Brad Olsen’s Secrets of Antarctica Film Production – Episode 4 – Intelligence Storm

GlobalIntelHub -- Knoxville, TN -- Episode 4 - Secrets of Antarctica with Brad Olsen -- In this Episode of Intelligence Storm we interviewed renowned explorer Brad Olsen who visited the remote continent years ago, and has since mapped out several sites which may have interesting evidence.  Brad Olsen is raising capital to explore and film secrets hidden under the Ice in Antarctica. He has explored some of the World’s most interesting and mysterious sites, and written multiple books on the topic. He expects to find evidence of ancient civilizations, as well as abandoned secret military bases under the ice. Antarctica has been sealed off for civilians until now, and there have been only scant reports on the activities down there. This film could be a game changer for the Disclosure movement, as they could collect the hard evidence that so many skeptics seek.

We talked with Brad recently, let’s hear what he had to say.

This expedition can bring the hard intelligence that many are waiting for (artefacts) and there is no more qualified person on this planet than Brad Olsen.  Not only he has travelled to Antarctica and it's rough conditions, he has travelled to every continent on planet Earth, as well as many ancient sites. Brad Olsen recently returned from the Plain of Jars in Laos, where he investigated megalithic stone jars up to 9 feet (3 meters) in height that local legends connect with ancient giants living in the area. There are currently just over 1300 of the mysterious jars remaining after an intense bombing campaign during the secret war conducted by the US against Laos since 1964. In addition to carpet bombing the Ho Chi Minh trail used to resupply the Viet Cong, Olsen believes that the secret war set out to destroy archeological evidence of giants who are the legendary Nephilim described in ancient religious texts.  See the interview here:

We're getting the popcorn for Brad's most epic production ever, and begging our wealthy friends to back him.  Travelling to Antarctica and exploring these sites requires military grade logistics, so it's not cheap.  To learn more about the Film project checkout the page:  Antarctica Film by Brad Olsen @ Venture Capital Cross.

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