Analysis of non events


Information seekers face a problem.  Common topics widely publicized and researched get hundreds or thousands of analysts of various types (professional, paid, volunteer, hobbyists), with different backgrounds, and thus come up with wide ranging analysis.  Much of this analysis is severely biased, especially when commercial interests pay analysts to reach conclusions conducive to their business.  This is most notable with the stock market, where analysts work for the same companies that hold positions in the stocks they are giving good ratings to.  But this is not a terrible situation because other information is available, and so it's possible to compare analysis and filter biases, some of which are very obvious.  For common topics, such as a natural disaster (Hurricane Sandy), a political election, or the financial crisis, there is an overwhelming amount of data and thus an overwhelming amount of analysis.  Much of this is freely available on the internet, although there are niche companies that might charge for it, but in any event it is publicly available even if some is in paid form.

But what about 'non events' - things that supposedly never happened or don't exist.  Or topics where data is sparse and widely misunderstood.  Such as:

  • The radiation poisoning of the West Coast of North America 
  • Contact with Extraterrestrials and it's implications on known information
  • The foreign exchange market

The problem with events that 'never happened' or where officials downplay, deny, or obfuscate the topic, leads researchers off the trail.  Analysts, journalists, and others won't want to even discuss the topic for fear of losing their jobs or being branded with a negative connotation, thus reinforcing it's non existence.  This also creates negative pressure on available data, as they won't want to host it on their websites or collect more data as it's 'a waste of time.'  There's so much going on in the world today, and living in an age of near instant communication causes the need for people in the information business of all types to prioritize and focus.

Even in cases like the JFK conspiracy, even though many do not believe in the conspiracy, enough people consider the possibility that there was another version of events, that many have collected additional data and did scientific studies of the Zapruder film.

Let's take a look at the 3 above examples from 3 unrelated fields.

The Foreign Exchange Market "Forex"

The Forex market is the most significant market in the world, in that it represents the global financial system as a whole (with the exception of a few small countries that do not participate).  In some ways it determines the value of money itself, because a central bank can only create as much of it's OWN currency as it wants.  That money can be used internally, but if there are not sufficient means to deploy it domestically, and they want to purchase foreign goods and services, they first need to enter the Forex market and exchange their money for foreign currency.  Because of this, the United States since WWII has pursued a policy to force other nations to use the US Dollar, thus making Forex less relevant for monetary policy in the United States.  Some great examples of this policy, Cuba has been an enemy of the US since Fidel Castro took power, but during that time, until 2004 the US Dollar was the most widely used currency on the island, being accepted for payment in shops and to conduct business.  The largest example is the Petro Dollar, where the US has convinced oil producing nations to sell oil in US Dollars, and to reinvest some of that money into US markets.  Today, Al-Waleed bin Talal is Citibank's largest single shareholder, and Saudi Arabia enjoys military protection from the US and spends the most on arms as a percentage of GDP (8.9%) than almost any other country on the planet, mostly from US arms dealers.  Standing up to this policy usually follows with a troubled fate.

The US has an untold policy (but known in high circles) in the 3rd world (actually any non G8 country) "Use US Dollars or we bomb you."  The most obvious recent example being Iraq, where in 2000 they decided to price oil in Euros, not US Dollars in retaliation for sanctions.  Experts feel this is a large reason why Iran is the next significant US target.  US hegemony is literally expressed in US Dollar hegemony.  As Rothschild is quoted as saying:

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

It is not needed to make this official policy because there is a correlation between the use of US Dollars and contracts with US Corporations, which is the lobby that pushes politicians.  The bankers support the corporations same like they support the government, by supplying them with a near unlimited supply of money, so their agenda remains subtle but clearly there.  If you look at any US intervention since WWII there is an obvious trail of local policies designed to go off the US Dollar system (whether it's a blatant switch to Euros or another currency, or the introduction of a socialist currency system such as seen in Chile with the introduction of Project CyberSyn).

Isn't it ridiculous how Senators accuse China of being a 'currency manipulator' when the Fed is creating money out of nothing, sending it to the Chinese, and they are sending products to the US?  The US is trading worthless paper for products; they have effectively convinced the Chinese to send a bunch of manufactured goods to the US for nothing.  To put icing on the cake, they reinvest their profits in US Treasuries!  It's a better economic situation for the US than if the entire country of China was annexed.  This goes to show you in the example of Forex how little is understood even by power brokers.

The origins of modern Forex since the Nixon shock remain a mystery.  Few official accounts outline what went on at Camp David the weekend before Nixon announced the suspension of the gold window (Here's one).  But we know the State Department and National Security Council were not invited, and we know George Schultz and Henry Kissinger were the leading voices of the shock plan.  On the surface, it was simply a negating of obligations, so the commonly held view is simply that the US didn't feel obliged to fulfill the Bretton Woods agreement.  But what if something else was going on?  The facts are that both men are members of CFR and both have openly promoted the use of a Global "One World Currency."  Both have been advisers to some of the world's largest corporations and several US Presidential administrations.

