  It can't and won't kill you.  It's not a microwave.  It may cause cancer but no more than you get with an x-ray.  This is real non-lethal technology.  But what it does have the capability of doing, if directed in dense areas - making a crowd of protestors angry, and operate from the reptilian brain.  If you zoom out of the areas where there are violent riots, you will likely see 5G towers nearby.

Science Fiction you say?  DARPA has been working on thousands of such projects since 1957:

Remote control of human beings is not far fetched and it has been battle tested not only in open theater but in Kiev, Ukraine during the 'color revolutions' and other places.  The best part about this is you can hide a beam weapon in an office building, warehouse, or other place.  If we look at surveillance footage we may even see some of these being concealed inside the brown national guard humvees and/or installed near violent areas.

This video shows demonstrators being dispersed from an area (are these crisis actors some of the same ones operating in the Floyd riots?)

What they don't show are the other capabilities of this technology, and how this technology is compatible with other AI driven tech they are rolling out, such as Nanotechnology:

ARLINGTON, Va. – DARPA, the Department of Defense's research arm, is paying scientists to invent ways to read soldiers' minds instantly using tools like genetic engineering of the human brain, nanotechnology and infrared beams. Live Science reports. Continue reading original article

23 May 2019 -- The end goal? Mind-controlled weapons like swarms of drones that someone sends to the skies with a single thought or the ability to beam images from one brain to another.

If we are now understanding what is possible based on last generation technology, is staging the fake murder of George Floyd so far out of the possibility of real?  All you need are some actors and a few witnesses with phones, it's a low level B production.

We are all victims in the current social control paradigm and at some point are abused by the Brutality of the system.  The only way to stop it is through awareness, not violence.  The more we learn and understand what's really going on and share this with our loved ones, the less influence the Brutalist deep state and Global Elite will have on the planet and all of us.  Remember: There are more of us, and just because they have all the money and guns, doesn't mean they will win in their agenda fait accompli.  They need us to spray the skies with Chemicals, operate their factories, and protect them.

Fight Club provides an excellent Metaphor for those of us who are feeling helpless against a system which is big and powerful that has advanced technology.  We make your food-

For those of you who are looking to loot for something FREE - get it the right way, ask someone or checkout this resource for FREE STUFF AT UBUY.ME Stop looting stores - it's illegal and it does nothing to help any cause other than to further Anarchy and incite disorder.

This is another must read prepper article about a scenario that is likely unfolding (huge copy here and big shoutout to Mike Adams ex-Military for breaking this down for us :

Analysis highlights of what happens next by Mike Adams:

– This “terrorism” designation is a necessary step for Trump and America to stand up to the lawlessness, violence and property destruction of the radical Left, which is being coordinated and funded by communist forces.

– It will be combined with the President invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy U.S. soldiers on the streets of the worst-hit cities.

– With the designation in place, conservative media will begin rapidly documenting which left-wing news operations, left-wing politicians and university professors have either donated money to Antifa or are involved in supporting Antifa operations. All those with ties to Antifa will be designated as aiding and abetting terrorist operations in America. This may, in fact, be a strategy to take down CNN, which is completely run by anti-America communists and radical left-wing traitors to America.

– Once the designation goes live, federal law enforcement agents will shift from their current “backing down” stance to a, “stand your ground stance.”

– This means rioters will be shot in large numbers as they attempt to attack federal buildings, law enforcement infrastructure and officers of the law. This will happen all at once as the order goes out that law enforcement (and soldiers) should begin fighting back instead of abandoning buildings and territory.

– The sudden increase in the shooting of left-wing rioters / Antifa operators will of course, result in the left-wing media whipping up a second wave of outrage against Trump, and the media will call for ten times as many protesters to hit the streets and attack government buildings.

– Understand that this is exactly what the radical Left wants: An escalation into war, martial law and economic collapse. They are willing to bring America down to avoid Trump winning another term, and there’s nothing they won’t do to cause total chaos and destruction in the months leading up to the election.

