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( - ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE) -- 2/14/20 -- Somewhere, USA -- As we get closer to the 2020 election, and as the hoax attacks on Trump (Impeachment, Russia Hoax) die down, we're starting to get into the weeds for a big election, perhaps bigger than in 2016 for a number of reasons.  We're already seeing signs that dems are preparing to stage a 'false flag' around the elections that may look like a "Russian Cyberattack" on our election system, preparing themselves for another Trump victory (which can be blamed on Russian hackers, or perhaps it will be Nigerian hackers next year, who knows).  As explained in Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems.

There's quite a lot of ground to cover here so let's start with a stereotype that non-Dems have been branding on Democrat foreheads which is unfair, even considering their deplorable and irrational behavior.  They have rights just like mentally challenged citizens have rights, although arguably mentally challenged people shouldn't be running the Government.  But they have been Demonized enough, perhaps not publicly, but let's let our animosity sit in a locked box during this thought, so we can imagine reality for what it is, biases aside. Since 2016 they have become unprofessional, childlike spoil sports that have used their spite to justify breaking laws, circumventing long standing legal and political decorum, and doing anything and everything possible to destroy, smear, belittle, attack, insult, bully, and overthrow Trump and all of his supporters.  People have been attacked in streets wearing MAGA hats, spit on, threatened, doxed, sued, investigated, imprisoned without just cause, and worse.  The liberal game is despicable because they are using the minority victim card in order to 'get offended' by 'racists' and 'white supremacists' when we all know very well that Trump isn't a racist, white supremacist, or a woman hater.  In fact Trump is more popular with African Americans than Democrats:

‘We’re supposed to be Democrats’: Black Trump supporters in Philly on why they back the president

Instead of making intellectual criticisms of President Trump and his policies, Democrats instead throw feces at The White House - fully realizing that they are destroying what's left of American Democracy.

There are many potential solid arguments Democrats could make in order to rally support for a competitor, instead they act like playground bullies, who can resort only to banning Trump supporters from social media, creating 'fake news' about Trump and reporting it as if it's real, or the dastardly Adam Schiff reading a transcript that he wrote 'as a joke' as if it was Trump's words.

Some of the reasonable, rational arguments one could make against Trump's Presidency include:

  • He's not a Republican, he spent 13% more than Obama (not adjusted for inflation). Story
  • Winning 2016 as an anti-war candidate, President Trump has significantly increased military spending.  Story
  • Politicizing Monetary Policy by bullying the Fed into lowering rates makes markets go up but it's not actually helping the underlying economy.  (Many would like to see higher rates) Story

There are many others, but these are all very bright examples that usually elicit retort campaigns organized by think tanks.  Not this time.  Now it's knives out, cloak and dagger skullduggery.  The CIA, FBI, and others are for the first time using their government toppling capabilities on their own Government 'for the sake of the people who obviously can't make the right decisions at the polls' - Excuse me?  Isn't that what we are accusing Russia of doing?

Trump is not a Conspiracy Theorist.  The word Conspiracy Theory was invented by the CIA to defame any theory other than what was in the Warren Commission.  Officially, a single 'magic bullet' was able to enter and exit 2 bodies 8 times in a non-linear manner.  Con-job and CIA controlled Wikipedia has changed the topic to 'single bullet' theory, to distract inquisitive young people from seeing what is so magic about this bullet.  And ironically, according to some, the CIA was directly involved in this illegal coup d'etat to overthrow a Democratically elected President Trump.  *Note that, the CIA has 21,000+ Employees and 99% were certainly not involved, this was a backdoor job by higher ups in the agency like John Brennan, James Clapper (NSA), James Comey (FBI) - but when the leader or an ex-leader of such an organization goes on a personal vendetta using agency / government resources to further their political agenda, welcome to Soviet Russia!  You can read a detailed account of this operation here, and here.

Trump isn't a Republican.

Deep State / Shadow Government Coup.  The so called "Shadow Government" started to form during and after World War 2 but fully seized power with the slaughter of legally elected JFK, as explained in detail in this article.

Pinning the blame isn't any more important than pinning the tail on a donkey, even with the spooky image of "Poppy" near the Book Depository (later to be director of the CIA and President).