From an analytic perspective, Forex remains the largest market in the world and the only one that is completely unregulated.  While Dodd-Frank and other regulations seem to have regulated Forex, all they really did was regulate retail Forex, in other words, they regulated the retail investor.  Interbank Forex remains completely unregulated.

Another problem is that because there is no central exchange for Forex, data supplied about figures like volumes and profits are largely voluntary.  The BIS does surveys of banks which are not only voluntary they are not audited.  In other words it may be possible that there are private banks exchanging trillions per day on the Interbank Forex market and no one would ever know.  By use of offshore banking jurisdictions it's theoretically possible there are some whale banks that no one even knows exist.  As central banks create money out of nothing, they could theoretically transfer money into one of these banks via swap lines or other instruments (not necessarily direct M3) and it would be totally off the books.  In an accounting sense on a central bank level, Forex is the largest legal money laundering operation that's ever existed.  Once a central bank creates electronic currency and transfers it via Forex to another jurisdiction, possibly through multiple corresponding banks, it morphs from whatever instrument the central bank used into depository cash that can be spent in the real economy.

Forex is essentially a derivative in this context, however, there is a big difference between Forex and other derivatives.  First, Forex is a cash market that is settled immediately (although due to a trading rule trades are settled after 2 days) but you have a profit or loss in foreign currency immediately upon closing your position.  Second, every participant in the economy uses Forex and money, whereas most derivatives are used by only sophisticated institutions and corporations.  The significance of the value of the US Dollar is felt by every American who uses US Dollars to purchase products, as is the same in other jurisdictions.

Another mysterious fact about the Forex market is that while it is the largest market, it's also the most concentrated.  While retail Forex has been growing, most brokers and even most banks are just middlemen to several key players.  About 90% of the entire global Forex volume is handled by 10 banks, and about 5% by another 2o-30 banks, and 5% by retail customers and brokers.  The 10 banks essentially control the Forex market, under a veil of complete secrecy.  The Forex market is essentially whatever these banks tell us it is.  Most of what we know goes on by these banks in the Forex market has come from insider testimony, and surveys such as the BIS survey.  The point here is that these 10 banks could literally agree and decide to fix all Forex rates and it would be legal, and no one could do anything about it.  Sure, black markets would ensue like we are seeing in Argentina.  But these banks have such a monopoly on international payments it would be difficult for these black markets to flourish.

Fortunately, the Forex market isn't very complicated.  No matter what is going on behind the scenes, the Forex market trades within a certain limited numerical range and aside from large shifts (such as the creation of the Euro and China's plan to make the Yuan convertible) it's not difficult to analyze the market with GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) approach.  But it still remains the largest market in the world, the most significant market in the world, that we know the least about.

Extra Terrestrial Influence

Unlike Forex, there is a large amount of data from governments and individuals around the world.  Even US President Jimmy Carter filed a report that he witnessed a UFO.  But the available public data is a fraction of a percent of the total, most being held by governments under security regulations.  Many governments such as the UK have released files pertaining to the subject, but still keep many classified.  Organizations such as the Disclosure Project have organized the testimony and release of files from high level, highly credentialed government and corporate witnesses.  Much of the reports on ET/UFO info are uncorroborated or in some cases even hoaxes.  So by focusing on extremely credible sources with all governments but most specifically the US DOD (Military/CIA) and experts from the Aerospace and Defense industries, the Disclosure Project brings credibility to the information.  Many of the older witnesses have only come forward now that they are deep into their retirement because many signed non-disclosure and secrecy agreements that would have put them in violation, thus losing their pensions or being targets of smear campaigns or worse (there is a high tendency for witnesses to disappear or develop diseases shortly after coming forward).

What some of this information indicates not only provides smoking gun proof evidence, both in the form of testimony and documentation, it shows that world governments have not only known about the ET presence they have made contact and contracts with ET.  One of the most interesting accounts comes from Philip Corso, highly decorated retired Army.

 According to Corso, the reverse engineering of these artifacts indirectly led to the development of accelerated particle beam devices, fiber opticslasersintegrated circuit chips and Kevlar material.

He goes on to describe in detail how the Military released this technology to major US corporations through research groups such as PARC and through R&D at major corporations in the fields of Aerospace, Defense, Technology, and other industries.  This correlates with a 'jump' in research in many technology fields.  For example, until the early 1950's computers were built using vacuum tubes, and most research was done on a theoretical basis.  With the introduction of micro circuitry and the micro processor, computing power doubled every 18 months according to Moore's law, and gave rise to and entire industry eventually leading to mainframe use by large organizations and the PC revolution.  Other technologies include Fiber Optics, Kevlar, "Beam Weapon" or "Death Ray" technology, Stealth technology, Weather Modification, and more.  Scientists such as Nikola Tesla were working on advanced technology before this time, but the release and use by industry ironically coincides with reports of Military working with ET.

