Forget COVID, get ready to be afraid of Climate Change, extreme weather events


Now that operation COVID has run it's course, the cabal needs another story to sell to scare you into oblivion.  The Elite overplayed their hand with COVID.  Thanks to truthers like Zero Hedge, who has done an impeccable job reporting a controversial topic, and not-politicians like Trump - there is a Great Awakening happening which is flipping the Great Reset on it's head.  The Great Reset is becoming the Great Reject.  It's nearly mainstream news that COVID is a manmade bioweapon.  But what's next?  With Bezos, Gates, Fauci, and others on the run - are they going to go home with their marbles moping after a failed attempt to take over the world?  Don't bet on it.  As we explained in Splitting Pennies - the world is not as it seems.

Since the collapse of the Nazi regime, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has struggled to justify the massive cost and pollution to the planet, considering the enemies have less weapons, less training, less money, and are not hostile.  In fact, 'real' enemies of USA hardly exist anymore - so much so that they need to create them. (For reference, see The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and other books @

You can get a sense of what the narrative will look like 3 months from now, as they have used their agent Elon Musk to sow the seeds on cultural icon SNL.  Crypto was cool 10 years ago, but now Bitcoin is bad for the environment - you see?  Of course these are fallacious arguments, but that's not the point.  They control the narrative, and if you read between the lines, you can see where we are headed.

Also, there is of course the possibility of a 2nd 'real' pandemic, but in the final analysis it seems that would be too much of a stretch on a population which is waking up to how the game is played.  They can fool the population once, but not twice.  They need to come in at another angle, and they have the perfect ace up  their sleeve: GeoEngineering.

It's no secret that the US Government has been spraying the skies for decades, with toxic consequences for humans and planet Earth.  But it gives us better cellphone reception, allows us to completely control the weather, and it gives also a huge military advantage (the Alumina creates an electric field).  Watch this in case you haven't:

The Dimming, A Documentary Film Trailer (Geoengineering Watch Dane Wigington ) from Dane Wigington on Vimeo.

So, they have this machine which allows for them to press a button and make it rain, or not.  It's really simple technology we've had since the 1950's, and was perfected for use in Vietnam during the 1960's.  Due to the controversial Agent Orange program, military chemical spraying has been classified since then.  It used to be an OVERT program, now it's a COVERT program.  This is the perfect fear story to play out on TV to control the public mind.  Hurricanes in Florida, Tornados in the MidWest, fires in California, and more.  Not only weather impacts markets it impacts people.  They have the ability to press a button and make everyone sleepy (for example).

No, it won't kill you.  Yes, it's everywhere - there are few places on Earth where this is not going on.  If you want to move somewhere to avoid this program, be prepared to live in extremely remote off grid environments such as Antarctica or Siberia (it's happening in Russia, too).

Soon the US Government is going to release information on UFOs - we can expect a total whitewash.  But it will open up credible witnesses to come forward with evidence, which is all connected to the military, who is responsible for the spraying program.  Who knows how all these secrets are connected?

The obvious problem-reaction-solution model is clear.  Create extreme weather, blame Climate Change, sell the solution.  Carbon trading anyone?  Of course, the 'problem' is artificial, but it will take years for that to be proven, meanwhile those with skin in the game have $2 Trillion - $4 Trillion in free bubble value to create in a blue ocean that currently doesn't exist.

Geo-engineering countermeasures are going to be the IN THING.

Now is the time of research, we have short precious time before they crank up the volume on this music box.

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