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(GLOBALINTELHUB) - With the internet rife with "Fake News" - Fake Profiles, fake comments, and fake just about everything; let's do what an intelligence analyst should do (that is, analyze and not just do whatever his client pays him to do).  And, the first step before collecting current information is to understand the history.  In our case, the history of "Fake News" in USA at least, goes back to the days of WW1 (that's World War 1) and became mainstream, during WW2.  Fake News as they are calling it, has since then been part of an information arsenal in any ground based propaganda campaign, even before the days of Edward Bernays.  Taking the most basic first step, let's look at Wikipedia under the entry "Propaganda":

 The first large-scale use of propaganda by the U.S. government came during World War I. The government enlisted the help of citizens and children to help promote war bonds and stamps to help stimulate the economy. To keep the prices of war supplies down (guns, gunpowder, cannons, steel, etc.), the U.S. government produced posters that encouraged people to reduce waste and grow their own vegetables in "victory gardens". The public skepticism that was generated by the heavy-handed tactics of the Committee on Public Information would lead the postwar government to officially abandon the use of propaganda.[1]

While they 'abandoned' the use of 'Propaganda' this later became 'marketing' - geniuses like Edward Bernays would then come into play, with their understanding of psychological nuances that can split hairs on fleas.  Use of the English language in particular, combined with hidden images in photography, and other dirty tricks, can lull any average IQ citizen into believing whatever the campaign says.  Take a look at what "Propaganada" used to look like:

OK, it was WW1 but still, they've come a long way, baby!

Today's Propaganda is 3d in real time.  The CIA has video technology by the way, rumored to be used to make Bin Laden videos when they knew he was dead, that could create a lifelike "Bin Laden" or whatever character to speak and say what they type in real time in 3d (but actually it's broadcast on 2d, making it look all that more realistic).

This article is about Propaganda you say?  What are some "Fake News" events of the day, back in the day?

Orsen Wells War of the Worlds Alien Invasion

Fake News started World War 1 - "Zimmerman Telegram"

Fake News "Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq" remember that one?

Here's an NY Times history of "Fake News" although they are not the most credible news agency to create such a list, being guitly of peddling it themselves.

The real "Fake News" industry however, began in Hollywood, California.. around the time of WW2 and continues to this day.  It was the epic creation of creative producers, filmed at the big studios.  One secret agreement it's rumored:

 "If you can help us fake the moon landing, we'll put one of yours in the White House [Ronald Reagan]" - unknown CIA agent.

The amount of Propaganda and Fake News created by Hollywood in that time is so large, there's an entire topic on the subject here, with many films listed on a list "Allied Propaganda Films".  You see, during that time, Propaganda was considered a good thing, because it was 'good for the country' to 'help people realize' how important it was to go to war!  It wasn't until the 60's when the youth started to 'tune in, drop out' that the dark side of Propaganda was exposed for what it was.  And with all the Nazi scientists now living and working in the USA, there wasn't any 'evil empire' anymore, so it was soon realized that 'our good propaganda' was not much different than Hitler's 'evil' propaganda except that of course, it was in English.

Hollywood's connection to Washington is explained well in films like "Wag the Dog" and we elaborated on that in this article here on Zero Hedge.  But it goes MUCH DEEPER than that.  Where to begin?

In every major newsroom in America, major meaning like the biggies like CNN not your local weather channel - there's a paid CIA/NSA employee sitting near the editor keeping an eye on the content.  They send out daily 'talking points' to journalists to include certain 'keywords' in their speech.  This was used during the election in full force.

In films, especially those about business, war, the government, or rights issues - there's always a 'military consultant' who is again, part of the same department, at CIA/NSA.

Have you noted recently, in Hollywood films, and TV series - over the last few years there's been a large amount of "Russian/Ukrainian" villians and they're always bad people?  As 10 years ago it was always Mussamad Bin Galafi Turban?  That's because the Terrorist script has run it's course, now that Bin Laden was 'killed' in spirit anyway, new enemies needed to foment, and the new enemies are Russians.  Hollywood contributed more to the anti-Russian sentiment in America now than the current 'Fake News' about the Russian hacking.

How it works.  90% of Americans have a TV and watch it, even if they don't (it's on in the house).  Maybe the kids watch a show, or movie - there's a Russian character who is evil, horrible, person.  He speaks with a deep, rough, raspy voice as if he just finished his third pack of smokes for the day, hasn't shaven, and uses foul language.  It's a character anyone would hate!  And truely, the character is portrayed as a terrible person, people should hate him.  That's how Television "Programming" works.  So then weeks later, on CNN they broadcast "Russia Hacks the DNC" and the unsuspecting parent, not consciously knowing what is going on in their subconscious mind, thinks "Oh, I know the type, like in this film.  Dirty Scoundrels!"

Don't take our word for it, listen to Larry Johnson, retired CIA:

 US animosity directed at Russia is misdirected anger, said Larry Johnson, retired CIA and State Department official. The propaganda plays upon the ignorance of US people, who know little of Russia and the history of its relations with the US, he added.

Even the MSM picked up on this, asking in 2014 "Why are RUSSIANS always the bad guys?"

 From a sadistic former KGB operative in The Avengers to the Russian evildoers in A Good Day to Die Hard, there’s certainly been no shortage of Russian villains on screen recently. Russian politicians and filmmakers have now made clear their displeasure with the US movie industry’s ongoing depictions of Russian characters as villains. There has even been the threat of a Russian boycott of Hollywood movies, highlighting the risk studios take when they demonise a nationality.

And finally - "Thrillist" of all publications put a timeline on it, yes, it started in 2010.  "Why are Russians the greatest Villians of all time?"

 Since 2010 alone, Russian bad guys have appeared in such action flicks as John Wick, The Equalizer, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The November Man, A Good Day to Die Hard, Jack Reacher, Limitless, Salt, The Drop, and The Tourist. Hell, even The Muppets piled on with Tina Fey's gulag guard in Muppets Most Wanted. And this month we have two more: the Casey Affleck vehicle Triple 9, featuring the Russian mob, and Zoolander 2, featuring what appears to be a Russian Kristen Wiig.

It's one year before the official 'capture' Fake News event regarding Bin Laden.  You see, Bin Laden was like the Villian of a big comic book story, so the Hollywood script writers knew that there would be no replacing Bin Laden.  He was just bigger than life.  So they needed to plant the seeds while they planned operation capture & kill Bin Laden.

Connect the dots - it's not so hard!  Hollywood, or should we call it FakeWood, has been the Prime Mover of the "Fake News" movement.

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