Elon Musk: “Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left” | ZeroHedge


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Elon Musk: "Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left" | ZeroHedge

Appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast Tuesday, X owner Elon Musk laid out how Twitter was acting as an arm of the government before he took over, and was "completely controlled by the far-left."

Musk said, adding "And it was whatever, everything was like Pravda basically, a state publication, is the way to think of old Twitter. A state publication."

"There was basically oppression of any views that, even I would say, be considered middle-of-the-road," Musk continued, adding "certainly, anything on the right, and I'm not talking about far-right, I'm just talking mildly right."

Musk asserted.


.@elonmusk says that "The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public" and "Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats." pic.twitter.com/eg4GsJqHzd

-- The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) October 31, 2023

Watch the (almost) full podcast below:

Podcast with the great and powerful @elonmusk #ad Full episode is 2 hours and 41 minutes, first 2 hours is available here on https://t.co/AIkGSaxVMA pic.twitter.com/DQh0GGNyaO

-- Joe Rogan (@joerogan) October 31, 2023

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