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The crumbling of the OLD GUARD


( - 2/18/2020 ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE) -- New York, NY -- It seems many don't understand why Trump won and why he is so popular.  It's not about why Trump is good, it's what he's not, what he doesn't do, and what the previous 40/50 years of politicians failed to do.  Trump hasn't brainwashed anyone, he's not supported by Russians, he didn't 'buy' the presidency.  He connected with voters and created the perception that 'he has your back' and he's not going to do what Obama, Bush, and others did.  It's not about Republican vs. Democrat it's about the haves vs the have nots.  The haves chose all Presidents since JFK.  The election process is a joke.  In the year 2000 Al Gore won the election, not by the electoral college system, but in terms of real votes.  Specifically the Florida elections were completely fixed.  Republicans registered and voted dead people, machines counted the wrong candidate, hanging 'chads' were confusing and people who wanted to vote for Gore ended up voting for Bush.  Even with all these tricks, Gore had more votes in swing state Florida after the recount.  But Gore himself gave the election to Bush, his rival (likely, he got a phone call).  Gore was arguably a better candidate than Bush, perhaps the decision to put Bush in the White House was a fairness agreement (Republicans have their turn) as both parties are really funded and controlled by the same interests, anyone you believes otherwise needs to study history more and stop watching TV.

What Trump achieved in 2016 was simply convincing people he was not like all the politicians, he was a street wise street guy.  And it worked - he got people who never voted before to vote, Independents, and even some Democrats.  Note to politburo:  It's about the candidate, not the party.  If Democrats had chosen someone like Sanders Trump would have had a strong fight to win and perhaps would have lost.  People are fed up with the hand picked 'rulers' from the Oligarchy.  America was founded by a group of rich aristocrats to 'not have a King' but the American aristocracy has become worse than the Kings that they feared.  The policies of all on both sides Democrat and Republican have had one thing in mind:  Sell out USA to the highest bidder and get us even more rich.  Let's list a few things Obama did that were treasonous (negative for Americans, good for a few rich people) while he was President:

  • Gave Iran more than $100 Billion USD which they used to finance terrorism
  • Supplied ISIS / ISUL whatever with money, weapons, so we would have an enemy to fight in Syria
  • Sold Russians hypersonic missiles that Russia took to the next level and now has a strategic advantage over USA (This is like a poison control company laying insect nests near neighborhoods to drum up business)
  • Brought in thousands of refugees paid for by taxpayers, resettled them in states like New York, California, and others - paid for their medical, food, housing, and other expenses
  • Allowed millions of illegals to come to America from the porous Mexican border and freeload off the welfare system
  • Created a mass surveillance system that would make the founding fathers convulse
  • Signed into law massive useless regulations choking the small business such as the "Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act" which did the opposite of protecting consumers, it eliminated competition in financial markets by reducing the number of participants by 90%, while allowing companies like JP Morgan to get away with criminal fraud
  • Implemented his namesake "Obamacare" which caused the costs of insurance of ALL to increase by 300% - 1000% for no reason, along with draconian laws that penalized those without insurance by the IRS.  There was not a single beneficiary of Obamacare on the consumer side, it only benefited big pharma, hospitals, and others that now had more money due to forced purchase of policies.  This is the textbook definition of Fascism, the government forces you to buy products that you don't want.  This nonsense that it helped anyone is a lie - poor people who needed medical insurance had Medicaid for decades.  Those who could afford it had it.  All Obamacare did was drive prices up and cause the service to be poor quality - that's it!  A total disaster.  If Obama was sincere about 'medical for the people' he would have abolished the insurance companies and created a government sponsored insurance company, like Fannie Mae for Medical insurance.  This would have lowered premiums and caused the quality of care to skyrocket.  It's the insurance companies, not the medical service providers, that need to be reformed.
  • Under Obama the EPA created so many fangled regulations there is even an exhaustive article on the topic.
  • Obama put sanctions on potential energy rich ally Russia, instead of exploring lucrative partnerships such as oil in the North Pole (previously started as a joint venture between Rosneft and Exxon) leaving $500 Billion in profits on the table for the Russians to have for themselves.  Sanctions stopped this deal and Exxon pulled out, leaving Russia to exploit oil in the north pole.  There were hundreds of other examples but this was the largest and most obvious of Obama's anti-business policies.

