Fake Artificial manufactured protests EXPOSED – real America has a voice


(Global Intel Hub) -- Waxhaw, NC -- 5/30/2020 -- While cities are burning, we are reminded of the prepper mantra of the 3 rules of prepping:

  • 1 - Leave the Cities
  • 2 - Leave the Cities
  • 3- Leave the Cities

Black Lives Matter is practically a revolutionary operative of the CIA via Soros and his "Open Society"

$18 Billion buys you a LOT of protestors, weapons, and other revolutionary tools.

The CIA has done this in foreign countries for years, but never on US soil.

Meanwhile, in the 'real' America, white people are laughing, drinking, playing, not social distancing, not wearing masks, and basically enjoying their lives with their families.  In case you think this is some kind of propaganda, here are the photos from saturday night in Waxhaw, NC:

The photo with the 3 wheel car was 2 black guys, looking spiffy and happy, but it wasn't possible to take the photo until they drove off.  They were smoking cigars and seemingly uninterested in the burning of America (rich).

There were no protestors, no violence, no signs, no commotion.  A crowd formed when  the CSX train went through; it was the big event.  Families gathered and watched the train transport wood, iron beams, and unknown contents in train cars.  Everyone laughed and was happy - America works.  Trains move goods.  It was a small moment from a surreal America, from Atlas Shrugged.  There was graffiti on the trains, and everyone was waving.  Apparently in Waxhaw this is a main event.  It felt like we lived in one of James Howard Kunstler's towns in the 'new America' - but maybe we do?

These protests are clearly a CIA operation.  The mainstream media is hyping this like the fear porn they want you to accept and be afraid and react in your reptilian brain.  Let's face it, Coronavirus is gone and now that it's summer we need riots!!! Terrorists!! Let the dogs out, woof woof..

The reality of these riots are that if you look the demographic of them, they are young people with nothing better to do, laid off or otherwise bored and brainwashed by mainstream media.

Current events are obviously void of real time information as far as what's going on, but reports are already indicating that the reality is being manipulated and controlled from a single source.  Was George Floyd deliberately murdered?  

As I know very well due to my many years of training alongside law enforcement and military veterans, police officers are specifically trained to avoid pushing their body weight, through their knee, onto a suspect’s throat or neck for the simple reason that doing so causes severe injury or death. Any police officer that deliberately places their knee (and hence, their body weight) on the neck of a suspect who is pinned against the ground is doing so out of a premeditated desire to cause death.
The question isn’t whether George Floyd was murdered — he clearly was — the real question is why he was murdered.

Another weird fact, the suspect (cop) and victim (George) worked together at a nightclub:

Authored by John Vibes via TheMindUnleashed.com,

bizarre twist in the murder of George Floyd was reported on Thursday night, as a former club owner in south Minneapolis revealed that Floyd worked at her club as a security guard, alongside recently fired police officer Derek Chauvin, the man who killed him.

Club owner Maya Santamaria says that the two both worked the same security shift at El Nuevo Rodeo club on Lake Street, before the business was sold a few months ago.

“Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open. They were working together at the same time, it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside,” Santamaria told KSTP.

However, Santamaria said that she can’t be certain that Chauvin and Floyd knew each other, because often over a dozen security guards working at the club on any given night.

Still, they did work overlapping shifts, and the fact that one man ended up killing the other should justify further investigation into whether or not the two had a prior relationship.

If Chauvin and Floyd were not meeting for the first time in the moments before Floyd’s death, that could potentially mean that there was a deeper motive behind the murder.

If true, this could make the difference between a manslaughter charge or a murder charge.

Well well well.  Isn't reality a real life Hollywood/CIA production?

But is this really 'chaos' or has nothing really materially changed?  Is this another 'event' that is going to force the planet into a one world government they are trying to shove down our throats poke by poke by pokemaster Bill Gates.

Zero Hedge as always deserves a great mention and respect fist of credibility for covering this unlike any alt media.

But other concerns arise.

Is this what 'they' have been talking about for years, as part of the larger plan to eviscerate America into the large plan.  It's going to take some time to elaborate on this, for now we have started this page on "Climate Change" which is the larger top down name they are calling this nonsense, COVID and Terrorism are the stratgies - "Climate Change" is the doctrine.  These people are FUCKING GENIUSES.


