The Craft of Intelligence


Customers will pay tens of thousands for a hand crafted watch.   But we don’t take the same look at information & intelligence.  Of course, professional intelligence agencies, hedge funds, government institutions, will pay millions for high quality intelligence.

The fact that the internet has opened up access to information is a double edged sword.  On one hand, information is accessible and mostly in the public domain.  But on the other, it’s polluted with advertisements, mis-information, and other noise.

Analysis is as much an art form as a science.  Global Intel Hub delivers custom crafted intelligence to it’s members, while also providing data direct from leading sources.  Customized crafted intelligence can save your portfolio from collapse, can increase your mental health, and can ultimately save your life.

This is one reason Allen Dulles (the first strong CIA director who basically made the agency what it is today) named his book about the work they do “The Craft of Intelligence.”

Back then, the world was very different.  Now, intelligence is being used by millions for their investments, business, and for health reasons.  And sites like Global Intel Hub offer this for only $10.  You never know how some information may change your life, or impact you in ways that only surface through your subconscious later.

What we do know, now, studies have shown that it’s better to be right than to be happy:

As part of an unusual experiment, the husband was instructed to “agree with his wife’s every opinion and request without complaint,” and to continue doing so “even if he believed the female participant was wrong,” according to a report on the research that was published Tuesday by the British Medical Journal.

So in fact, ignorance is not bliss.  It’s the illusion of bliss.  By hiding from the truth, we are not giving ourselves a fair shot at true self-actualization.  And according to science, being right is better!

One does not need to learn the craft of intelligence to be a consumer of it.  Many groups such as Global Intel Hub do the hard work for you.  Of course, it is like anything, it must be used.  But considering the value that real custom intelligence brings, which is near priceless, it’s hard to say no to $10/month.