Doom Journalism has become Fake News

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 7/22/2017 Dover DE — The internet is exploding with ‘reports’ of ‘potential cataclysms’ including but not limited to erupting super volcanoes, EMP attack from North Korea (or Nuclear attack from North Korea), or just plain good old fashioned American insurrection (which all should note, will void most insurance policies).  The research team at […]

The valuation of financial knowledge

How valuable is software that makes money? Obviously, it’s priceless. How do we value the biggest opaque commodity – knowledge?  How does one value financial knowledge? Finance as both a topic and industry has been holding huge secrets guarded by the most rich and powerful in the world for hundreds of generations. Why don’t they […]

If 3 inches of snow can cause this much chaos in Atlanta, what will an economic collapse look like?

GIH: The recent snows in the south have demonstrated how vulnerable the US infrastructure and economic system is even to the smallest event.  A few inches of snow is rare in the South, but it does happen.  Gridlock ensued on roadways, businesses shut down, there were supply shortages, and a general shutdown (although temporary) to […]

Is our Sun falling silent? Prepare for an impending Ice Age

GIH: Climate change is now apparent for every person living on planet earth – it’s no longer just anomalous events, but a complete different climate.  But we have only been keeping records for a short period, historically speaking.  It’s possible that what we are experiencing now is a common cycle, but because of the short […]

Prepper Properties

Real Estate is one of the most discussed asset classes (if you can call it that), while not the least understood, those in the business promote certain aspects of real estate through marketing in order to sell their developments, whether they be industrial, commercial, or residential. Inside any crisis portfolio should be some land, land […]