Further accounts state that Eisenhower had made a technology exchange deal with ETs secretly, only known to top Military brass which continues to this day.  While this in itself is not well documented, witness testimony such as from Philip Corso corroborates with this.  Also many Air Force personnel have reported seeing ETs in Military jump suits, and evidence found by hacker Gary McKinnon such as a list of Navy officers, some of which were listed as "non-terrestrial officers."

'I found a list of officers' names,' he claims, 'under the heading Non-Terrestrial Officers.'  ...
'Non-Terrestrial Officers?'
'Yeah, I looked it up,' says Gary, 'and it's nowhere. It doesn't mean little green men. What I think it means is not earth-based. I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't U.S. navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.'

If Aliens are actually involved in Earth politics, even on a basic level such as providing technology, this has profound implications on our current view of the world.  History books would literally need to be rewritten taking into account such influences on Politics, the Economy, the Military, and Society.  Some in the UFO community claim that a time will come when all will be disclosed.  If that does happen, global society would endure a sudden paradigm shift, such as happened at major technological breakthroughs in history such as Special Relativity, and the industrial revolution.

Radiation Poisoning of North America

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, reports indicate a growing radioactive cloud moving across the Pacific affecting North America, primarily the west coast.  Unlike other types of research, anyone with a Geiger counter with minimal training can test for radiation.  Some types of tests require special equipment, but basic Alpha/Gamma/Beta tests can be done using a Geiger counter available from retail outlets.  First take a look at some of the data collected:

Shocking Plane Radiation On Flight From Chile To US

Radioactive Fish Found In California: Contamination From Fukushima Disaster Still Lingers

California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation | Zero Hedge

Anaheim, CA has highest amount of radioactive fallout of any EPA air monitoring station in Continental U.S. for iodine-131

Over EPA limit: Cesium levels in San Francisco area milk now higher than 6 months ago

Fukushima: California rainwater manifests radiation poison symptoms : The Canadian National Newspaper

.. and so on

So why isn't this in the news?  There was a scare after the event where residents of cities like San Francisco rushed out to buy potassium iodine pills, and after that the EPA and other government organization raised the levels of safe radiation creating a 'new normal' so that alerts would not be triggered (such processes are highly automated today).  Also, several monitoring stations that monitor radiation in California were closed.

Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket | Global Research

California is the 12th largest economy in the world with GDP comparable to Spain or Italy.  The implications of radioactive produce coming from a state that produces a large percentage of the US food supply would be devastating.  Ironically, California is a leading eco state with laws that don't exist in any other state protecting the environment and consumers.  One would think Californians would be leading the information exchange about this topic, considering the lengths the state goes through to protect the environment such as a $1 Million fish ladder.

In this last case, the data is most clear, because it's impossible to deny readings of hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of radiation detection equipment.  What's scary about this radiation case though, it will affect the health of people living on the west coast of North America as well as people who eat foods produced in that area.


This article is Socratic, not a hypothesis.  By understanding the challenges facing information gathering and analysis of 'non events' or things that supposedly never happened or don't exist, we can begin to understand how to approach such areas where data is sparse or inconclusive.  Also we must consider such non-events when considering analysis even when based on perfect information.  In other words, if we are analyzing the food system we must consider the possible impact of the radiation in California which may take years or longer to have substantial evidence (as the effects of this radiation are very subtle).  Or consider the announcement by the US government about the ET presence, how would that affect the stock market, and society?  Of course there are many other topics, and worse for researchers, there are things that are complete unknown unknowns that can surface at any time.  Before the industrial revolution, it was inconceivable to imagine that machines could do the work for us.  Before the technological revolution, many things now commonly done by computers and gadgets were inconceivable.

Many sound analysis which become part of the common understanding of how things work, over time, are subject to ruin by such unknown unknowns, or 'black swan events' as called by Nassim Taleb.  TEPCO, the Japanese energy company who owned the Fukushima power plant, calculated a zero percent chance what actually happened in 2011.  Nothing in statistics is ever 0% or 100% except for knowns such as 1=1 but even then when you consider tolerance or quantum mechanics 1 isn't always 1.  After the event happened, in the past, the chances of it happening were actually 100% because it did happen.  This analysis formed by TEPCO was created by leading mathematicians and nuclear scientists from a nation of supposed superior technical capabilities.  It proves that when looking at the facts, one must consider 'non events' even if they have a low probability of impacting the conclusion.


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