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Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive) - - Washington D.C. - 7/24/2019 --  Today's ridiculous circus showcase hearing that failed is just another proof that the Demorats are not likely going to survive the next election; as even their own guard is stepping up the anti-hoax rhetoric.

As we explain in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems.  What's interesting though, this isn't the first fake/hoax hysteria sweeping D.C. as fast as ebola in a crowded African city.  As early as 1920 we had the First Red Scare:

The First Red Scare was a period during the early 20th-century history of the United States marked by a widespread fear of Bolshevism and anarchism, due to real and imagined events; real events included the Russian Revolution and anarchist bombings. At its height in 1919–1920, concerns over the effects of radical political agitation in American society and the alleged spread of communism and anarchism in the American labor movement fueled a general sense of concern.

This laid the ground for what would be an ongoing Russophobic hysteria promoted by the US Military Industrial Complex in order to justify Trillions in spending on defense over a multi-decade period.  We know now after the Soviet Union collapsed there was never any 'threat' from Russia.  Donald Rumsfeld once said "Just because the CIA spent years looking for missiles in Russia and didn't find any, doesn't mean they aren't there" and this was the twisted logic that kept the cold war hot.  This is the same type of twisted disinformation and logical fallacies being used to abuse the American people intellectually, as well as fodder for the anti-Trump takedown.

The facts are that Demorats (and most everyone) was surprised, shocked, that Trump - an outsider, could get elected.  So this plan to de-Trump America was sloppy, unplanned, emotional, and poorly executed.  Players include US Billionaires, British and Israeli Intelligence, and a host of Shadow Creatures from the Deep State like Creepy John Brennan.  They were blindsided.  So they used all their power to create a false narrative, i.e. the Steel Dossier, to confuse and obfuscate the fact that it was the Demorats that tried to fix the election, it was the Demorats that had a secret deal with Russia:

The Uranium One controversy is a theory accusing Bill Clinton, The Clinton FoundationHillary Clinton, the Obama administration, high level officials in Russia, the State Department, Uranium One, and the FBI of allegedly compromising national-security interests, bribery, and suppressing evidence.[30][31][32][33] All parties denied the accusations, and no evidence of wrongdoing has been found after four years of allegations, an FBI investigation, a House Intelligence Committee inquiry, and the 2017 appointment of a Federal Attorney to evaluate the investigation.[30][31][32][34]

The best way to hide a crime is to accuse your enemy of the crime and plant false evidence on him.  Also, it's useful to create a false enemy in the mask of Russia because this groundwork has been laid in the American Psyche for more than 100 years.

Russia is a Black Hole

Please dear readers understand there are only a few places in the world that are not tracked electronically and one of those places is Russia.  Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other places are great hiding spots if you are a hacker or internet troll.  In fact, there's no way for you to be tracked once you are inside of Russia.  You may as well be an American, Canadian, or even a Democrat.  The bs Demorat 'evidence' that Russians manipulated the election are Russian IP addresses and Russian language characters inside code of Malware used to hack the DNC for example.  As uncovered by Wired magazine, read this:

One nugget of particular interest to Trump supporters: a section titled "Umbrage" that details the CIA's ability to impersonate cyber-attack techniques used by Russia and other nation states. In theory, that means the agency could have faked digital forensic fingerprints to make the Russians look guilty of hacking the Democratic National Committee.  Nothing in the documents connects the CIA to any Trump Tower wiretaps, which may or may not have ever existed at all anyway. Nor does the leak provide any evidence of a CIA scheme to pin the DNC hack on the Russians. But in the internet age, it doesn’t need to.

So here's the point.  Hackers can fake IP addresses rerouting your traffic to appear as if you are from anywhere.  Intelligence Agency hackers would obviously use a place where physical surveillance is impossible (i.e. Russia, Ukraine).  For example if you claimed to be from New York City, FBI et al could get a warrant and ATT/NSA has a vault of records of every electronic record including but not limited to security cameras, cell phone conversations, text messages, Facebook, email, and network traffic.

