Cancelled History: Russian Intervention in US Civil War (1861-1865)

from ZH U.S. Civil War was one of the most important events in U.S. (and world) history, but as it turns out, what nearly everyone thinks they know about that event is wrong. My high school and university history classes left me with the impression that the war was fought over the issue of slavery: […]

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Trading and Investing America’s second Civil War LLC – Second Sight Markets Analysis 7/3/2020 — A second civil war is brewing in America and by some accounts has already started.  Regardless of your opinion and proclivities you can’t deny that things are going to get more chaotic before they become more stable.  War is always a volatile situation but we have extensive experience […]

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False flag EXPOSED: Is George Floyd alive? We are all victims of the Cartel’s Brutality

(Global Intel Hub) — Charlotte, NC  — 6/2/2020 — This is a conspiracy theory.  The problem with looking at any conspiracy is that, one doesn’t have all the facts.  For example how do we examine the activities of the CIA which are ‘classified’ or the US Government’s use of the black budget, or technology transfers […]

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