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Witness discusses Project Paperclip in Huntsville, AL Origins of US Space Program

Global Intel Hub — Knoxville, TN — 7/1/2024 — As the Space race continues to rage and private companies like SpaceX leading the way, many researchers are interested in the origins and history of how we got where we are today.  In a fascinating expose by Blogger Peter Santenello, we listen to key witnesses who […]

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Brad Olsen’s Secrets of Antarctica Film Production – Episode 4 – Intelligence Storm

GlobalIntelHub.com/TV — Knoxville, TN — Episode 4 – Secrets of Antarctica with Brad Olsen — In this Episode of Intelligence Storm we interviewed renowned explorer Brad Olsen who visited the remote continent years ago, and has since mapped out several sites which may have interesting evidence.  Brad Olsen is raising capital to explore and film […]

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Investing in Disclosure and the New Paradigm – Exploration and Information

Global Intel Hub — Knoxville, TN — 2/17/2024 — So if Disclosure is opening up new markets with released technology, is that creating a new asset class?  We’ve all been hearing about “Disclosure” and those who have been around the block are rolling our eyes, we can imagine the Elite’s rolling out some failed experiments, […]

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