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Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 2/17/2024 -- So if Disclosure is opening up new markets with released technology, is that creating a new asset class?  We've all been hearing about "Disclosure" and those who have been around the block are rolling our eyes, we can imagine the Elite's rolling out some failed experiments, crash wreckage, and finally admitting we control the weather as "Disclosure" and calling it a day.  But something deeper is going on here, people with above IQ room temperature can feel it.  There's a positive ascension vibe sweeping the planet that's deeper than 'awakening' (but that's happening too and it's good.)  Do we really need to get into the details?  Even Yuval is saying the Great Reset is dead, and he's their spiritual Pope (or Klaus is the pope, and he's the little boy, but who care's who's holding the candle?).

Let's clarify what Disclosure is.  Disclosure means information is going to be disseminated to the masses.  The definition is: the action of making new or secret information known.

There is so much secret information on this planet on so many topics, we can make a good argument that Disclosure is not only about ET information, although that will remain an interesting if not the most interesting aspect for most people.  Components of Disclosure:

  • Government Disclosure of Secret Information - we can expect the least from this side!
  • Disclosure of Technologies - This may be the most fertile, as it only takes one whistleblower, scientist, developer, worker to come forward.
  • Information Disclosure - Fact Checkers are going to have permanent employment once the floodgates open up here.  What is the truth that happened after World War 2?  We know based on documents released the FBI was tracking Hitler years after the war was over in South America.  What else is known that's kept secret from the public?
  • The Dismantling of the Censorship Field or "Black Goo" keeping things secret -  This will come last, but it will be the most dramatic when it happens.

So aside from being a consumer of the information, how can we support disclosure?  One way is financially, through investment.  This may not be a surprising fact, the people with generational wealth, i.e. The Establishment, do not support Disclosure because it will rock the boat, and disrupt the status quo.  As we have outlined previously, it's not necessarily a bad thing for their Monopolies, it may even give their business a boost - but they don't want to take that risk.  They can't control the unknown so they are afraid.

Conversely, most of the people trying to disclose information, research, and/or explore our hidden secrets, need help and resources to do so.  Brad Olsen is seeking financing from Accredited Investors to film and produce a Documentary based on an Expedition to Secret sites in Antarctica which he and other researchers have identified, including but not limited to:

  • The Norwegian Tor and Troll bases, close to the Schumacher Hills (where the Nazi Base 211 was located).
  • The seasonal German Kohnen base where an under-ice craft is located.
  • The Pyramid beneath the snow, as showcased on the History Channel.
  • Exploring Schumacher Hills and Schumacher ponds in quest of Base 211, with the objective of ascertaining whether the area was subjected to nuclear detonation during Operation Argus in 1958.
  • South Pole Amundsen-Scott research station.

For Accredited Investors who are interested in this project, visit this page @ Venture Capital Cross (registration required)

See this sizzle (not a trailer) for the proposed production:

There will be other ways to invest in Disclosure, for example in Reverse Engineered products and/or those we discover, find, obtain, or otherwise come in possession of.  But this project is a first of it's kind in the modern era, and being first is always good in any industry.  Projects like this will open up the information barriers and form as another form of Disclosure, in this case, about secrets here on our Earth.  Who knows what they will find under the ice?  One thing is sure, it will not be what everyone suspects.  Using Satellite images and other data is pure speculation.  The only way to verify any theories is to go down there with a camera crew.

What's very interesting is that out of the top 10 highest grossing Documentaries of all time, more than half of them are about the Earth, and the #2 is called "Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets." [1] The explorer going to Antarctica, Brad Olsen, has also explored some of the mysteries of the Grand Canyon, which he explains in an interview with Dr. Michael Salla @ [2]:

What's very strange about Antarctica is that it has been off limits for a very long time, so many are interested to see what Brad will discover down there.

For Accredited Investors who are interested in this project, visit this page @ Venture Capital Cross (registration required)



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