Watch: “You Are The Problem” – Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces | ZeroHedge


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Watch: "You Are The Problem" - Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces | ZeroHedge

Kevin Roberts, President of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, spoke to globalists at the World Economic Forum confab Thursday and told them directly that "You are part of the problem, you are not the solution."

During a discussion titled "What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration," Roberts let rip on the elitists.

Roberts began, adding

He further urged that "anyone not prepared to do that, and take away this power of the unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people, is unprepared to be a part of the next conservative administration."

When the discussion turned to Donald Trump, Roberts told the host of the panel, Sir Robin Niblett, ‘Distinguished Fellow' of Chatham House, that adding "It's equally laughable to use the word ‘dictatorship' at Davos and aim that at President Trump… I think that's absurd."

He continued, "The very reason I'm here at Davos, is to explain to many people in this room and who are watching, with all due respect -- nothing personal -- that you are part of the problem."

"Political elites tell the average people… that the reality is ‘x,' when in fact, reality is ‘y,'" Roberts further declared, going on to give several examples with regards to open borders, immigration, gender issues, and the constant guilt trip elites subject everyday people to over the "existential threat" of climate change, while they hypocritically fly around in private jets.


Kevin Roberts, President of conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, directly told globalists at the #WorldEconomicForum2024 "You are part of the problem," adding that it's "laughable" that they think they are protecting democracy. Report here:

-- m o d e r n i t y (@ModernityNews) January 19, 2024

Roberts echoed some of the same sentiments expressed yesterday at the confab by Argentinian president Javier Milei.

It's surprising to see the likes of Roberts and Milei even invited to speak at the WEF. One can only imagine the globalists there are conducting closer research on their enemies.

In a piece written before the panel discussion, Roberts noted "The infamous hypocritical self-avowed Marxists, private-jet environmentalists, and genocide-adjacent humanitarians want to hear from the Heritage Foundation how they can "rebuild trust" with everyday Americans against whom they have weaponized their institutions."

Usually it's just Klaus Schwab fantasising about giving everyone brain implants and doing away with democratic elections.

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