JFK had many enemies, including but not limited to the Mafia who he turned on when he got in office, Republicans, War Hawks, Bankers, MJ12, basically the entire Establishment and a lot of the people as well.  He was in many respects an anti-establishment populist candidate, although he came from the Elite.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding JFK, America has been in a constitutional crisis since this event, which was an illegal Coup.  Since JFK every President has been hand picked at Bilderberg meetings and election results are accordingly modeled.  Evidence of election fixing in the US is covered up by the media and political class, but it wasn't possible to cover up the obvious 'fix' in the 2000 election, which was solidified by Al Gore himself in the Senate.  In any event, the Shadow Government had continuity of Government including pro-Elite gangsters like Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and most notably Obama, who isn't a corrupt politician at all but a completely fake CIA created person from scratch - just what the fake generation of fake book users wanted.  Barack Hussein Obama was an identity created by the deep state in order to create subterfuge domestically using their 'divide and conquer' strategy, under the guise of pro-Minority politics.  Millions of illegals were imported and paid for by tax dollars from Syria, Mexico, Guatemala, Pakistan, and other dreadful shit holes, these are the ones who the US Government bought plane tickets for, not counting the millions that ran across the southern border.  Not only that, tax payers paid for their food, medical, housing, education, and other expenses via refugee welfare programs ($64,000+ per person, in the first five years).

This manufactured demographic shift gives power to Globalists that want to divide America on a number of levels, but most important is the culture.  America's culture is one of the strongest in the world, even if foreigners think it's 'weird' - try taking beer and football away from the masses next Sunday and you'll really see what riots are!  Through the promotion of pro-homosexual culture which has evolved to the gender confusion fashion, the individual family is weakened which is the only threat to the Establishment.  The powers to be know that the only strength of any country comes from strong, healthy, patriotic families.  So it's logical for Obama, puppet of the Establishment, to promote homosexuality and non-American values.  White people have become targets, and specifically white males.

The event that propelled the power of the deep state from complete to infinite was 911.  Fear created by this manufactured false-flag event in partnership with Israel, allowed the complete thrashing of the constitution, passage of infinite power "Patriot Act" and other security related laws, which were only the surface of what was to come.  Dodd-Frank enabled Fascism to solidify in USA where a small handful of banks (Oligopoly) control the entire market without any competition.  Small firms cannot compete in a regulatory environment where you need teams of lawyers, compliance officers, accountants, and lobbyists just to stay compliant.  In the most grotesque example, JP Morgan is under investigation by every regulatory body that exists for criminal fraud, including but not limited to the SEC, CFTC, FTC, etc. ad vomitorium.  The news media doesn't cover it, and spins it such that they are the 'victims' of 'overregulation' - forget the facts that they have been found guilty of criminally manipulating the Silver market, Libor market, foreign exchange market, and many others.  Just on ONE of their NFA profiles, they have 1 CFTC action and 25 exchange actions for disciplinary problems.  They have 68 NFA profiles under various names associated with JP Morgan.  The firm continues to manipulate markets in clear violation of US laws and regulations, yet they continue to do so and the stock soars.  This is the classic definition of Fascism, the merger of government and state.  The 'revolving door' of ex Goldman and JPM executives at the SEC, CFTC, and other institutions ensures that the focus of enforcement actions will be on small firms who don't line their pockets, or political enemies.  The Fed, partially owned by JP Morgan, obviously does not censure them - in fact the Fed engages in wash trading with their member banks, creating artificial profits from their own QE operations, as outlined here on Zero Hedge.

Trump threatened this gravy train, and threatened the rule of men, as opposed to the rule of law.  He threatened to disrupt what was working so well for the shadow government i.e. the Establishment which we should note is completely bi-partisan.  Republicans are knee deep in the Swamp as are Democrats.  Before Trump, there was little difference between parties.  John Kerry is George Bush's cousin.  They are members of the same 'skull and bones' - they represent different factions of the same Elite Establishment.  This is what Noam Chomsky calls 'manufacturing consent' - you offer the illusion of choice.

Trump disrupted that power structure, and for that he is an activist.  Driven by ego, but an honest motive nonetheless.  As George Carlin once said, if you introduced honesty into politics the entire system would collapse.  That's what has happened under Trump.  Whether he has a secret genius advisor telling him what to do is unknown, but the policies have had superb results.  High crimes of the Elite such as human trafficking such as noted in the Epstein revelations, and other occult practices have nearly ground to a halt.  The Democrats like to use the #MeToo movement against Trump in a sort of passive aggressive joke, as the ones behind the mass abuses are all Democrats (Weinstein, Epstein, ... ) - Epstein actually gave Bill Clinton the first money to establish the Clinton Foundation!  But forget that, let's worry about what is a quid pro quo. 

