Climate Change for Private Jets? Mike Winston talks about Jet AI and Artificial Intelligence in the Private Aviation sector

Global Intel Hub — Knoxville, TN — 2/12/2024 – AI is the buzzword replacing “Crypto” as of a couple of years ago, but many investors are scratching their heads on what to make of AI, how much is buzz and how much is substance.  Founder of Jet AI Mike Winston explained what they are doing […]

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Forget COVID, get ready to be afraid of Climate Change, extreme weather events

Now that operation COVID has run it’s course, the cabal needs another story to sell to scare you into oblivion.  The Elite overplayed their hand with COVID.  Thanks to truthers like Zero Hedge, who has done an impeccable job reporting a controversial topic, and not-politicians like Trump – there is a Great Awakening happening which […]

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The News

Climate Change is real, but its manufactured. Weather is the new battlefield

( New York, NY) — 2/12/2020 — The US Military has become an entity with a mind of it’s own; despite efforts to curtail it’s expansion by activists and politicians, it continues to grow.  Years ago a small problem arose that posed an existential threat to the system, the enemies were all defeated.  The real […]

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Is our Sun falling silent? Prepare for an impending Ice Age

GIH: Climate change is now apparent for every person living on planet earth – it’s no longer just anomalous events, but a complete different climate.  But we have only been keeping records for a short period, historically speaking.  It’s possible that what we are experiencing now is a common cycle, but because of the short […]

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