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(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) -- 7/22/2017 Dover DE -- The internet is exploding with 'reports' of 'potential cataclysms' including but not limited to erupting super volcanoes, EMP attack from North Korea (or Nuclear attack from North Korea), or just plain good old fashioned American insurrection (which all should note, will void most insurance policies).  The research team at Global Intel Hub has been investigating global intelligence since 2001 (It was 9/11 that started a chain of events that would lead to the formation of Global Intel Hub).  We research any topic of interest, that can have implications on the financial markets, global business, and possibly most importantly our health & security (that means low probability high impact events that could greatly negatively impact our safety or health, such as an EMP or Avian Flu Pandemic).

The US Government has become the largest government organization possibly in the history of humans on planet Earth.  As a percentage of global GDP, in terms of employed individuals, money spent, spheres of influence - however you look at it, it's an octopus.  It's their job to worry about such things and prepare for it, for their customers, the US taxpayer (ahem).  So we need to look at a few angles here, as this is a complex issue.

Angles (not related to James Angleton)

One - (Strategy/Tactics) "Use it or lose it" is a Modus Operandi for the US Government.  For example, many budgets have rules such that, for example, there is $2 Million per year allowed for computers, but if it's not needed, then it's not given.  So the agency has an incentive to replace computers each year even if it's not necessary.  Thousands of such illogical rules are baked into the 'broken system' for various reasons.  This applies to programs as well, not only budgets.  So for example DHS doesn't have any problem justifying its R&D projects to stop terrorism, but things like NASA, Food Stamps, and thousands of other good programs are constantly struggling to justify their existence.  During the cold war, billions were spent on Doomsday scenario infrastructure including underground bunkers, tunnel networks, alternative communications systems (which now is the internet).  They have all this, and FEMA is the stepchild of this big brother thinking - if you want to call FEMA the Doomsday agency, it would be appropriate (although practically FEMA is really a welfare agency).  So yes it's true, the US Government spends billions planning for the end of days - but don't read between the lines - it's not as if they 'know' something that the general population doesn't.  And they aren't going to create an apocalypse just to live in an underground city with Dick Cheney's relatives (who would want that, really).

Two - (Money) The 'doom' budget is a fraction of a fraction of the overall budget, so while it is big in dollar terms, it's certainly not a priority.  And don't forget, the 'doom' budget includes a host of keep-the-US-open provisions on a number of levels, such as the oil reserve.

Three - (Super Intelligence) The US Government is possibly the first type of global group Artificial Intelligence, as it appears to have an intelligence of its own.  As such, it has created a number of mechanisms to ensure at the least, its own survival.  Insurrection, Nuclear War, Super Volcanoes, Meteor Strike, and hundreds of other end game scenarios have all been gamed out in New Mexico and when the result is above a statistically significant level, they make a plan (preparation) for it.  There's thousands of threats that haven't been prepared for, because they are so remote.  But let's say there's a one in a billion chance our Sun can explode, sucking the planet into a mini-black hole that would be created in the aftermath.  Not a lot we could do there, so what's the point of preparing for it?  This is the thinking.

Four - (Non-Human Technology) There is one huge massive gigantic glaring super-significant issue that most of the 'prepping' community has missed and either is afraid to address or has not the intellectual rigor to test the reality of the significance of their movement.  What that means?  It means that - there can be other explanations for USG activities, it means there can be other realities, that will explain the whys and hows of how the 'broken system' in fact works.  That issue is Aliens.  Let's first talk about logic and rhetoric.  All the supposed 'evidence' the conspiracy crowd has about the impending apocalypse is circumstantial, compared to the evidence about Alien involvement in planet Earth.  The UFO/Alien phenomenon has facts and evidence which is several sigmas more significantly significant than any 'report' issued about a Super Volcano that's about to blow.  If even a fraction of information pertaining to UFO/Aliens is accurate, or even in the same ballpark, this information MUST BE considered in relation to the 'doom' scenarios painted by Doom Journalists regarding the chance of them happening and how such scenarios must play out.  Aliens related or not, USG has a tunnel network built deep in the ground under USA that you could say is like a parallel universe - this network is comprised of a number of bunkers, bases, and you can even call them cities ready to be populated in the event the surface is unlivable.  While the obvious Military reason for this network is to keep continuance of government and command of the Military during a Nuclear war situation, it would also serve the same purpose for many of the purported end of game scenarios suggested by these Doom Journalists such as the Super Volcano, EMP, "Planet X," and a number of other events.

Let's let facts lie where they may.  There's no question, that Earth has gone through many cataclysms, many of which could have destroyed all life on the planet at once (or in a matter of days).  Will this happen in our lifetime?  Who knows, there's not really enough data to calculate, because even the statistics used are based on facts which are based on 'known' events, there can be many 'unknown' events and unknown factors making statistical analysis irrelevant.

There is ONE BOOK that ALL PREPPERS and wanna-be Doom Journalists need to read, in case they haven't already, which has laid the foundation for alt-news people like Alex Jones and an entire generation of conspiracy-ers is: Report from Iron Mountain

This book is itself shrouded in mystery.  Which leads to point five.

Five - (Cultural Cultivation by Design) In case you are not aware, the USG is actively involved in cultivating our culture, via a number of agencies but most notably, the CIA.  With few exceptions - when there's a popular uprising, or any form of 'pop culture' - there seem to be deep CIA ties.  Whether they are 'created' from the beginning, or they are contacted and 'cultivated' when they reach a certain level, remains to be understood by the public at large.  What is clear though, there is a hidden hand that controls all media, entertainment, music, movies, magazines, books, name it.  If you think this is far fetched, checkout this latest well researched article, here: Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War On Behalf Of The Pentagon, CIA, & NSA:

These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles.

Some topics are obvious, such as war movies, or movies that might promote the military, or show how the CIA is good and noble for example.  But what's more enlightening and perhaps more disturbing are the more en passant, subtle movement, such as InQTel, the VC arm that invests in Silicon Valley projects, most notably Google and Facebook.

So, this article is not an expose on how the CIA is involved in pop culture.  However, based on its active involvement on a number of varying levels in any popular movement (even the 'counterculture', such as was pioneered in the 60s by CIA agent Tim Leary and others), it is reasonable to assume that the USG on a number of levels is involved in the prepper movement.  In fact, it's more rational than any other domestic meddling- because many of these 'movements' involve plans to exist and survive after the USG 'collapses' (for a number of reasons) - and intelligently noted in the prepper community, after going through all this hassle of storing gold, guns, toilet paper and thousands of other supplies to last you and yours until the next millennium, what's to stop a hungry Army battalion armed with Apache helicopters and high powered air to surface missiles (and a whole fun house of other weapons they've been storing for a 'rainy day') from literally raining on your parade with bullets and seizing your goods for 'the good of the government.'  They say that the only real currency is 'accelerated lead' that means that those who hold Gold are foolish to think that those who hold weapons will not take it from them by force, if they choose.  So it leads back to who is the world's biggest prepper - and the answer is simple - it's the US Military, which is very well funded, on all continents, operates a secure internet, thousands of blast proof sites, nuclear bunkers, and basically every 'prepping' mechanism one can think of - because that's what the Army does, they prepare for war.  And when there is no war, they train and prepare.  So effectively, if you are a prepper, you are really a revolutionary, preparing to go head to head with the largest military in the world, should a Super Volcano erupt.  Basically, preppers are the modern 'anarchists' which the FBI was created in order to reign in.  If any of these 'preppers' feel as if they are 'hiding' deep in the wilderness of Montana or Idaho, they need to look into public technology that allows anyone with an internet browser to collect gobs of data on just about any individual or group inside the USA without accessing private networks (which the USG certainly has access to).  So, their dreams are foolish.

