Russian Intent to Subvert US Democratic Institutions?


Russian Intent to Subvert US Democratic Institutions?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The claim is laughable on its face. Yet the NYT and other media scoundrels repeat the Big Lie endlessly, again by the Times on Saturday – further burnishing its reputation as a lying machine, notably waging editorial war on Russia.

The Times falsely claimed overseas political interference “hack(ed) Republican think tanks,” citing DNI Dan Coats turning truth on its head, saying Russia is intent on subverting American democratic institutions.

It’s an ad nauseam-repeated bald-faced lie, notably since no US democratic institutions exist to try undermining.

The Times: US “intelligence agencies have not been able to say precisely what are Mr. Putin’s intentions: He could be trying to tilt the midterm elections, simply sow chaos or generally undermine trust in the democratic process” – more bald-faced lies.

No evidence suggests foreign efforts target America’s political process or any institutions of government by Russia or other countries – a US specialty, repeatedly interfering in the affairs of allies and adversaries worldwide.

The Big Lie about Russian election meddling to help Trump triumph over Hillary refuses to die. Endless media scoundrel repetitions get most people to believe what never happened.

They cite or quote a rogue’s gallery of Russophobic US officials and likeminded sources, responsible for creating a Russia-bashing cottage industry with no credibility whatever, instead of debunking their disgraceful Big Lies.

The Times turned truth on its head, claiming “Putin…said he is intent on killing so-called traitors” – falsely blaming him for the US/UK-staged Skripal incident last March Russia had nothing to do with.

Irresponsible Russia bashing is here to stay – fueled by the Times and other medial scoundrels, serving as press agents for dark forces running America – wanting all sovereign independent governments eliminated.

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