Witness: US Forces strike a deal and split up Massive Gold Treasure

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Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 3/2/2024 -- US Special Forces insider witness "JP" described a mission where he and other soldiers were brought to an icy castle with ancient carvings and statues, in order to help split up a massive Gold payoff with shipping containers.  He describes being drugged while taken to a secret location inside a cavern surrounded by ice, and the building is a hand carved similar to Castles in Spain. [1]  Listen to the entire interview here:

He said it seemed like Gold was being shipped to various countries as the containers had different languages he could recognize.  Perhaps this was a payoff for a technology agreement, or as some have speculated somehow related to the rollout of QFS or a Gold Backed Crypto Dollar?

Whatever was the purpose of this treasure, it isn't often we find 25 Lb. Gold bars shaped like Frisbees with Sumerian writing on them, so this is an amazing discovery, at best.

JP has established his credibility over a period of more than 10 years with Dr. Michael Salla, founder of the field of Exopolitics.  [2]  He has provided photographs of his encounters, and as well has let Dr. Salla physically visit a military installation where he has served.

With Gold prices above $2,000 /ounce this is amazing news, although secret.  This isn't the first account of secret Gold controlled by US interests.

Explorer Brad Olsen visited caves in the Grand Canyon which have been sealed by US Authorities for decades.

[1] https://www.revisitinghistory.com/castles/spain/castillo-de-colomares/

[2] https://exopolitics.org/

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