But the Democrat hatred of Trump got the best of  them, they wanted revenge more than they wanted to win in 2020.  Their insane and ruthless illegal actions during the last 3 years will start to unravel the Democratic party itself.  Instead of engaging in a healthy and intellectual debate, they wanted a smear fest, fueled by the 100% of the media they own and control (including the CIA editors at CNN, ran by Elite Vanderbilt heir and CIA intern Anderson Cooper).  They crossed the line by using methods previously reserved for foreign countries on their own, for political purposes.  CNN is the most powerful tool of the CIA to overthrow countries.  War is real only in what is broadcast "Live from CNN" - it is not a coincidence that it was CNN allowed to enter Iraq with Storman Norman exclusively, without any other TV organization.  CNN is the mouthpiece of the Shadow Government.

Democrats became the war hawks, become the Nazis - do you remember it used to be the opposite?  But Trump is no Republican so things have changed dramatically.  They simply will not allow Sanders to do anything substantial, or any of the other legitimate candidates such as Gabbard and others.

Also they are unwilling to admit to obvious demographic facts.  Part of the large reason Trump won fairly wasn't because of Trump's pluses it was because of Hillary Clinton's negatives.  If a more legitimate candidate, one with a clear policy that was something 'different' than the past administrations, Trump would have likely lost.  For example if Sanders had run against him, or a host of other choices.  Bloomberg could have defeated Trump in 2016 for example, but now Trump has had 4 years to prove how effective he is as President.

His Presidency is unparalleled in success.  We're talking about the Presidency, not Trump (although we realize, his motive in office is ego rush, which is exacerbated by such conclusions).  It's objective analysis 'based on results' we are not saying anything positive about the reality show TV star / real estate street guy.  Markets have reached historic price levels, unemployment is the lowest ever, criminal immigration is at an all time low, small business is booming, China has finally been confronted as has NATO and other outdated regimes for which the US has no interest.  While the Military spending increased, overall the strategy has become more intelligent - taking out key people instead of wasting billions on pointless wars.  The only other modern President that comes close is Richard Nixon, who created the modern Petro Dollar, opened up China and abandoned the Gold Standard (allowing the US to print money into oblivion to finance what it wants).

Democratic leaders planned out of emotion, desperation, malice, and hatred (of Trump) instead of political strategy, logical analysis, etc.  Through this process they have polarized politics but in a different way, not in the traditional red state vs. blue state, they have created a schism between the 'sane' and the 'insane' - as one Democratic leader said recently, Democrats aren't stupid, they are delusional.  Having a policy based on hope and hate is fine, it's legal, they are allowed to have their opinion.  But it's a poor political strategy as it guarantees defeat.  Their swan song fake "Impeachment" hoax was an asinine absurdity beyond any reasonable intellectual description.  None of what was on the table was an impeachable offense and arguably, even if a quid pro quo did occur (evidence suggests it didn't) it would have been legal.

As liberal Democrat lawyer Alan Dershowitz eloquently pointed out, even if Trump enacted a legal policy with mixed motives (such as being re-elected) that doesn't make it an illegal act:

Consider the way Democratic leaders and the anti-Trump media deliberately distorted what I said in response to a question about quid pro quo. I said that if a president did something entirely legal, with a mixed motive that included his desire to be re-elected, that mixed motive could not turn a legal act into an impeachable offense. I also said that a good motive could not turn a criminal act into a lawful one. These self-evident statements were turned into the lie that I had claimed a president could do anything — even kill his opponent or tamper with voting machines — as long as these felonies were motivated, supposedly in the public interest, by a desire to be re-elected. A CNN talking head, Joe Lockhart, said that what I advocated was comparable to the genocides committed by Hitler and Stalin.

This irrefutable logic, being stated by a liberal Democrat that voted for Clinton nonetheless, was not refuted using logic and rhetoric, but personal attacks, comparing him to those who supported Hitler and Stalin.  There are many such examples, where the Democrats have no real argument, they just throw feces in the hope that others will join in.  But this is a very poor political strategy, even for high school politics.

As Ron Paul has mentioned, Democrats had many fair and reasonable criticisms they COULD HAVE made about Trump but failed to because they secretly agree with his aggressive foreign policy, increasing the defense budget, and other actions.

It has been the behavior of Democrat leaders and voters since 2016 that have sown the seeds of destruction, which we will begin to see after their 2020 loss.  Dershowitz is proof that there are Democrats who can be rational, professional, and logical.  But a type of mass hysteria has overwhelmed them, which has made any logical thought impossible.  They want blood, they want to see Trump and his supporters killed.  There is no compromise.  Why can't they put someone like Alan Dershowitz on the ticket?  We all know the answer, but it's an unpleasant reality.  Democrats have become to resemble white collar criminals, grifters, cheats, snakes; apparatchiks.  The Clintons invented a pay-for play system that benefited hundreds of powerful foreign groups such as the government of India (through their abandonment of Nuclear proliferation rules), Frank Giustra, and many others some of whom you can see on their website.

