CNN Town Hall Host Tries To Disrupt Vivek Ramaswamy As He Reveals Truth Behind J6 | ZeroHedge


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CNN Town Hall Host Tries To Disrupt Vivek Ramaswamy As He Reveals Truth Behind J6 | ZeroHedge

Whether one supports the presidential candidacy of Vivek Ramaswamy or not, it's impossible to deny that some of the best red pill moments of the election cycle so far have been his debates with establishment spin doctors.  During a Town Hall discussion in Iowa hosted by CNN, anchor Abby Phillip tried a new tactic to defuse Ramaswamy and disrupt his ability to convey the facts:  She simply kept talking over top of him, contradicting his statements and then refused to give him an opportunity to answer back.  

The strategy did not work quite as well as she might have hoped, as Vivek trampled her expertly.  

I can't stop watching this.

-- Phenomenology (@BerryRazi) December 14, 2023

The initial exchange started with Ramaswamy's assertion that the evidence supports the claim of federal agent manipulation of protest crowds at the Capitol Building on January 6th.  The CNN anchor immediately launched into a steady droning tirade, suggesting there is no such evidence.  Despite numerous videos showing capitol police opening the doors and inviting protesters into the building, the narrative that the protest was an "insurrection" continues to be perpetuated by the corporate media.

In terms of FBI plants and provocateurs within the crowd, FBI officials actually refuse to address their existence while under oath.  In a congressional hearing on J6, senior FBI official Jill Sanborn was asked point blank by Senator Ted Cruz if there were FBI agents mixed with the J6 protestors participating with or directing the crowds.  Her response was to deflect, saying she could not confirm or deny.    

Furthermore, newly released footage of capitol police firing rubber bullets and tear gas grenades into the peaceful crowds proves that there was in fact no violence until police started it.  The same two dozen clips of protesters fighting law enforcement officers circulated ad nauseum on establishment media platforms were all recorded after the attacks by police.  

Look at all this early J6 footage @TuckerCarlson could show the world, but won't. His producer @gregg_re and his team at Fox were given all of this last year. #J6CoverUp J6 protestors were fired upon with NO warning. USCP Chief Waldow lied saying he gave warnings but never did.

-- InvestigateJ6 (@InvestigateJ6) September 6, 2023

CNN's attempt to "fact check" Ramaswamy in real time appeared more like an attempt to silence him and they immediately lost the crowd.  Debate is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and information, not a disruption of information to stop the audience from hearing both sides.  Vivek's root position is a sound one that no one can reasonably argue against:  The government lies, and it lies often.  Given this fact, it is perfectly logical to question the establishment narrative surrounding J6 and to continue to push for the exposure of government operations during the event.       


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