Obama eroded the national sovereignty of the United States by enforcing policies to the highest bidder.  But he didn't only do it directly, he allowed Biden, Clinton, Kerry, and many others in his cabinet to do the same.  They siphoned off US Aid funds, sold political favors for lucrative board positions, and much worse.  But here's exactly the point - Trump made his money in business, legitimately (honestly).  He followed the business rules, he didn't change them to his advantage he simply didn't have the power.  Trump is the best President in 50 years exactly because he's not a politician - this was the argument for Ross Perot in 92 but although Perot may have been a great President he wasn't good at one thing: The politics of marketing and getting people to vote for you.  Here's where Trump was a natural - a self-absorbed megalomaniac who was a reality TV star already.  As Reagan proved, Americans love a TV / Hollywood celebrity in the White House.  Reagan's policies were lackluster at best, yet he's regarded as a 'great' President.

But there are 2 things that Trump achieved that no one else did.  One was the 'perception' of getting people to believe in him.  The second thing is what he actually was.  He has upended the establishment in a number of ways.  Most importantly, he re-established rule of law over rule of men as was the practice in DC for a long time.  He failed to prosecute many that tried to stop him, but it remains to be seen what the outcome will be.  Second, for whatever reason (it may be a consequence of Trump NOT doing things) a global network of human trafficking, blackmail, cultwork practiced by the 'higher ups', child abduction, prostitution rings, and other networks have been stopped in their tracks.  We are referring specifically to Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Epstein, the NXIVM cult, and a slew of local networks that were specifically shut down after Trump started the hunt.

Even though cases like Epstein are being reported around the alternative media, it's not fully understood by the masses how these dark networks are connected to power players like Clintons, Soros, and others.  Epstein is a great example - this was not only a human trafficking network but an Israeli blackmail operation.  The MO is really simple - hang out with Jeff and his tempting jailbait, which is all recorded, and then the favors start.  Do this, do that, invest in my fund  that just buys the S&P index, fix an election for me, don't run for office in that state, buy 10,000 copies of my book, or whatever - OR ELSE.  Everyone is focused on the human rights issues which are obviously the first priority.  But the political implications of this are huge just think about this.  A mossad tied blackmailer is close to the Clintons who have access to state secrets and the most influential people in the world.  Remember also it was Epstein that provided the initial funds for the Clinton Foundation.  Trump failed by not 'locking her up' but did something more powerful, he cut the head of the snake right off.  Whether Trump is aware of this or not consciously is not clear.  What is puzzling is that Trump's policy based on results is several double digits IQ higher than his IQ he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and through his life doesn't have training in intelligence or foreign policy.  But the end result has been a well run and executed foreign policy at least how it pertains to weeding out the moles and ending human trafficking networks.  Building the wall is a metaphor, we all know that walls are not going to stop criminals who can buy plane tickets.

A deep dive into the sordid Epstein matter will likely never see the light of day.  We know only SOME of Epsteins clients, and a hint at others (Elon Musks' brother Kimbal dated Epstein's 'ex-girlfriend' i.e. one of his spies).  So here's the bigger question - who WAS in Epstein's client list that we don't know about.  Ben Bernanke?  What if he did have clients like that, who provided to Epstein's handlers which allowed them to front run markets, like the black box that was found recently in the Bank of England?

We can only speculate, but the point is that the focus should be on the political implications, i.e. what Epstein was asking his victims to do as far as the blackmail operation was concerned, what secrets he was passing along and how those people were using it.  Military secrets?  Financial?  Let's just take one example from his redacted little black book as an example.

Senator George Mitchell was not only powerful he was the American sent to broker a peace between Palestine and Israel, but with a pro-Israel view (which is strange, considering he's a Catholic and genetically a Lebanese-American because his mother is Lebanese.)  But according to documents released later, Mitchell was so pro-israel he was even called "Israel's Lawyer:" 

As detailed minutes of previously secret meetings, revealed in the Palestine Papers showed, Mitchell was very much ‘Israel’s lawyer’ – to use Aaron Miller’s famous term – just like all previous US envoys and officials. Mark Perry and I analyzed some of these documents revealing Mitchell’s role as Israel’s enabler.

How does a powerful and accomplished half Catholic half Arab become an Israel Zealot?  It's quite obvious, if you look at the many numbers listed in Epstein's journal.  He was also with Clinton, perhaps Clinton 'recruited' him.  The trap was set.

