Google Online Ministry of Information Monopoly – Total Spectrum Dominance

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is engaged in practices which are harmful, and possibly illegal.  Google is using algorithms to cover up frauds (for a fee?) and to manipulate and modify public opinion, with the end goal being manufactured consent. The US Military outlined in their doctrine a goal of “Full Spectrum Dominance” that means totally controlling […]

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The News

The crumbling of the OLD GUARD

( – 2/18/2020 ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE) — New York, NY — It seems many don’t understand why Trump won and why he is so popular.  It’s not about why Trump is good, it’s what he’s not, what he doesn’t do, and what the previous 40/50 years of politicians failed to do.  Trump hasn’t brainwashed anyone, […]

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