About ZPP


Zero Point Portal is a free public site explaining concepts of the new synthesis model for the internet and financial markets.

Zero point energy has been demonstrated by hundreds of scientists as a true reliable 'free energy' that could end our dependence on fossil fuels, end climate change, and free the world from poverty, war (which is mostly resource driven) and a plethora of other problems.  Yet, few people even know what zero point energy is.

Another mind blowing groundbreaking information that skip public attention is Thorium.  A true clean-nuclear alternative significantly more efficient than Uranium and significantly less radioactive (like 100x) - Thorium reactors could be built tomorrow at a fraction of the cost of current reactors.  See: http://energyfromthorium.com/

Zero Point Portal is a gateway into the private Global Intel Hub.  A members only community, Global Intel Hub hosts research and information about anything intelligent and nothing useless.

The "Zero Point" as explained in The Matrix, is where Neo decides to take the Red Pill, entering a world beyond his imagination (the real world).  If you are reading this, you should now decide: