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An Unwanted Alien Instrument of State Terror

ICE: An Unwanted Alien Instrument of State Terror by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) The FBI is America’s Gestapo – a sinister enemy of the public, not its protector. ICE operates the same way against unwanted aliens – mainly Latinos and other people of color, along with Muslims from the wrong countries. […]

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Doom Journalism has become Fake News

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 7/22/2017 Dover DE — The internet is exploding with ‘reports’ of ‘potential cataclysms’ including but not limited to erupting super volcanoes, EMP attack from North Korea (or Nuclear attack from North Korea), or just plain good old fashioned American insurrection (which all should note, will void most insurance policies).  The research team at […]

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Oliver Stone Talks to ‘The Nation’ About His New Documentary ‘The Putin Interviews’

Oliver Stone, interpreter Sergei Chudinov, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in a scene from the Showtime documentary. (Komandir / Courtesy of Showtime) Three-time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone—the Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient who made some of Hollywood’s greatest antiwar movies—was interviewed on the anniversary of D-Day at his Santa Monica office. The hallmark […]

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Robocalling is out of control: End the robo call spam fraud virus attacks

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) – 6/2/2017 Robocalling is out of control.  Once the domain of sophisticated telemarketers, now it has spread to include cyber fraud, international telemarketing, and some unknown services that just ‘dial’ numbers with no reason (this appears to be the most bizarre). The spam phone calls have become so out of control, it’s even common now […]

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What are mesh networks?

Mesh networking (topology) is a type of network topology where each node must not only capture and disseminate its own data, but also serve as arelay for other nodes, that is, it must collaborate to propagate the data in the network. A mesh network can be designed using a flooding technique or a routing technique. When using a routing technique, the message is propagated along […]

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