“The American People Know The Fix Is In” – O’Reilly Warns Carlson “We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now” | ZeroHedge


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"The American People Know The Fix Is In" - O'Reilly Warns Carlson "We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now" | ZeroHedge

Outspoken conservative media personality Bill O'Reilly joined Tucker Carlson (the man who replaced him in his primetime Fox News slot) for a wide-ranging discussion of the dismal state of the world, and why progressive politicians are to blame.

O'Reilly lamented.

The former Fox News anchor lays out how this has occurred:

O'Reilly said that Ron Klain and Susan Rice were the original string-pullers, but since their departure from The White House, their assistants took their place "basically telling Joe what to do and say."

He argued that Biden has harkened in an "age of disorder" which has resulted in the emergence of Black Lives Matter, higher taxes, lax crime laws, and progressive indoctrination of children at young ages.

However, O'Reilly notes that, given the constant overwhelming bias evident in the Biden admin's judicial actions, it is becoming too hard for media to suppress the reality of political persecution:  

"So," O'Reilly concludes,


Of course, the conversation between the two could not avoid the topic of 'being fired from Fox News' with O'Reilly reflecting on his 2017 removal (amid sexual harrassment claims): The two candidly remarked on the fact that regardless of one's reputation or history, all television figures are ultimately replaceable.

Watch the full interview below:

Ep. 26 The Bill O'Reilly Interview pic.twitter.com/yHabD7W9NO

-- Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) September 28, 2023


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