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Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 2/20/2024 -- We are told that science is making life better every day, when the reality is that Big Monopolies stifle technology by sitting on patents or in many cases destroying technology that could greatly impact the planet positively, because it would negatively impact their own bottom line.  That seems to be changing, whether because of mega trends, such as the "Collapse of Civilizations" theory, or because of Disclosure of Information and Technology, or because of other factors.  We're seeing more and more revolutionary technologies that are impacting how we live, work, and exist.

Episode 3 - Intelligence Storm: Dr. Ardeshir Bayat - Sensill.

Sensill is disrupting Medical Diagnostics by creating real time testing for skin infections including bacteria. By looking at the mechanism dogs use for smell, they developed and patented a point of care device that can provide real time information to doctors treating skin related issues. The applications for such technology seem limitless and it looks like it will revolutionize diagnostics and how they are treated. The founder is Dr. Ardeshir Bayat a well published doctor and expert in skin diagnostics, lets see what he had to say in our 3rd episode of Intelligence Storm:

Sensill is raising 10m to grow their business @ Venture Capital Cross - click here to learn more (you have to sign up and self-attest that you are accredited).

This is an interesting time for Private markets, checkout some of this data from our blog @

According to CB Insights, globally there are now 1,224 unicorns valued at just under $3.8 trillion; approximately 720 of which are based in the U.S.

Source: Cowboy Ventures.

Notably, though, approximately 10% of the 2023 investment was in just two AI companies (OpenAI, Anthropic); an estimated 33% of all venture capital investment last year was in AI companies. Additionally, Pitchbook estimated that the number of active venture firms (through 3Q23) declined by 38%, suggesting that there is continued consolidation of both companies that receive venture capital and of the firms themselves.

Source: Pitchbook/National Venture Capital Association.

The current state of the market is that it does seem to be slowly recovering, although we haven't seen any buy side mania yet (like we saw in 2021).  However, what is interesting is companies like Sensill that change the fundamental industry that they are in.  Sensill can work for more organs than skin, but as Dr. Ardeshir Bayat says in the interview, the skin is the largest organ.

Dogs can detect 1 part per trillion by smell and humans 1 part per million, to give an analogy of the power of smell.  Wouldn't it be great to visit a clinic with a skin issue and in 10 minutes be able to know what it is, instead of getting prescribed generics?

Venture Capital Cross - click here to learn more (you have to sign up and self-attest that you are accredited).

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