So now that prepping has gone mainstream, and we're seeing the trendy billionaire class have at it, you can bet the CIA is there.  Whether they are in the 'monitoring' phase or the 'cultivation' phase, would be difficult to determine in real time (it's hard to determine even in the past with lots of documents how 'involved' they were in various important cultural events, like the Moon landing and so on) - but it's safe to say, there is an agenda behind promoting the 'doom culture' as it has become popular.  Terrorists are on the run, war with any real country is not a possibility in modern times - so we're going to have to 'invent' a new enemy, like in 1984.  That enemy is simply the unknown.  We really don't know, if the Volcano in Yellowstone will erupt.  So we better start preparing for it, and hundreds of other things including but not limited to Alien invasion, which could be a great dramatic staged false flag hoax reason to get the population to once again, rally together like we all did after 9/11 to 'chase them back to their planet' - if you think this is far fetched just spend the weekend or an entire week reading about USG involvement with Aliens including but not limited to technology transfer to major publicly listed corporations, various military reverse engineered technology, and other significant events - more significant than 'Russia' which is the most irrelevant issue Democrats could have possibly picked in their futile attempt to manipulate public opinion.

It's important that smart people learn about this issue now because it most certainly will be used by the deep state to try to manipulate the people again, but it's a serious issue - it's not like this nonsense about Trump and Russia (like who cares if Trump had a Russian partner, the Mayor of New York is Russian but no one bothered to question him about his potential Leninist background??).

Six - (Infrastructure) All this doom infrastructure exists and continues to be built, but is largely used for daily routine business 'on the surface' - let's use the best example of the internet itself.  The internet was the first major alternative communication network built originally during World War 2 but the major nodes and cables really were laid in the 1960's during the peak of the Cold War 'fears' - and the internet is the largest part of any post-apocalyptic infrastructure because, communication is the foundation for any civilization.  It's the difference between a post-event civilization and anarchy, such as portrayed in the film "The Postman."  The internet is by design, capable of being 'cut' at multiple points and still functioning.  In fact, most reading this are only aware of the world wide web (WWW) on which this article is published, but there are in fact many 'internets' (George W Bush made a lapsus mentis grammatical error in his famous popular mistake saying 'internets' as he was logically correct) that run in parallel to the main internet (or WWW), such as SIPRnet:

According to the U.S. Department of State Web Development Handbook, domain structure and naming conventions are the same as for the open internet, except for the addition of a second-level domain, like, e.g., "sgov" between state and gov:[3] Files originating from SIPRNet are marked by a header tag "SIPDIS" (SIPrnet DIStribution).[4] A corresponding second-level domain exists for DoD users.[5] According to the Pentagon, SIPRNet has approximately 4.2 million users.[6] Access is also available to a "...small pool of trusted allies, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand..."[7] This group (including the US) is known as the Five Eyes.  SIPRNet was one of the networks accessed by Chelsea Manning, convicted of leaking the video used in WikiLeaks' "Collateral Murder" release[8] as well as the source of the US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks in November 2010.[9]

So it is no surprise, that the CIA and Military in general plays a big role in publicly used networks like Google and Facebook.  The internet was built in the 1960's and was made public in the 1990's - maybe in 20 or 30 years we'll be travelling from Atlanta to Los Angeles via underground high speed rail network?