Perhaps it's as simple as Trump's not on the take - Trump is not being blackmailed.  Remember Serpico?  All those dirty cops were so uncomfortable because Al Pacino wouldn't take the money.

Of course, there's no way of knowing as the CIA would never admit publicly what they knew or not knew, perhaps young people can hope in 50 years for a whistleblower to emerge and spill the beans as to the sordid Israel-Mossad-Epstein-Clinton-CIA affair.  In the meantime, back to the point - This was a spy ring that was busted, using the old 'honeypot' trick that all the agencies have used since this game started during WW2 by a man called Intrepid.

But from one perspective, this really represents something much deeper, a paradigm shift or changing of the guard.  30 years ago, Trump could never have won - today the internet is so prevalent and everyone carries an HD phone in their pocket.  The Democrat loss in 2016 really was the loss of an era.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, et al are part of an old outdated system which pre-dates social media, Blockchain, and Wikileaks.  The internet allowed us to see behind the curtain, behind the scenes.  Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, William Binney, and many others - have brought information forth which has shown those who are seriously watching what things really are.  In some cases their testimony was corroborated by digital files they released especially in the case of Snowden.  The corrupt class of generations past didn't evolve fast enough, they should have hired hackers and jumped to the next level but they didn't.  Hillary Clinton's email security was a joke, her entire issue with email was pure stupidity nothing more.  These guys are all 12 o'clock flashers.  No, not in the Epstein sense - it's when all your appliances are flashing 12 (because you can't figure out how to set the clocks).

The Trump election was a real paradigm shift in many ways, a changing of the guard.  It's highly unlikely that now all this is out things would return to 'the good ol' days' as Bill & George may joke when they are together.  The Elite have evolved, they gave us Bitcoin, and now Coronavirus.  What has the criminal political class done to 'upgrade' their strategy?  Clearly nothing.  The hoax impeachment actually helped Trump's rating.  The investigation of 'dirty Trump' proved only that he was one of the cleanest President's in history.  All of the 'attacks' actually caused more harm to the left than to the right.

This is clearly a case of the changing of the guard, a new generation with different tools and methods, different ethics and morals - who sees the world from a different perspective.  Gates has replaced Soros, weather modification has replaced election fixing.  Think about it, if you can control the weather, who cares about election fixing?  Technology has changed and the world has changed.  That's what's going on.

It's good to draw from history but necessary to keep your mind in the present.

He who controls the past, controls the present and the future.

For the Elite, the people who control the world, Capitalism has become a game, as in 'the great game' - and Trump is nothing else but a Capitalist.  If you don't like Trump, you don't like Capitalism.  With all it's flaws, Capitalism will ultimately produce various freaks and types of people who will thrive, based on ego, lies, bullying, brute force, ambition, greed, etc.  Are Democrats really closet Communists?  This is what it all boils down to.  Do you want the government telling you what to do, spying on you, and deciding if you like Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?  The Wall St. bankers who financed the Bolshevik revolution were Monopolists.  That's what Democrats have become, Fascists and Monopolists.  They want to create Monopolies, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

These companies thrive only based on regulations that force customers to buy their products.  Unfortunately, Monopoly Capitalism is a continued pressure as Capitalism matures.  But Monopoly is not healthy.  The system we have now is good but could be alot better if Monopoly laws were enforced.  They're just too powerful, and the system is too weak.  This is the crux of the argument against big government - because the lines between government and business is blurred, making Capitalism look more like Communism.  Soviet Russia was a great business, and that's what these Democrats want.  Obamacare is a great example - the government forces you to buy a product.  If you don't buy it, even if you don't need it, you can be fined or even go to jail (IRS consequences).

Trump certainly is not a Monopolist, he rose from x to y.  Even if DB gave him $2 Billion in loans, here is another example of Monopoly Capitalism gone wrong - Douche Bank.  The Monopolists don't only want to monopolize the market, they want to force consumers what products to buy.  Some products should be banned.  Others should be so difficult to get it's impossible to get Absinthe in USA, here's a great example of Monopolist regulation: Lucid.  A company exists because "Absinthe" is illegal, so an entrepreneur created a legal alternative, LUCID.  But it shouldn't be illegal in the first place (with no disrespect to the founder of Lucid).  Cannabis being attacked by Big Pharma is another example, it goes on and on.  Capitalism evolves, the guard changes.

The changing of the guard, the paradigm shift.


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