Those who have profited from this system, especially people like Frank Giustra who have literally made billions from it, obviously stand against anything in it's path.  Corruption breeds corruption so if you get a legit leader that isn't on the take you have an obvious problem, Serpico.

Another facet that needs to be considered is the black ops of George Soros, including but not limited to paying for protestors, funding movements like "Black Lives Matter" - bussing in protestors and 'elevator screamers' during the Kavanagh hearings, and other such ridiculous attempts to manipulate Democracy.  These petty scams have all backfired at Democrats, they only reinforce the hatred of the partisans that remain, but cheap tricks are not sustainable.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.  Right George?

Basically, the Democrat strategy has been to make Trump stronger and guarantee their own defeat.  This is why many are scratching their heads as to their motives, as there are many intelligent strategists in their ranks.  The Russiagate hoax, impeachment, constant media attacks on Trump - only make themselves look petty and unprofessional and make Trump's base stronger.  They haven't strengthened their base they have weakened it to the point of cracking.  Bloomberg's billions can't replace 3 years of this idiocy we have *all* had to put up with.

After the CIA killed Democrat JFK in cold blood, Democratic senators investigated them, culminating in the public 'Church Committee' ran by Democrat Frank Church, a lawyer.

The majority of what we DO KNOW about the deep state came from this public investigation.  The event, even if organized by Democrats for political reasons, is widely heralded as a huge win for the citizenry.  Although it only scratched the surface of a deep and complex topic, it was enough for us to get a glimpse of what really is going on behind closed doors, namely - skullduggery.  Assassinations, fixing elections, propaganda campaigns, secret undetectable murder weapons, and other spycraft - all 'classified.'  Under the guise of the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA could legally participate in the fixing of a domestic US election, such as was attempted in 2016, if they created any evidence that it was necessary to 'protect national security' such as the sham connection that was built between Putin and Trump.

Both Democrats and Republicans have tapped this shadow deep-state power to achieve their own ends, but in 2016 the Democrats took it too far.  By using the methods, tools, power, strategies, personnel, resources, and information IN A DOMESTIC OPERATION such as "Operation Crossfire Hurricane" against a legitimately elected President -- they violated their own rules and oaths of office, and put America in the same category of Brazil, Russia, Colombia, and other banana republics that have completely rigged elections decided by the ruling Oligarchy.  But the issue for Democrats isn't about ethics, they threw that out the window long ago.  It's about the law of nature.  If you have a huge power, and you use it, you often lose it.  Think of Nuclear bombs.  Russia or the US could launch their nukes and destroy the whole world.  But they can only do it ONCE.  Once you go Nuclear, you can't do it 'again' because the earth is already scorched.

Pre-World War 2 politics was intellectual, politics was more like it was in the rest of the world.  Candidates debated issues and had philosophies.  Take examples from Democrat William Jennings Byran, after leaving office he was an activist:

Bryan spent much of his time advocating for the eight-hour day, a minimum wage, the right of unions to strike and, increasingly, women's suffrage and Prohibition.

Regardless if you agree with his political opinion or not, you must agree that politicians today will only advocate a cause if they are paid.  Advocating causes has been replaced by the paid-speech circuit or the book publishing racket, all with the aim of getting rich or more powerful.  Are there any honest politicians today except Ron Paul (who is a doctor, not a lawyer).

We've gone a long way from a religious man William Jennings Bryan to Adam Schiff, a dual US/Israel citizen who is involved in some very shady dealings.

It's just difficult to imaging WJB going to a gay meth house in WeHo and shooting up some opium before he digs in to the local African American homeless prostitute du jour.

As long as Democrats put sleazebags like Schiff in the frontrunning like vicious Pitbulls protecting the mob boss, it will only continue to degrade the quality of the party itself, which we have seen and this is why we are saying goodnight to a party that once was great and stood for noble moral causes.  The Democratic party has become overwhelmed with anti-American influences such as promulgated by George Soros who just wants to use the party for his own profits.  His exploits in the third world, and by gaining an unfair and sometimes illegal information advantage on the markets, are why he needs to hide behind someone like a Bill Clinton.

