Trump, Musk, and Disclosure – Psy Op or Ascension to New Paradigm

Global Intel Hub — ZH Exclusive!! — Zero Hedge loves controversy so let’s use 3 of the most popular trigger words, never used freely like this in the same title:  Musk, Trump, and Disclosure. This is part of our ongoing coverage of the Disclosure Operation currently underway, with a focus on how it will affect […]

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The Disclosure Truth – Why should we care? – Breakdown of Disclosure and Technology Patent Portfolio public release and parties involved

Global Intel Hub — Knoxville, TN — 12/5/2023 The US Congress, led by TN Senator Tim Burchett, is involved in a Disclosure process via hearings and laws being passed, regarding the US Government’s possession of non-human technologies and interactions.  For those who don’t know how the US Government works, everything is compartmentalized, in this case, […]

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