– At this point, America will quickly descend in a state of full-blown civil war. In this state, you will see:

  • Antifa running roadside bombs / EIDs, and carrying out targeted assassinations of patriots and political leaders.
  • Coordinated left-wing attacks on key infrastructure, including power substations, to escalate mayhem and collapse.
  • Brazen attacks against law enforcement officers nationwide, including ambushes set by Antifa terrorists.
  • Race-based violence carried out by the Left, targeting “cisgendered white males,” whom the Left has decided are all Nazis.
  • Coordinated raids on white-owned businesses, white neighborhoods and white business leaders, who will be targeted for kidnap and ransom operations.

– The left-wing media will celebrate Antifa’s actions as a “revolution” against the “military dictator” of Trump, as the president will have no choice but to declare martial law and use the National Guard as well as various military elements (via the Insurrection Act) to protect America’s infrastructure.

– At some point in all this, China will activates the narco-terrorist cells that have been prepositioned across the USA. These cells, trained by communist China and funded by narco profits, will immediately move to sabotage infrastructure nationwide. Their targets will include the power grid, water supplies, telecommunications, emergency response services, refineries, ocean ports, airports, railways and other transportation infrastructure. America will experience severe outages in power, fuel, telecommunications and other critical services.

– The communist-run techno-fascists (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple, Wikipedia, etc.) are all-in with China and will operate in coordination with communist China to undermine America, censor the voices of the American people and attempt to worsen the chaos. At some point, these techno-fascists will likely be designated enemy combatants by President Trump, and they will be dealt with by elements of the U.S. military. (If the U.S. Army begins to launch artillery shells into the headquarters of Google, somebody please upload the video footage to

– As soon as America reaches “peak weakness,” China will move on Hong Kong and Taiwan. This will evoke a rapid escalation of military conflict in the Southeast Asia regions, notably involving U.S. Navy and Air Force resources. Expect to see President Trump (and Pompeo) quickly declare a state of war with China, while establishing a strong military presence on Taiwan, with aggressive nuclear submarine posturing against China. There will be kinetic conflicts between the U.S. and China in that region.

– China will activate its ground assets in Mexico to invade the U.S. Southern border and attempt to occupy Southern states. Near the same time, the United Nations will attempt to occupy the United States with “peacekeeping” forces that will immediately move to confiscate firearms from the American citizenry. Once this occurs, we will be in a full militia-centric defense response against invasions by foreign troops on U.S. soil. Many key cities across Southern states like Arizona, California and Texas will be overrun by communist Chinese troops working in conjunction with narco-terrorists. Dave Hodges has written extensively about this topic at

– Across the United States, food and fuel shortages will become severe. FEMA camps will be in full operation. Those citizens who failed to stockpile food, ammunition and other emergency supplies during the covid-19 pandemic will quickly find themselves completely dependent on the government for assistance.

– At some point during all this, food stamps will stop functioning and the financial transaction system will be hit hard. Once the food stamps stop, the inner cities explode in yet another wave of riots and looting. It’s no stretch to say that nearly every retail operation in the inner cities will be looted, destroyed or burned to the ground. There won’t be much left standing that’s still operating.

– Once the inner cities have run out of food and supplies, the looting gangs will fan out, heading into the suburbs. There, each community will need to decide for itself whether it wishes to surrender to the looters (i.e. what Democrats will tend to do), or defend the community with firearms (what Republicans will tend to do). This will result in nationwide blood-in-the-streets fighting, block by block, door to door, with law enforcement practically non-existent. National Guard troops will attempt to control key transportation checkpoints to prevent the mobilization of violent rioters, but this will only have a limited effect.

– Notably, over two years ago I warned that a scenario was coming in which the cities would be abandoned by law enforcement and military operators would be deployed at transportation choke points to effectively “wall off” the cities. This scenario looks like it will unfold in the months ahead. There aren’t enough law enforcement and Guard resources to police every block of every city in America. At some point, troops are simply ordered to abandon the cities and try to prevent the violent rioters from reaching the suburbs.

