Secure Offshore Banking

  Euro Pacific Bank offers Meta Trader 4, Forex Options, and other brokerage services, combined with the security of a bank. Features of Euro Pacific Bank: Safety and Privacy offshore Gold and Silver backed accounts Brokerage unit included Meta Trader 4 Forex trading Open an account with Euro Pacific Bank For more info on Euro […]

How Moving Off-Shore Made My Company Competitive

I guess I should start by telling you that I’ve always wanted to be a business. I grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts. It’s a city about 12-15 outside of Boston. I even attended a business school in Waltham-Bentley University. In 2000 after finishing school a year early I went to work for a stockbroker in […]

Gateway to the new intelligence

Zero Point Portal is the gateway to the new intelligence, currently in the manifestation of Global Intel Hub – the internet’s leading intelligence portal. Reasons to join Global Intel Hub: Wide variety of intelligence, covering the financial markets, breaking news and events, sociological studies, cutting edge technology, with a focus on practical business applications Participate […]

An incremental approach to investing

Typically, potential investors receive an ‘elevator pitch’ which can lead to a presentation, and finally some offering memorandum such as a private placement memorandum.  This has been industry standard for a long time, and certainly since the concept of Venture Capital became popular.  But it leaves investors with very shallow on the surface information.  Of […]

Crowdfunding a financial institution

As explained on Zero Point Portal “The New Model” – the world is changing.  Models are changing.  How investors invest has been revolutionized by the crowdfunding model, among others.  The financial world has yet to adapt to the new world.  Credit unions have existed for some time.  But a member owned financial institution such as […]

The Craft of Intelligence

Customers will pay tens of thousands for a hand crafted watch.   But we don’t take the same look at information & intelligence.  Of course, professional intelligence agencies, hedge funds, government institutions, will pay millions for high quality intelligence. The fact that the internet has opened up access to information is a double edged sword. […]

Forex Synthesis Project

Forex Synthesis Project Summary For detailed information about this project, join Global Intel Hub Members of Global Intel Hub will not only receive documents about the project, but will participate in it.  Global Intel Hub will be the information portal for the project, as well as testing ground for new developments.

An honest and profitable approach to Forex

Forex is a unique market in that it’s not traded on an exchange.  This leaves open a plethora of possibilities how banks and brokers structure their Forex offerings.  Typically, providers of Forex market access simply offer an increased spread.  The STP model, now the most commonly accepted, takes client orders and passes them through to […]

Info for your mental health

As any soldier will tell you, or anyone who survived the severe crisis, the most difficult part of any crisis is the psychological aspect.  Staying mentally fit is of course good for your health in general, but also can help you make better decisions. How to achieve real self-actualization?  Each layer in the Maslow Pyramid […]

What can you buy for ten dollars

Inflation is rampant in most currencies.  We all hear stories about the older generation filling up their gas tank for a quarter.  Let’s take a look at what you can buy for 10 bucks in 2013: 2 reams of copy paper, 500 sheets each ($4.99 each) – low quality paper 1 movie ticket ($7.93 national […]

EPA fraud casts doubt on institutional approach towards social management

Another government fraud doesn’t seem surprising, but we should look closer at this recent employee of the EPA; in fact their highest paid employee, who was thought to be an expert on climate change.  He was a liar, embezzler, and overall bad employee, according to his lawyer, he didn’t work for periods of 18 months. […]

Tips for surviving the crisis

The following are some basic tips for surviving this coming crisis. Disable your TV service.  If it’s free, unplug the cord.  Most TVs can today be connected to any laptop or computer, DVD player, or other device where you can watch shows on Netflix, or free sites such as Top Documentary Films. Stop eating processed […]

USA fell down deep rabbit hole

The USA of today is less like the USA of the 90’s than the USA of the 90’s and (insert any foreign country).  But like a frog in a slowly boiling pot, he never jumps out until he is finally cooked. People living in US who do not regularly spend time out of the country […]

Real Time Event Driven Education RTEDE

Global Intel Hub announces a new feature for premium members only, Real Time Event Driven Education. Weekly webinars for premium subscribers based on the week’s most significant events.  GIH analysts explain what this means, the theory behind, and possible implications.  Run for 2 hours every weekend, the webinar will consist of weekly analysis and education.  […]

Demo now available for premium raw feed

Recently Global Intel Hub announced a premium membership for $100/month where premium members can access features such as a raw feed with no spread markup with several participating Forex brokers.  Traders who are interested in this can now request a demo environment before signing up. Get your demo Learn more about GIH Premium Membership  

Global Intel Hub announces Premium Membership

Global Intel Hub is a private member community redefining the way we process information and use the internet.  Membership to the site is only $10/month.  This is not designed to enrich the contributors or to build a business, simply to cover expenses and eventually to fund a private internet and financial institution. Based on the […]

World rapidly changing

The world is changing rapidly. BRIC countries are building their own private internet China is now the world’s largest oil consumer Chase bank starts the first round of US capital controls (but it’s called ‘de-risking’ Meanwhile, Yuan trade expanding rapidly US Citizens giving up citizenship at record pace US Citizens cannot open Foreign Forex account […]

If a Tsunami was coming would you want to know?

What is really the value of information? Information can save your life!  It can also save you time and money.. “If I had only known..” But something about our culture disregards the value of information.  We are even hostile to it. So if a Tsunami was coming would you want to know?  Of course many […]

The GIH Premium Feed for Forex traders

Global Intel Hub offers a raw feed with no markup, commission, or other hidden cost for Premium members.   The spreads are raw interbank spreads with no markup.  See some sample spreads below: Unfortunately, this offer is not available to US Citizens unless they qualify as a ECP. Click here to register for a free demo […]