Kraken vs Coinbase

Why Kraken is better than Coinbase

Global Intel Hub – 2/7/2021 Managua, Nicaragua- Kraken es una de las mejores plataformas de criptomonedas, debido a su disponibilidad en un catálogo más amplio en cuanto a países, también tiene las tasas más bajas en comparación con Coinbase, que es 0,16% al 0,26%. También es la plataforma más utilizada por los inversores ya que […]

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GIH 2017 update

Global Intel Hub (GIH) now is 100% free.  With the recent revelation of ‘fake news’ in the media, Global Intel Hub is motivated to be a world leader in real intelligence.  Journalism has become tainted and few organizations maintain journalistic objectivity.  Intelligence agencies, produce intelligence for their government owners, private Intel agencies like Stratfor provide […]

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The Craft of Intelligence

Customers will pay tens of thousands for a hand crafted watch.   But we don’t take the same look at information & intelligence.  Of course, professional intelligence agencies, hedge funds, government institutions, will pay millions for high quality intelligence. The fact that the internet has opened up access to information is a double edged sword. […]

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