The strategy of embracing minorities and increasing the numbers of indigent voters through policies like paying for as many babies as you can push out per month (Clinton) is mathematically valid.  This is the 'blue wave' they discuss, as they support illegal immigrants for example, they believe that's 'their base' - but the flaw in this is in the implementation.  The plan backfired because it's about form and not essence.  Since 2016 through their voracious appetite to drink the blood of Trump in 'spirit cooking' with Podesta and friends, their political ideology transformed from whatever it was, to something which isn't an ideology at all but a vendetta.  The vendetta continues to this day, but leaves the Democratic party with no intellectual standing.  Long Time Democrat Noam Chomsky explains it well:

...they’re not going to find any real collusion with the Russians, and [Mueller] didn’t.” This “laserlike focus on Robert Mueller,” as Chomsky describes it, is consuming too much of Democrats’ airtime, campaigning energy and overall electoral strategy.  He believes they should be focused on Trump’s policies, especially his environmental plans, because “Trump’s climate policy may literally be a virtual death knell for the species,” he points out. “We’ve got a couple of years to try to deal somehow with the environmental crisis. It can be controlled. It’s not easy, but it can be done. If you waste a couple of years by trying to escalate the crisis, you might just push us over the edge.”

Chomsky as always is trying to be productive with his few words left, trying to imbue in the younger generation a sense of purpose and reason, as he should do.  But it's much worse than that.  To explain further, they have become all consumed in this witch hunt that they have forgotten why they do this in the first place.  There is no more doctrine, philosophy, or political opinion of the Democratic party.  You don't believe it?  Try and name one political ideology of Mike Bloomberg, or Joe Biden.  What does Joe Biden plan to do with his Presidency?  Bloomberg?  Sanders does have a political ideology, he's a Socialist.  He's made that very clear - and that's why Democrats will NEVER let Sanders near the White House.  They need a stooge who will do what they say, when George (or Bill) tells them.  They need someone who can be greased up.  That's also why they didn't like JFK, who, similarly, like Trump, was hated even by his own party.  He was just sooooo popular that they put up with him.

But going back to the Post Mortem of the Democrats, it's not about Trump, here's the point.  Trump is an example of where they are wrong.  Trump is a meme, like Brexit or yellow jackets.  Populism is on the rise, not because of ideology, but because all the bs that Obama, Bush, and Clinton said were all lies - the end result was the 1% got much richer and lives of everyone else either stayed the same or got worse.  Where do all the Trillions in tax dollars we take in each year go toward?  $100 Billion went to develop biological weapons.  If you ask the average American, would you rather have a check for $300 or have an arsenal of Coronavirus, Anthrax, and other toxic weapons, what do you think Joe 6 pack would say?  He'd take the money.  And this is what the Democrats don't understand.  The world has changed.  In the age of the internet it's really hard to lie to people.  You can throw together fake sites like and 'fact check' websites which never check any facts (they just write whatever the opinion of the owners is as facts).  Yes you can do all these things, subjugate the news media, create propaganda films and brainwash 20 somethings into believing theories you create like "Modern Monetary Theory" but they don't work.  You can't fit 10 ounces of water into a 5 ounce jar no matter how fancy your lab equipment.  Smarter Democrats will realize this, and in the 2020 defeat they will realize it's all just bad planning, and there's where the fighting starts.  The blame game will lead to factions splitting into other parties, and soon the Democratic party will be 5 parties.

Is this a bad thing?  No, it's a very good thing.  In most Democratic countries there are 10 or more parties.  In practice, in the past 50 years there is little difference between Democratic and Republican parties, and all the candidates are from the same robber baron class.  Both are grubby money hungry cheats that will sell out the American taxpayer to make a Chinese Yuan in a heartbeat.  George HW Bush said if the people knew what we did, they would hang us.  Republicans are wrong too, that believe it's only the Democrats who are below the belt.  It just so happens that Trump isn't a Republican, he's a business guy from the street.

Another positive side effect of what the Democrats have done is they have made many people active in politics that otherwise wouldn't be.  Although to their detriment, most of them will not be voting for whoever the Democrat candidate is.

This isn't an original idea, it's just a logical conclusion looking at what's happening.  Also see Counterpunch, and Ted Rall:

...the liberal Democratic base currently represented by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren file for divorce from the party's center-right corporatist leadership caste. What next? Led by Sanders/Warren or not (probably not), prepare to see a major new "third" party close to or equal in size to a rump Democratic one.  I even have a name for this new 99 percent-focused entity: the New Progressive Party, or simply the Progressive Party. Since this is ahistorical America, no one remembers the Bull Moosers.  Today's Democratic Party is evenly divided between the Bernie Sanders progressives who focus on class issues and the Hillary Clinton urban liberals who care more about identity politics.

Here's another article outlining the Democratic party breakup.

It's already happened, we're just waiting for the funeral.

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