New Zealand’s dark history EXPOSED: Genocide, Ethnic Wars, and more

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Global Intel Hub 3/15/2019 - New York, NY - In a country which has completely outlawed guns, yesterday there was one of the worst racial shootings perhaps in modern history in a town that has a history of being predominantly white Christian, ChristchurchAs explained in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems.

We'd like to point out that the bloody history of modern New Zealand started with a similar story of any British Colony, the white man or in this case 'Pakeha' came to a remote island mostly inhabited by tribal locals, who were exterminated.  But unlike many tribal people the Maori were real warriors who fought back and still fight for their rights and lands.  So the slaughter of Maori was called a "War" not just an "invasion" or "Genocide" as characterized by similar situations:

In places like the United StatesAustraliaNew ZealandCanada settler colonialism caused the indigenous population to decrease by over half after becoming a British colony. Foreign land viewed as attractive for settlement was declared as terra nullius or "nobody's land". The indigenous inhabitants were therefore denied any sovereignty or property rights in the eyes of the British..

For a full read-up on New Zealand's dark history you can checkout this page on Wikipedia New Zealand Wars.

But New Zealand being a small country didn't develop its own unique character as much as other ex-British states, relying more on the Crown on a number of levels.  In fact those outside of Kiwi land don't know the word "Brain Drain" but it's a real problem in New Zealand:

New Zealand has the worst record among the developed nations for retaining its skilled workers, with nearly a quarter of them having left the country, a World Bank study has revealed.  The country's brain drain is 10 times larger than that of neighbouring Australia where only 2.5 per cent of graduates live outside their homeland.  It is calculated that for every skilled worker that leaves, the government loses US$10,000 through foregone taxes and education and healthcare costs.  Highly-skilled Kiwi migrants earn an average US$116,000, compared to an average US$65,000 New Zealand salary.

So to the point of the killer, not only birth rates of Pakeha are declining; in the case of New Zealand they are actually leaving.  To compensate for this, New Zealand imported thousands of Africans many of whom had HIV.  What's more strange, their twisted immigration policy supported the importation of non-white multi-ethnic groups including but not limited to Muslims, Africans, Asians, and others.

Many early African community members came to New Zealand on humanitarian grounds or refugees - predominately from the horn of Africa (especially Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Sudan). Between 1992 and 2001, roughly 3,000 refugees from the Horn of Africa came to New Zealand. Ethiopians were the first to arrive, followed by Eritreans, then Somalis (Somalis accounted for almost 1,500 of this refugee population). Most of these refugees were fleeing political unrest in their homelands; which combined with the famine of 1992 caused devastating economic hardship in the area. As well as the African refugee population, 46,806 migrants came to New Zealand from Africa between 2002 and 2004. Most of these migrants were from southern Africa (mostly South Africa and Zimbabwe). In many cases, the political climate in their home countries was a factor in their migration – for example those from Zimbabwe were escaping from political instability and a devastating economic decline. The massive migration brought a significant number of Africans living with HIV to New Zealand; most of these people already faced resettlement challenges (employment, Immigration issues, housing, racism, segregation). 

New Zealand is a very difficult country to immigrate to, the majority of visa requests are simply denied - it's even more difficult than the United States according to statistics.  However, they will bring in almost 50,000 Africans with HIV under a humanitarian program.  What do they expect as a result with such policies?

New Zealand has a good image abroad, and was popularized by the "Lord of the Rings" produced by a kiwi Peter Jackson and filmed mostly in NZ.  But New Zealand has a dark side that only a foreigner living there can see - as for the locals it's just normal.  Let's get a view from Simon Black:

So, here’s the “bad”–

Censorship: There is now Internet censorship in New Zealand.  As of February 1, 2010, some New Zealand ISPs have begun implementing a new government Internet filtering scheme.  This is bad news, but unfortunately in-line with Internet monitoring around the world.

Internet and wireless service:  In general, they are expensive compared to North America, and much less reliable. However, plans are in the works to bring fiber to the door of every NZ home.  Furthermore, the wireless duopolies of Vodafone and Telecom are starting to get some competition.

Bureaucracy: According to an OECD report, New Zealand has more government departments and ministries than any other developed country in the world.   To be fair, John Key’s National Party government has been unwinding some of Labour’s socialist agenda, but there is much further to go.

Taxation: New Zealand is not a tax haven, and depending on your line of work, you could be paying more than in your home country.  It looks like the top tax rate will be falling from 38% to 33%, but GST (sales tax) is getting a boost from 12.5% to 15%.

Now a little of the “ugly”…

Drunk driving: The local paper just ran a story about a guy who has had 17 drink driving convictions, and he is STILL on the road!  Drinking in general is a problem here; it embarrasses a lot of Kiwis, but little is being done to solve it.

Teen angst/violence: Auckland and some of the other larger cities have gang issues.  The police DO NOT carry guns, so there is little deterrent when trying to break up a drunk mob of teens in a park.  Many police officers end up in the hospital after taking beatings from civilians.

New Zealand’s “green” image: This is excellent marketing at best. The locals are totally uneducated about organics; New Zealand drops 1080 poison from helicopters to kill possums in its national parks, builds full-scale hydro dams on pristine rivers and has open pit coal and gold mines.

It’s “green” because of its low population density, period!

Due to the "Brain Drain" and importation of Africans the average IQ of the local population has dropped precipitously.  There are 13 sheep for every human in New Zealand and sharing a common ground seems to have permeated in both directions.

New Zealand is not a hub for human trafficking or drug transportation point.  It's at the end of the world, physically.  New Zealand is like the end of the world, just look at this map from Christchurch's own Wizard (Christchurch is the only town in the world with its own official "Wizard")

Wizard of Christchurch

Or as the Wizard would likely argue, the 'beginning' of the world but that would be the Paleolithic world only, if perhaps to follow that train of thought.  Perhaps the Wizard wants to chime in on the days events so close to his stomping grounds?

Finally - this event destroys the anti-gun crowd in the US which wants to take away our guns to prevent such things from happening.  In New Zealand guns are strictly forbidden - it's so hard to get guns you can apply as a hunter and wait years for a license.  The only people who have guns are of course the gangsters, the shooters - as would be any society where guns are illegal.  Criminals will find ways.

New Zealand is not the nexus of evil in the world - far from it.  But it chooses to associate itself with the Nexus through its ties to the old guard via London and the Crown.  If New Zealand really wants to make itself a real 'independent' country it needs to look more plainly as what's obviously staring it right in the face:  A major ethnic and demographic problem that is caused by years of societal decay, crooked government policies, and stupidity.  In the case of NZ unlike European states or the US, stupidity is the largest suspect as they aren't working with a lot of material there.

Having a melting pot is one thing, the Soviet Union was a multi-ethnic state, as were many global Empires.  But forcing it is another.  Relocating 50,000 HIV infected Africans to New Zealand (many of which were Muslims) was not the best decision the NZ government could have made at the time.  It would have been wiser to attract Entrepreneurs, investors, Americans!  People who speak English, people with skills, money, resources.. just sayin'

But New Zealand just proves our point that the world has slipped into a New Dark Age where Generation Idiot is creating problems so deep they are unsolvable.  Stay tuned to Global Intel Hub for further updates on the demise of the Human Race (as we know it).

For a great intro to how the world *really* works checkout Splitting Pennies, Understanding Forex.  Or any of the books here on this page are good too.


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