False Flag intro to World War 3 tanker attacks


Global Intel Hub - (London, UK 6/13/2019) -- Most wars in the past 100 years have been started with a 'spark' which might be assassination, attacking of a ship, or bombing of Pearl Harbor.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies the world is not as it seems.

We're not saying that this attack is a false flag - we are saying that all these attacks seem to fit the same profile.  And we're not the only ones with this reaction, as other sites banned by Facebook have chimed in as well:

Honestly, Iran deciding to attack two “Japan-related” tankers while the Japanese head of state is in their country would push the Iranian government straight through “stupid” and out the other side into “suicidally insane”. That said, if it is a “false flag” – by the US or anyone else – it’s so blatant as to be borderline useless. Are the Deep State operatives of the US/UK/Israel or whoever, really that stupid?

As reported here on Zero Hedge:

Update 7: Ahead of comments to the UN Security Council (which will presumably block any action, with China and Russia backing Iran), unnamed officials are sharing with reporters some of what the US intends to say:

Earlier, the Saudis presented a letter to the council claiming that the Iran-backed Houthis had obtained special weapons training and were responsible for Wednesday's attack on Abha airport.

Pompeo said earlier that the US was in possession of "intelligence" suggesting Iran is behind the attack...but he neglected to offer any poof.

The question is not about the tanker attack, the question is about the current shift in US global policy.  What's going on is that major changes are happening inside the US Military which like it or not is run by Trump.  It's not only because of Trump there are tons of demographic changes but certainly there is the 'Trump' factor.

The biggest shift is that the 'fake enemy' a.k.a. the 'Terrorist' has been proven to be defeated (actually, it was always a red herring).  Sure, there are terrorists in the world but ISIS et. al. has been blown way out of proportion via staged paramilitary events like school shootings and the Vegas massacre.  But since 911 this has become a difficult and less profitable story to promulgate.  So there has been a shift towards remaining enemies, i.e. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and some small minor fights the US has skin in.

It should be noted that Israel is the political and security center of the middle east, Iran included, and they've been exchanging rockets with the Palestinians: 

As the crews worked in the building sirens sounded overhead and the scores of residents who had come out now had to run to find shelter.

Those who remember 911 and who realize there was a bigger hand played here, paid close attention to this speech given by bibi at the U.N. 9 months ago, where he displayed Israeli intelligence to the world that Iran was secretly building a Nuke program:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday described what he said was a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran and accused Europe of appeasing Iran as he sought to rally support for U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic.  Netanyahu said the site contained some 15 kg (33 pounds) of radioactive material that has since been moved, and he called on the U.N. atomic agency to inspect the location immediately with Geiger counters.  “I am disclosing for the first time that Iran has another secret facility in Tehran, a secret atomic warehouse for storing massive amounts of equipment and materiel from Iran’s secret nuclear program,” Netanyahu said.

Whether the world bought his pitch or not is irrelevant, what is important to remember is that Israel is a serious regional power.  Their intelligence service called the "Mossad" has a motto:  Rule by Deception.  Perhaps this was formed out of their genetic heritage, a people being persecuted in all parts of the world for centuries.  Regardless of the reason, since the creation of the state of Israel, they have become a ruthless power with their hands in many pies, just perhaps not in the Borscht or the noodle bowls.

It's public information that Iran is a mutual enemy of both the U.S. and Israel so this isn't a conspiracy theory and you don't need to connect the dots to see what's going on here.  In the modern battlefield the most potent weapon is information above all, it was information that won or lost all wars.

Obviously, in the minds of the brainwashed masses, there is no such a thing as a false flag so Pompeo can pass the red face test when he is testifying in front of Congress.  In the minds of the many - who could it be except the evil Iran, who dare attack a Japanese ship during a Japanese domestic event.  How dare they?  We'll show them.  More at 11.

This is the boring narrative that the masses need to bite.  The Elite aren't stupid.  They need to sell wars first.  They learned during Vietnam that manufacturing consent (Chomsky) is necessary as a prerequisite to any large scale military intervention.  That's because while the Elite are mostly a bunch of Satanists, most of the people in USA are actually really good folks.  They will help you move a couch if needed.  One day at Starbucks someone paid for several cars behind for no reason.  Americans are good people!  They don't like war really, especially now that CBD is so widespread and everyone is so mellow.  So it needs to be sold to them via TV, press releases, internet articles, protests, and other actions before any step is taken.

If you are just waking up to the fact that the world isn't as it seems, checkout some of the eye opening books here on this page.

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