Here are 2 must watch videos that you need to prime you-self with for the coming of what's coming.

Must Watch - FEMA Whistleblower explains in detail New World Order plans for global governance and how COVID is phase 1 in their plans to dominate the planet's chemical, nuclear, biological, and electrical sphere

Take the time and watch these.  It's much more informative than the fear porn that CNN/CIA is mongering.

Additionally, the media/CIA controls you via TV because it enables them to exploit your reptilian brain, via chemical reactions.  If you are on pills, stop taking them.  If you have TV, stop watching it.  As long as you have big pharma pills, TV, you are no different than plants in the garden.

This is what is driving these riots.  There are no riots, only except that which exist in your brain.  There is no spoon.

Unfortunately, African Americans are as we can say politically correctly, dealing with a different set of circumstances.  The demographic of the protestors is not majority black but they are driving this politically.  The average age of the protestors is 25.  It is likely that many of the protestors are paid, and that the initial event was staged or paid for, and encouraged by social media and CIA/CNN who is reeling from the Twitter battle between the people and the social media giants.  The timing of this cannot be looked over.

Americans don't know who is Soros and they don't understand what the CIA is or does.  Let's look at a few examples.  Soros was kicked out of Turkey for staging riots, and anti-government protests:

Erdogan on Wednesday accused Soros of supporting the jailed Turkish financier and philanthropist Osman Kavala who organised civil society events.  Kavala has been in prison for the past year awaiting trial. Without directly naming him, Erdogan claimed Kavala "financed the terrorists" during anti-government protests in 2013.

Turkey is one example, there are thousands of others, just google it.  Here's another, in Malaysia:

Local news reports claimed Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) was also attempting to influence the country’s next election in 2018 through programmes such as voter mobilisation drives. The street protest held by Bersih in Kuala Lumpur last year. The release of the emails comes ahead of another rally planned by the group this month. Photo: AFPIn the Malaysian public’s imagination, Soros was behind the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, which erased much of the wealth the country had built up after a heady period of growth in the mid-90s.“Soros is famous for his role in the Asian financial crisis in 1998. Knowing his background, we can conclude he is not one who comes with good intentions,” said Wee Ka Siong, a government cabinet minister.

Other references as you can read/buy at www.ubuy.me include Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Dark Alliance, The Vandal's Crown, Splitting Pennies - and hundreds of others.

In the context of COVERT-19 this is tactical, it's not about Trump although that's an obvious positive side effect for the cartel.  It's really irrelevant who is in office in 2021 - obviously Trump has been corrupted even if the only evidence is allowing Gates funded Fauci and Globalist Wilbur Ross from the island to run the NWO agenda.

I mean just look at this:

Political party Republican (2016–present)
Other political
Democratic (before 2016)
Judith Nodine


If the Democrats had any brains, they would be investigating these real issues, instead of calling Trump a poopyhead and stupidface, and creating the fake false idiotic Russiahoax which no one would believe.

Or, have they benn working together all along???

At this point it's worth looking at all this, if America is about to lose it's sovereignty, we should examine all sides.

The 'deep state' is the CIA, unelected people running operations like creating Bitcoin, influencing US elections, creating and staging riots, and thousands of other things.

Instead of burning buildings, protestors would be illuminated to a greater enlightenment if they read books and articles about what they are angry about, providing a basis for their cause.  Or to say differently, what do they want?  Police reform?  What about the fraud going on with COVID or what they are spraying in the skies, or white collar crime, climate change, aren't there better causes?  Is race the most important issue to black people - are we reduced to burning down businesses in which we shop and work?  Is/Has the US become or always was a part of Africa or have we moved beyond the bottom of the maslow pyramid?

Don't worry - real America is still laughing and playing and working, there is no COVID there are no riots, but are we the minority?  How many Waxhaw's are there in USA?

Believe this or do the research.  There is a group somewhere, running this operation.  They have families.  They believe it's for the greater good.  They think that we need to destroy in order to create.

During Vietnam there was something they said "We need to burn the village to save it" and that's what these 'soldiers' really think.

The solution is not activism, we need to create an economy which is not destructive and more profitable.  Unfortunately, the Elite are the 'best of the best' if we are to confront them we need to compete with them, and offer humanity a better solution.

There is no rest for the wicked.

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