The new model of synthesis

GlobalIntelHub Internet Technology

The security scandal, financial crisis, and other world events are changing the way users engage the internet and changing the way we do business.  Global Intel Hub proposes a new model based on synthesis which incorporate your internet activity (workflow), security, privacy, and filter out spam and other unwanted distractions and risks.

Structured Consulting will require any new participant first join the Intel Hub.  Why?  First, any new client should have access to our years worth of research and information.  Many questions will be answered on and many tools can solve existing problems without going any further.  For example our partner company Vector Informatics has developed internet marketing (SEO) tools that we provide free with membership.  Also Elite Forex Training has contributed educational courses about Forex trading and international markets.  Based on the old model, users would purchase such tools individually.

Second, by first accessing the hub, members enjoy secure private communications.  This includes secure chat, file exchange (encrypted file storage), and online conferencing.

Netflix charges about $10/month to access their limited database of movies.  Napster charges similar to access music.  Linked in charges for premium subscriptions.  But each are niche content providers.  Intel hub provides content (research & intelligence) as well but much more - we are building a private internet based on this new model, and eventually a financial institution.

The advertising model is out of control.  Websites are so littered with ads which are usually inappropriate that sometimes viewing can be difficult or even impossible.  The old model was to offer free content and charge for ads, this model taken from newspapers who would charge a small fee for the paper, but make most of their money on ads.

Some of these concepts are not unique, but so far no one is offering synthesis.  With the intel hub we are building a one stop portal, your gateway to working online, whether it be for business, protecting your assets, or reading the news.

The concept of sharing is also not unique.  Instead of using free services like Google, a group of users can get together and chip in for their own server.  Before proliferation of internet, gamers were known to have "LAN parties" where a group of 10-30 enthusiasts would come together for a few hours to play games, exchange files, install software, and work together.   But there again, they are filling the need of a specific niche. is simply the information portal, the basis for development of the new model, which will include user participation.  Users with needs, agendas, and talents will evolve the synthesis model.  This is a key difference between the top-down approach taken by internet sites, where they control what you can and can't do, and charge a fee.  The future of the internet, if it is to succeed, must be based on an open-source model, based on dynamic synthesis.  The world is changing rapidly, why shouldn't our modus operandi change as well?


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