– Obviously, the U.S. economy will suffer another major collapse as this unfolds. That’s the plan of the radical Left. They want maximum economic damage to be inflicted while the nation is held hostage by Big Tech, the lamestream media and Democrat mayors and governors who do nothing to discourage the rioting. Max chaos is the goal.

– We are urging all citizens to arm up immediately in order to defend life and property against aggressive Antifa terrorists. Acquire night vision capability (head worn, not mounted on your rifle), and use an infrared designator on your rifle so you can engage targets at night. Prepare a bugout plan if you live in the suburbs. Make sure all your firearms are loaded with expanding rounds. Swap out all batteries of red dot sights, weapons lights and other electronic gear. Lubricate all weapon systems. Prepare chest rigs and ballistic protection if you own them. Acquire and practice with necessary comms equipment to you can communicate with family or neighbors.

– Citizens should note that local law enforcement may be your friend in the initial stages of this situation, but in many areas, they will soon come for your firearms as they attempt widespread firearms confiscation in Democrat-run areas. We can’t tell you the appropriate way to respond to such an effort, other than to say if you give up your rifle, you’re as good as dead anyway once the Antifa terrorists come your way. So you might as well fight to keep your rifle no matter what. Law enforcement would be wise to avoid attempting to take away firearms from the American patriots who are fighting to defend this nation rather than destroy it. The more good citizens that are armed, the better chance we have at defeating this attempted communist revolution / lawless insurrection.

– Along those lines, do not forget that if we lose this battle, we lose America. The communists will roll in. China will occupy America, and the first thing they will do is execute all the Leftists who helped them achieve victory, by the way. Fight like your life, your country and your family’s future depends on it… because it does.

– Once Trump declares a state of war with China — which technically, we know, must be declared by Congress, but nobody is going to wait around for that to happen — the China-run tech giants will be operating as enemy combatants, committing treason against America. We fully expect Trump to order the military or State Dept. to take decisive action against the tech giants to shut them down or force them to respect the First Amendment. The designation of war with China will allow the President to seek military police arrests of all corporate leaders who are complicit in cooperating with China, a designated enemy of the United States of America. We want the President to know that we fully support the arrest and prosecution of all the leaders of the techno-fascists corporations, as they are deliberately undermining America and working directly for China, against America’s interests. This includes Apple, by the way.

– It is likely that the November elections will be postponed, as America will be in a state of either civil war or international war with China. (Perhaps both.) This means the impact of the second wave of the coming economic collapse will not be relevant to the November elections if those elections are not taking place on time. America will likely be in a state of war and domestic martial law, with Antifa terrorists running terror operations nationwide. Until the rest of America eliminates all the terrorists, we will never be able to return to peacetime existence and the economic recovery that will follow. So identifying and eliminating all terrorists and communist sympathizers will be the key to real recovery.

President Trump desperately needs our support to defend America and defeat this communist uprising

President Trump has put his neck on the line, laying down the gauntlet against China, Antifa, the tech giants and even the W.H.O. He is betting that the American people will back him up.

That’s why he needs our show of support. Here’s how you can help support the President as he goes to war with the true enemies of America, our Constitution and the future of freedom for We the People:

1) Join counter-protests to make a public show of force against the Antifa terrorists and left-wing rioters. Do not initiate violence, and do support local law enforcement. Make your presence known.

2) Use alternative online ecosystems to share your pro-America messages. These include video sites like and You can also share your views on and various alternative platforms that bypass the censorship of the communist-run tech giants like Facebook.

3) Call your representatives in Washington and voice your support for defending America against Antifa, China and Big Tech censorship. Some Senators (like Cruz and Hawley) are fighting for your right to speak, but they need more support.

4) Prepare to defend your communities against Antifa violence, which will greatly accelerate across America. Meet with local law enforcement and coordinate your responses, if possible. The future of America depends on defeating the terrorists.

5) Stockpile supplies so that you can make it through the coming food shortages and infrastructure disruptions without experiencing emergency shortages.

Global Intel Hub Intelligence Analysis Team  6/2/2020

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