Seven - (Synthesis, Integration) Part of the genius of the AI entity we call US Government (USG) is how it integrates in society and in 'the system' currently Capitalism.  If we observe the Military design once again, it is compartmentalized in different states, the idea being that one state, will not be so powerful because they control the building of Nuclear Missiles, for example, and might use this power against a rival state.  Parts for Nuclear Submarines are made in many places, assembled in yet another place.  The entire USG is designed like this.  How it works socially - the USG functions as a huge customer for corporate America.  So when we speak of the CIA, the content of what the CIA really is in operation, about 60% of operations are outsourced to corporations, both public and private.  Even public companies, such as Raytheon (RTN) have contracts with the CIA to provide various services.  So when we're talking about the USG, it's not just a 'government' like your local city council.  It's a super-super state, a real super-entity.  Whether this happened by evolution or by intelligent design is not really a relevant question (because the answer can be one in the same, i.e. God created evolution - that's the answer Creationists need).  The important aspect to understand is how ingenious this is.  It virtually guarantees it's own success because all parts of the whole have a vested interest in seeing the system continue, although in a slightly evolved form.  That means USG encourages protests, special interests, and even allows foreign influence (Israel, for example) making USA the de-facto one world government.  What USG will punish with impunity is insurrection; making any attempt to overthrow the USG and establishing a different, alternate form of government and economy virtually impossible.  Because any remote group would quickly be observed by the NSA and other surveillance apparatus (this was the failure of HAL - 'just what do you think you're doing Dave' wasn't enough to stop Dave from decommissioning HAL).  The apparatus is so many generations ahead of any potential threats to its existence the NSA would probably know about the first meeting of a planned revolution before it happened (as now everything is electronic, and these 'ideas' can only come from certain sources which are tracked, such as portrayed poorly in the film "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson checking out the book "Catcher in the Rye" - the real book probably Report from Iron Mountain however, one must understand the thinking here.  By cultivating pop culture, and by cultivating a 'revolutionary' is the real way to stop any real existential threat, what the USG learned in the 1960's.  That means foolish youths who may have such tendencies are molded and shaped from their beginnings, that they end up becoming corporate slaves, and not the Unabomber.

Preppers, meaning real preppers, are largely outcasts of the system, that means with the exception of Billionaire preppers (who aren't really preppers, for them buying a bunker is just another luxurious indulgence), preppers are the modern day hippie - they are 'the fringe' - and since the 1950's especially, the CIA and others (FBI too) has been monitoring and actively involved with fringe elements.  That means how do we know - who is the real prepper, and who is the PLANT.  How do we know, if Alex Jones is really a CIA asset, or the hundreds of other newer would be Doom Journalists.  In some way they are promoting this new semi-mainstream prepper culture, just by talking about it and giving it significance.  And again, of course the threats of these events are real - there is no question about that.  But if a Tsunami wipes out 99% of the population of the East Coast of America due to a Super Volcano erupting on the Canary Islands such as Cumbre Vieja,what could one really do about it?  As we've outlined, if you were able to survive such a widespread devastating event in the mountains in Colorado in your own private bunker, you'd have to fight the USG and the Military in the aftermath, so you should be prepared to fight them or join them.  And most of the preppers are preppers because they either don't agree with the USG or believe that they are 'lying' to us in which case they would be reluctant to be part of the 'join them' crowd, meaning that preppers are all potential revolutionaries, even if they don't want to 'overthrow' the government, in a doomsday scenario where resources are scarce, they'd be putting themselves in a conflict situation just by surviving such an event.  This is the key logic that 90% of preppers generally haven't thought of, and it's a lot more important to think about this 'plan' than buying gas masks and other paraphernalia.  In fact the mainstream way that preppers are 'preparing' is mostly all wrong; keeping a 5 year food supply and Gold bars and ammunition in your basement is not really a plan.  Of course, that is the mainstream prepper crowd there are hardcore guys, again mostly ex-Military, who understand the realities of a post-event scenario that are really ready to survive in the wild.  They know the simple truth about War - combat is more about camping and survival in the wild than firing bullets.

For those who are skeptical about this intelligence analysis, first they should read this book which is quite dated, which is the foundation for the modern conspiracy movement, which is largely controlled by the same elements.  Call it the shadow government, call them think tanks, call it Adam Smith's 'hidden hand' - these are the forces behind the Doom Culture.

MUST READ: Report from Iron Mountain

Remember one final thing - the bosses and owners of all this system live in Del Mar, California and Boca Raton, Florida.  They don't want to spend the rest of their lives eating MRE's deep underground and using self-wiping toilets.  There's a vested interest in all to keep things functioning normally on the surface, and that's what they are paid to do.  Part of the Doom government exists completely to plan and protect the population from such extreme events.  If they succeed, then there's no reason to prepare to the extent that many do.  And if they fail, you can bet they are coming after your food supply first!  So keep this in mind when reading the Doom Journalism that has become popular today.

Article published 7/23/2017 @

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