We are not saying that it was the DNC explicitly that tried to hack the state voting machines. We are simply stating that in the forensic evidence presented, stating that an IP address and Russian language in the code, is alone not proof that it was Russians behind any social media campaigns or other election tampering.  Also, these Russian 'troll farms' are for hire - and they aren't only in Russia.  Read this article entitled "How to Hack an Election" -

For eight years, Sepúlveda, now 31, says he traveled the continent rigging major political campaigns. With a budget of $600,000, the Peña Nieto job was by far his most complex. He led a team of hackers that stole campaign strategies, manipulated social media to create false waves of enthusiasm and derision, and installed spyware in opposition offices, all to help Peña Nieto, a right-of-center candidate, eke out a victory. On that July night, he cracked bottle after bottle of Colón Negra beer in celebration. As usual on election night, he was alone.  Sepúlveda’s career began in 2005, and his first jobs were small—mostly defacing campaign websites and breaking into opponents’ donor databases. Within a few years he was assembling teams that spied, stole, and smeared on behalf of presidential campaigns across Latin America. He wasn’t cheap, but his services were extensive. For $12,000 a month, a customer hired a crew that could hack smartphones, spoof and clone Web pages, and send mass e-mails and texts. The premium package, at $20,000 a month, also included a full range of digital interception, attack, decryption, and defense. The jobs were carefully laundered through layers of middlemen and consultants. Sepúlveda says many of the candidates he helped might not even have known about his role; he says he met only a few.

This guy for sure is not the only person in the world capable of doing this.  We are also not suggesting that it was the CIA or a state actor.  Just know that any US based firm can hire a troll farm and make something look like it was the Russians.  Blaming the Russians is a Demorat tradition, going back 100 years.  It's an orwellian trick to get you to obey.

Furthermore, Russia does not have a history in election meddling in other countries.  Only the US, UK, and Israel have a long track record of election fixing.  Don't take our word for it - this is according to the New York Times:

“We’ve been doing this kind of thing since the C.I.A. was created in 1947,” said Mr. Johnson, now at the University of Georgia. “We’ve used posters, pamphlets, mailers, banners — you name it. We’ve planted false information in foreign newspapers. We’ve used what the British call ‘King George’s cavalry’: suitcases of cash.”The United States’ departure from democratic ideals sometimes went much further. The C.I.A. helped overthrow elected leaders in Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s and backed violent coups in several other countries in the 1960s. It plotted assassinations and supported brutal anti-Communist governments in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

So we have the history.  But do we have motive? In one scenario, Obama, still in control of the CIA and Demorat Deep State, threw all their weight behind an anti-Trump campaign designed to rip the country in two, which could all be blamed on Trump for 'tearing the country apart' when it was in fact their conspiracy hoax plan that was doing the ripping.  You have to admit that it's Brilliant, in some way.  But they didn't invent it, this is from the CIA playbook and we know what works and what doesn't based on vast experience.

We'll never know what actually happened because this time they probably physically destroyed the evidence, but it doesn't really matter who it was, we know who it wasn't.  It wasn't the Russians.  And Trump won by majority legally he had no help from Russian Trolls or Russian Oligarchs these are all defamatory lies intent on disrupting a legal Democratic process.  This is right out of the CIA manual how to overthrow a foreign government, how to start a revolution, how to disrupt an election.

What's scary is that for the first time, the US is the target, not Chile or Guatemala.

Conclusion - Conspiracy to rig a US election is real

Sorry guys, but we have a huge Motive.  Trump lived up to his name and was the "Trump" factor that was the demise of the Clinton Dynasty and the beginning of the changing of the guard - for better or worse.  DC is/has been run by a bunch of weirdos, Pedos, satan worshipers, and other freaks that are drunk with power and need to be re-tasked.  If these guys want to practice their occult religions they can buy lifetime Burning Man passes it's not necessary to run the government.  Perhaps that's a good solution we can build a sort of venue for these guys somewhere in the Nevada desert and build a big fence around it, give them all the vices they want and just monitor them.  Heck, we could even subsidize it by making a reality show.  Pedostein's Apartment: Series1.  Clinton's Cauldron: Spirit Cooking Series2.  etc.

The Demorats sensed this and reacted by creating this miasma we are still suffering through today.

The likely suspect of the election meddling is a US actor - it's not the Russians.  Perhaps the US actor hired the IRA or another Russian Troll farm.  That's very likely.  It doesn't mean it's the DNC, but the DNC does have a lot of supporters who are really active in this space, like George Soros for example, who has a huge motive as he was just kicked out of Russia with his "Open Democrazy Society"

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